Kamiki Izumo

Kamiki Izumo is a anime/manga character in the Blue Exorcist franchise
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A student of the True Cross Academy and a classmate of Rin's. She also has the talent of a Tamer, being able to summon two demons called Byakkos.


She has a mysterious past that has yet to be revealed. When Ryuji asks her about goals for becoming an exorcist, she does not share her past, her reasons nor her goals. Though she has a brief flashback of fire and a smiling, evil woman.

A bit of her past with Paku is reveal when Kamiki tries to help her classmates only to be given the "stare" from them. Due to her abilities to see demons, Paku is the only one who respects and helps Kamiki in her past.


Kamiki Izumo, who is created by Kazue Kato, has no information regarding any inspiration that the creator used to create her. She first appears in Blue Exorcist volume 1 and episode 3. Her Japanese actor is Eri Kitamura.

Story Arcs

She and Paku are friends who enroll in cram school. After Shiemi joins the class, she does not treat Shiemi with respect after Shiemi asks her to be a friend to her. Once Shiemi summons her greenman spirit, she asks Kamiki about it. Kamiki sarcastically compliments Shiemi who does not realize Kamiki does not care about her. As soon as class is over, Kamiki and her friend Paku leave class immediately with Shiemi following them. Kamiki yells at Shiemi after failing to ignore Shiemi's presence. Suddenly, Shiemi tells Kamiki that she wants to be her friend much to her surprise. Taking advantage of Shiemi's offer, Kamiki makes her carry her purse, but Paku tells Kamiki that she should not take advantage of her. Though, Kamiki replies that Shiemi is happy to do it.

The class moves on to their next assignment, training camp at Yukio and Rin's dorm. Kamiki and Paku decide to take a bath, but when Shiemi tags along, Kamiki tells her to not join in because Kamiki does not want Shiemi to see her naked. Before they enter the bathroom, she tells Shiemi to fetch her milk. In the bathroom, Paku informs Kamiki that she is being mean to Shiemi. Kamiki replies that Shiemi is not her true friend. Upon recalling her past with Paku, Paku tells Kamiki that she is quitting cram school. Paku's reasons is that she cannot risk her life as an exorcist and that she dislikes people who make fools out of honest people.

Suddenly, a drop of miasma falls on Paku's cheek which alerts the girls about a Naberius on the ceiling. Later, Paku lays unconscious on the floor while Kamiki summons her two fox familiars. Yet, when her heart wavers, the fox demons notice and refuse to follow her. Kamiki tries to command them, but the two fox demons charge at her. Rin comes out and smacks her familiars away, and he tells her to rip the spell paper. As she rips the paper, Rin battles the demon. While Rin holds off the demon, Kamiki observes Shiemi tending to Paku's wounds by using aloe from Greenman spirit.

As help comes, Yukio shoots the demon until it runs off. Rin finds Kamiki crying because of her inability to protect her only friend, and Rin hands her his shirt to cover up.

Powers and Abilities

"I humbly call upon the Gods of Harvest. Follow my wishes, leave none unfulfilled!"

Kamiki is a tamer type of exorcist due to her fox spirits. To be a tamer, one's will has to be strong, or the familiars will hurt its owner. Kamiki demonstrates her weakness when she could not protect Paku. She regains control of her foxes after hearing Shiemi's words.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Eri Kitamura
Kira Buckland
General Information Edit
Name: Kamiki Izumo
Name: 神木出雲
Romanji: izumo kamiki
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Blue Exorcist #1
1st anime episode: Blue Exorcist #3
1st anime movie:
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