Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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The Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne franchise, by Arina Tanemura, centers around Maron Kusakabe who is the reincarnate of Jeane D'Arc to collect the pieces of God and protect the world from demons.

     Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, is a manga and anime franchise written and drawn by Arina Tanemura.  Its genre is fantasy shoujo manga, and the anime is called Jeanne, The Kamikaze Kaitou.  The manga was originally serialized by Ribon Magazine by Shuiesha from February 1998 to 2000.  Toei  Animation adopted the series for a 44 episode anime from 1999 to 200 that broadcasted on TV Ashi. 

     Gymnast  Maron Kusakabe, the protagonist of the series, is approached by an actual angel named Finn Fish at age 16 with a task for her.  It turns out
Maron Kusakabe
Maron Kusakabe
that God's divine power was scattered throughout the world, if his power is not gathered by the end of the millineium ( this is before the year 2000), he will perish and be no more.  But, at the same time the Devil see's this as an opportunity and decided to send out agents in order to block God's power from being gathered.  God's power is in what is considered to be the purest forms, the beauty inside of human's hearts.  They appear on the earth in the unique form of chess pieces. Finn lends some of her power's to Maron in order for her to transform into the reincarnation of Jeanne
Maron as Jeanne D'Arc
Maron as Jeanne D'Arc
D'Arc in order to help the situation.  The Devil has been taking the beauty within peoples hearts and putting demons inside of them instead that appear in the form of Artwork, when a human looks at the artwork the beauty inside of the human is taken away and replaced with demonic power.  Maron has to steal the painting and capture the demon within it , that comes out in the form of a chess piece in order to restore the beauty back into the human's heart.

     Although, when Maron captures a demon, the painting in which it was housed in ends up disappearing itself.  Often, the paintings are very rare, costly, and revered in society.  The news and police start to call her Kaito, or phantom thief, but they don't know that it is Maron, only by her alias Jeanne.  Maron is a very beautiful young woman, often fawned over by many guys.  But, she is also fairly lonely, hiding her sadness and sorrow behind a hollow warm smile, that appears real on the outside but is really just a front.  At a young age, Maron's parents left her to live by herself to follow their jobs, while they were away they didn't send her a phone call or a letter.  The first contact she had had with them in years was a brief phone call from her mother, informing Maron that she and Maron's father were going to be receiving a divorce.  Her neighbor, Miyako and her family are all that Maron has and has had for the longest amount of time.  Miyako really cares for Maron and even though they argue a lot, they both would do anything for each other.  Miyako is the daughter of a head police detective, and often finds herself solving her dad's cases and coming to the scene of crimes.  When at school, maron is accused of looking like Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Miyako becomes defensive, and makes a vow to find out who Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne is to stop the speculation put on Maron.  But, that makes it harder for Maron who has to escape and out think and lie to Miyako countless times to perform her tasks. 
     Throughout the course of the series, Chiaki Nagoya, better known as Kaito Sinbad enters the picture.  Chiaki is also like Jeanne, only his pawns are black, and his angel is a dark angel named Access time.  Chiaki at first comes off to be a crude and brash man only interested in defiling girls, and especially Maron.  Soon though, he takes to liking her and caring for her deeply as he protects her and falls in love with her.  Maron tries not to like him but
in the end she can't do anything
Chiaki as "Kaitou Sinbad"
Chiaki as "Kaitou Sinbad"
but like him.  Miyako also falls in love with Chiaki , but when she learns of his interest in Maron , she backs down so that Maron can have him. Maron was drawn especially to the fact that Chiaki could relate.  He came from a wealthy family, but his mom died when he was only but 5. His father stopped being a father, and instead took to marrying countless young women and then divorcing them.  Chiaki eventually ran away and that's how he ran into Access time.  Access time is a dark angel that helps chiaki, originally he had no plan to do so but, his love Finn Fish, Maron's angel, got captured by the devil.  The only way he could save her was to get someone who could see him, and work as Maron does. It is hinted that Access is on the darkside but is not told all the way.  Finn Fish's main goal is to help God , but in the process she wants to become a full angel which can only happen if her quest is completed, and
C&M married
C&M married
God is saved.  Finn died in the end , when she sacrificed herself for Maron who had to battle the Devil.  Chiaki and Maron end up getting married and having a daughter who is the reincarnation of Finn, and Miyako marries a high school sweetheart, and they have the reincarnation of Access Time.   Allowing, Finn and Access to be together again.
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Name: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Name: 神風怪盗ジャンヌ,
Romaji: Kamikaze Kaitō Jannu
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