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Kamigami no Asobi is an anime series in the Kamigami no Asobi franchise
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The Story:

The premise of Kamigami no Asobi, otherwise known in English as Mischief of the Gods, is a story about a teenage heroine, by the named of Yui Kusanagi. One day while exploring her family shine, she finds an ancient sword and allowing her curiosity to dictate her actions, she picks up the sword. Suddenly she is transported away from her home and finds herself in an unknown location that resembles a magnificent school, the only problem is that the whole building seems to be utterly empty of people, however; as she continues to investigate, she discovers that she is not alone. She goes on to meet various attractive men, who also happen to share her problem as they too lack any information of what is going on. Later Yui talks to the man responsible for everything and he reveals to her that he is none other than the legendary Greek god Zeus. Zeus tells Yui the reason behind her and the others purpose of attending his school. All the men that Yui have meet are actually divine beings from different mythologies that all share the problem of understanding humans. So Zeus gave them all an ultimatum, which is that the deities will have one year to learn to understand humans or else they will be trap forever in his school and Yui is given the task of helping the gods’ mission, should they fail, so too will Yui suffer their punishment.

The Characters:

Yui Kusanagi: Growing up at a shine, Yui is a lot more traditional than most people. She is an extremely hardworking and caring person. Her attitude to help the others overshadows her own desire to help herself. She also tends to worry about graduation more so than every other character and her wish is for everyone to get along with each other, participate with one another, graduate together, but most importantly, Yui wants to get to know everyone and became friends with them. Her cheerful personality and her relentless nature allows her to stay strong and help challenge the gods’ own understanding of human nature by getting to know Yui and opening up to her.

The Gods: The Gods are all attractive men who wield divine power, but lack the ability to have human relationships. So for them to be able to learn about humans, Zeus sealed their powers in order for them to know what it feels like to be human. Each god has a different personality along with different issues when it comes to human relationships, which they must face in order for them to truly understand what humanity is all about. Only if everyone learns to understand humans will they ever hope to graduate and be allowed to leave school.

The Good:

It is especially interesting that Kamigami no Asobi includes more than just one mythology along with a sizeable character cast from different mythologies, but still include the connects between the gods of the same mythology. Also another part of the series that is just well down besides the setup for the story would have to be the character development. The characters that undergo this development are influence by their own myths, along with some original interpretations of the gods, plus with the assistance of Yui as a heroine to help the guys, create some interesting relationships with each other that add more depth to each character respectively. The relationships she builds just gives an amazing back and forth between the character of focus with that of the series’ main character is entertaining and at time humorous. As these relationships evolve, they feel more reasonable and have more meaning as to why the guys start to get feelings for her, which makes the relationship even more interesting to pay attention to and to care about the interactions between the characters.

The Bad:

Now one of the main problems with the series would have to be the awkward pacing of the show, which moves the seasons of the school in order to allow the plot to experience certain events to take place, which just makes the series feel a tiny bit rushed and at times almost unnatural. Another aspect that is quite annoying is that even though the anime has some great development with certain characters, it also ignores a couple of the other characters. This seems to be a bit of a problem since it feels that some characters just got pushed aside, which is a problem when the goal of the series is for every character to get to know and learn about humans that includes a formula of helping them getting over whatever cause that problem in the first place. Now this wouldn’t be such a problem if it weren’t for the fact that in order for everyone to leave (graduate) that all the gods would need to understand human beings. This is resolve in a completely cliché way at the very end. Its is also weird that there were a few characters that could probably have been taken out of the anime that would have had no impact what so ever with the direction of the show because these few characters had no impact to speak of for them to matter in the story. There is also an annoying/minor problem, which is understandable within the whole grand scheme of things for the purpose of the plot for the anime. The problem is that some of the developed characters that are now in friendly relationships with Yui are no longer allowed to be alone with her minus the main focuses of each arc, but the others have to reside in the “friend group”. This makes their relationships after their own arcs a tiny bit less important than it was before, which also slightly decreases the importance of previous characters as the anime continues and also degrade their own character depth, which leads into somewhat more cliché motive factors for these characters.

The End:

There will be no spoilers but rather a small reaction to the ending. The ending left a certain familiarity in clichés along with a sense of satisfaction, with a certain bittersweet after taste that was followed by more clichés. In the end, the ending was below the anime’s own quality especially after a well polish and executed build up that was just behind the final moments that rose the expectations of the conclusion, but ultimately it ended without hitting that hype bar, yet it gave birth to new questions and new hopes.

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