Kamisama Kazoku

Kamisama Kazoku is an anime series in the Kamisama Kazoku franchise
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Where does god send his children when he needs to teach them a lesson? Yup, that's right, to Earth. Ever since Samatarou was little he has been living on this earth living up to his fathers expectations but while he's on earth will he find something more?


Kamisama Kazoku (神様家族, lit. God Family) is a anime series based on a series of light novels by Yoshikazu Kuwashima, which premiered May 18, 2006 in Japan across the anime satellite television network Animax. The original light novel series have been concluded with 8 volumes, however on January 25, 2008 a sequel series titled Kamisama Kazoku Z (神様家族Z) has been released.


This story starts with the myth of gods living on Earth and evolves into the romance every high school boy dreams of. When god isn't sure if his son is ready for the responsibility of being the almighty one he sent him to earth along with his family and his own guardian angel to see if he is up for it.

Tenko, Samatoarou's guardian angel has always loved him secretly and is prepared tp keep it a secret till the end. but will Samatarou let that happen? when a new girl shows up in their class samatoarou immediately falls in love with her. Tenko was devastated and couldn't stand the thought but she knew it was gonna happen eventually. When Samatarou realizes that the only way to stay with his new girlfriend is to give up his godhood he does it without a second thought. the next mourning he realizes that without his special abilities this means that Tenko can't be here either. With his guilt growing stronger will he be able to make the right choice and gain his godhood back.


Samatarou Kamiyama

Blue haired, and blue eyes. Gods son Samatarou is not quite ready for the responsibility of taking care of the world. S until then he stays on earth. Other then the fact he is blessed with incredible luck he is sporty, charming, kind-hearted but lacking in resolve.

Tenko Kamiyama

Pink haired and pink eyes. Even though they have the same last name there are everything but brother and sister. Tenko is Samatarou's guardian angel while he is on earth. Tenko has always liked Samatarou but since their time is only temporary she keeps it a secret. She is energetic, has a lot of will-power, innocent and stubborn at times.

Kumiko Komori

Blacked haired and beautiful. Kumiko is Samatarou's main love interest. Her past is difficult because it seems that her mother is the devil. It has been kept away from her but she is actually an angel the devil stole from heaven and took as her own. Her goal is to catch Samatarou alone without Tenko to save him even though deep inside she loves him.

Voice actors and staff

Samatarou KamiyamaDaisuke Kishio
Tenko KamiyamaAmi Koshimizu
Kumiko KomoriAi Maeda
SuguruYasuhiro Takato
Shinichi KurishimaHiroaki Miura


  • Director - Kimitoshi Chioka
  • Original Creator - Yoshikazu Kuwashima
  • Original Character Design 0 Suzuhito Yasuda
  • Art Director - Michiyo Miki
  • Music - Hiroyuki Takei

Song(s) :

Opening #1 : Mai Mizuhashi - Brand New Morning

Ending #1 : Miraku - Toshokan dewa Oshiete Kurenai, Tenshi no Himitsu

Series Credits
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General Information Edit
Name Kamisama Kazoku
Name: Gods family
Romaji: 神様家族,
Publisher Animax
Start Year 2006
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