I Want Kamichu On Blu-Ray: KAAA! MIII! CHUUUUU!

Topic started by gia on Feb. 10, 2010. Last post by JohnnySake 4 years, 10 months ago.
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 That girl in the middle? A god. No, really.
 That girl in the middle? A god. No, really.
I don't normally report on anime being released on Blu-Ray in Japan, since it's becoming increasingly common, but this title popped out to me on SaiAni: Kamichu!.

Kamichu! is an incredibly sweet-- but not saccharine --anime about a high school girl named Yurie Hitotsubashi who wakes up one morning to discover that she's now a god, in the traditional Japanese sense. The rest of her life continues on as always: her school, her unrequited crush, her friends, etc. She just also happens to be a god. And it's not some zany comedy about keeping said godhood a secret, either. It's a really stellar series. And I can prove it!
...Okay, maybe I can't PROVE it, but only because I can't find a good clip of Yurie activating her powers (by yelling "KAAAA! MIIIII! CHUUUUUUUUU!").

It was a Geneon license originally, and FUNimation rereleased it in 2008. I just confirmed that FUNi has no current plans to release the Blu-Ray...but man, I hope they do. Or maybe they could even just send their subtitles off to Brain's Base in Japan so that I could import it. Mmmm.
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I don't really care much or HD, but i can agree that kamichu was really good.
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Sorry, Haruhi is the only fictional teenage anime girl god for me.
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@Konanda: Yurie is like Haruhi, except you take the tsundere crap and replace it with an equal amount of adorable. You can't not love her.
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I think I can make room for two goddesses in my life.
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This would be a nice title for blu-ray, but when the Japanese release is listing for $300 or so, there is no way they're gonna license it here for $60-80 for the series, unfortunately.
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