Kamen Rider SD Characters

Kamen Rider SD is an anime movie in the Kamen Rider Franchise
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Kamen Rider Amazon

The first of the Kamen Riders that wasn't based on a bug Amazon was actually based on a Komodo lizard. and until Kamen Rider Shin came in 1992 he was also the most violent

Kamen Rider Ichigo

The first of many Kamen Riders Shotaro used alot of his older works including The Skull Man and cyborg 009 as a base for this hero

Kamen Rider Nigo

This Rider was first made up as a comprimise for the temporary loss of Hiroshi Fujioka who hurt his legg in a bike accident

Kamen Rider Shin

Shotaro Ishinomori`s true vision of how Kamen Rider should have been, with its voilence and the fact that Shin doesnt use a belt or bike makes Kamen Rider Shin the most controversial Kamen Rider ever made

Kamen Rider Stronger

the first rider to have a powerup ability

Kamen Rider Super-1

Said to be able to survive space

Kamen Rider V3

The 3rd Rider first appeared on tv in 1973 he said to be the strongest Rider of the Showa era

Kamen Rider X

The 5th rider

Kamen Rider ZX

First appeared as a movie rider

Kotaro Minami

Kotaro Minami is one of the few Kamen Riders who got to do 2 series first as Kamen Rider Black and then as the upgraded Black RX. He is the first Kamen Rider to have a American adaptation and also the first Kamen Rider to have multiple forms.


The 4th Kamen Rider and ally to Kamen Rider V3


The only Showa Rider to fly

Tōbei Tachibana

An ally to many of the Show Kamen Riders and the Electro Wave Human Tackle he also appears in Kamen Rider SD, Kamen Rider The First and Kamen Rider Spirits

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