Kamina City

Kamina City is a anime/manga location
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Founded by Simon after the fall of Lord Genome and the Beastmen.

Seven years after the demise of Lord Genome, humanity has come together and formed a city called Kamina City, named, of course, for the original founder of the Gurren-dan. Simon acts as Commander-in-Chief, with Rossiu Adai as his second-in-command. Other members of the Gurren-dan form the government, except for Yoko, who leaves town.
In the seven years the humans growth rate accelerated incredibly due to spiral power, manageing to build an entire civilisation in no time.
In Kamina city a huge statue of Kamina stands tall, however it is torn down when the humans rebel agaiinst the govenment.

After the Anti-Spirals invade Kamina City, Rossiu takes over the government and has Simon arrested. After the ordeal with the Anti-Spirals is over, Simon chooses not to take the position back, and Rossiu remains in charge for the foreseeable future. Kamina City eventually founds the Galactic Spiral Peace Conference, where members of all species come together to discuss their difficulties.
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Location Name Kamina City
Japanese Name:
Romaji Name:
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Gurren Lagann #17
1st anime movie:
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