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Kamen Rider Decade is a anime/manga character in the Kamen Rider franchise
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Its been clear for the past few months that GACKT is interested in playing a villain or hopefully a Rider in Decade`s 2009 movie. But now rumors are actually showing up that he might have gotten his way. (closes his ears to protect himself from the awful fan girl squeals) If that`s true he`ll be on the side of the evil Great Shocker organization who have been a pain in the neck for several Riders in the Showa era.(maybe even as the Great Leader)
Yep that`s one dangerous guys alright starting all those evil organizations
Yep that`s one dangerous guys alright starting all those evil organizations
So that`s a good reason for the non-rider fans to watch it and also with the comeback of those legendary Kamen Riders it will be save to for us true fans to assume that this is gonna be the most awesome Kamen Rider movie EVER!!!!! :D

PS: yes i went lazy and used a part of my earlier post in that thread :P
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I`m writing this blog just to point and say ''I told ya so'' later on XD

Kamen Rider Kuuga 1: the original Kuuga fought the Grongi tribe on the side of the Linto(Lords) in ancient times.

Kamen Rider Kuuga 2: in the original series he is Yuusuke Godai who put the Arcle belt on to fight a Grongi by turning into the powerful Kuuga. he is rumored to be the true Kuuga who fought Decade in the Rider wars.

Kamen Rider Kuuga 4: Decade`s Kuuga this Yuusuke Onodera was given the belt by the mysterous Narutaki who warned him that he must fight Decade in the future his Kuuga form is kinda depowerd this might show that he only recently begun to use it. He was in love with a cop named Ai before the Grongi gas killled her now he travels with Decade he is also rumored to be Kamen Rider G3-X in Agito~s world(Decade) His surename is litterly taken from Shatoro Ishinimori`s birth name Shotaro Onodora.

Kamen Rider G3: in both the Agito and Decade series this system has been revealed to have been based of Kuuga`s design. and yes it was also intended to fight the Grongi but they where defeated 2 years before it was completed and since it couldnt even stand a chance against most of Agito`s enemies the Unknowns(Linto) it was simply replaced with the new and improved G3-X system.

Kamen Rider Decade: Tsukasa Kadoya used to be Decade he not only forgot his past but also lost his powers he now travels 9 worlds not only to save them but also to find his own world again.

The Grongi and the Lords: the Grongi where a tribe of evil humans who used magic to turn themselves into monsters they believed that the only reason they existed was to fight. The Linto/Lords/Unknowns  are a group of powerful disciples serving under the OverLord, who created them from his body. Referred by the police department as Unknown, to differ them from the Unidentified Lifeforms (Grongi Tribe) that attacked humanity two years ago. In fact, according to books and mini-encyclopedias about Kamen Rider Agito, the Lords are actually of the Linto tribe that battled the Grongi in the past, thus linking the Lords to the Linto as humanity's protectors.

My reveal: so i`ve seen episode 2 and 3 of Decade some time ago and i didnt really think it would any reference to future episodes.
This turned out to be false atleast for episode 3 that is. First they show that Yuusuke was given the belt by Narutaki instead of seeing it being taken from a crime scene and later putting it on. also before Tsukasa transformed into Decade the Grongi N-Gamio-Zeda says: Looks like both of us dont belong in this world i overlooked that because i thought he meant that he should never have been woken up. But now after seeing some new scans from Agito`s world i have a new theory Yuusuke`s world was supposed to be Riderless and the Arcle and all the Grongi where originally from Agito`s world i believe that Narutaki was experimenting on this world trying to make it impossible to save by moving all the Grongi there and giving Yuusuke his belt it would look like that Yuusuke`s world was used as a place of training to get Yuusuke strong enough to kill Decade IMO.
So yeah it could be that there was a Kuuga on Agito`s world who fought the grongi there and was apperently killed by my guess its the only way to get the belt off lol and that would also explain why the G3 system also exist there. and as been said before this is just a theory in truth those links might end up unexplained for years to come. XD

O yeah btw not that scan where it seems to be that G3-X (Yuusuke) is fighting a grongi i already know that`s probably the Ant Lord although i dont really remember much of Agito anymore xP

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