Kalifa is a anime/manga character in the One Piece franchise
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Kalifa is the Number 2 of the CP-9 and posed as the secretary for the mayor of Water 7, Iceburg. She's a powerful Six Powers fighter who ate the Bubble-Bubble Devil Fruit.


 Kalifa, five years ago as Iceburg's secretary
 Kalifa, five years ago as Iceburg's secretary
Kalifa is a member of the CP9, a group of secret agents that work for the World Goverment.  She is the daughter of one of the former members of the CP9 that worked for Spandine. Her story begins 5 years before the Straw Hat Pirates arrived to Water 7, when the government assigned her the mission of stealing the blueprints of the ancient weapon, Pluton, that they believed were in possession of the mayor of Water 7, Iceburg. To fulfill that purpose, the team of secret agents infiltrated the city and stayed close to the Iceburg, pretending to be normal citizens. Kalifa became his personal assistant.


 Kalifa's CP-9 outfit as appears in the manga
 Kalifa's CP-9 outfit as appears in the manga
Kalifa is a character from the anime/manga series One Piece, created by Eiichiro Oda. According to Oda, she's based upon the ideals of the stereotypical secretary. Even her birthday is dated on April 23, date of Secretary's Day. When he drew all the CP-9 members as kids, she was drawn as a tony secretary. She has a fine, slim build and long blonde hair with long bangs in the front. She wears a pair of light blue-tinted glasses with thin frames and wears rather revealing outfits once exposed as a CP-9 member.
Kalifa's first appeared in One Piece Volume 34, CH. 323 "The Water Metropolis, Water 7 ", and her first anime appearance was in One Piece - Episode 230"The Adventure in the City of Water! Aim for the Giant Shipyard". Her character in the Japanese series is voiced by Naomi Shindo. The U.S. dub produced by FUNimation has yet to announce her English voice actress. Kalifa was originally a human fighter who was train in the use of the Six Powers technique, but she would also gain the powers of the Bubble-Bubble Devil Fruit she ate during the series. This would allow her to create bubbles that could weaken her opponents during a fight. The weakness of these powers is that water can wash them away.

A serious secretary of Iceburgs in the Water 7 arc then becomes an associate of Spandam and a member of SP9. She takes her job very seriously and often has a temper and will not tolerate any foolishness. As most characters in the One Piece series have unusual personality quirks. Kalifa's is her frequent accusation of "sexual harassment" at the most unusual times, often against people she wasn't fond of and for even the slightest remark toward her or even their presence in the room. Many characters in Oda's series are based upon animals, but this is more so for groups, such as the CP-9 and Shichibukai. Kalifa's theme was not as dramatic as the rest of her CP-9 members until her Devil Fruit powers were revealed as being a sheep.
In the 3rd Annual Popularity Poll, held by Weekly Shonen Jump magazine; Kalifa came in 23rd place with 346 votes, but by the 4th annual poll, she had dropped to 78th place with 7 votes.

Character Evolution

Kalifa character card
Kalifa character card
At the beginning, in Water 7 when she was still working for Iceberg, she keeps a serious, business women persona with a great loyalty to her boss. As a secretary showed to be very efficient and used to find easily any information requested by the mayor, nevertheless she's also shown to be impulse when anyone would say something bad about Iceburg. In reaction she would viciously attack with  barrage of powerful kicks at anyone in the area, Iceburg included. She appears to be strict, but also indulges his childish whims of canceling meetings and appointments on a moments notice and without objection. Her dress style is both attractive though professional. Her hair is kept up in a tight bun, she wears a low-cut jacket, small back skirt, and long-boots.
After revealing her true identity as a secret agent, she became a little more crafty and vicious, but little else changes about her personality. Though intelligent, she has a ditzy side, which was revealed in her fight against Nami. When she is fighting Nami and Chopper appears in his monster form, she mistakes him for Nami, though she was standing right behind her.Once on Enies Lobby, Kalifa's outfit changed dramatically to being far more provocative and revealing. She is then wearing a small, low-cut black dress, covered in a fishnet pattern; thigh-high fishnet stockings with garters, black high heels, and she then wears her hair down. After the CP-9's defeat, they barely survived the Buster Call and left together to a new town called St. Polar. Kalifa and the others performed jobs around town to earn the money needed to heal Rob Lucci. The Marines attempted to capture them, but were defeated.

Mayor Story Arcs

Water 7 


Enies Lobby

Sanji fights Kalifa
Sanji fights Kalifa
Kalifa was originally pitted against the Straw Hat Pirates' chef, Sanji, in battle to gain the keys to the Sea Prism Stone cuffs that were holding Nico Robin back from using her powers. She kept him passive for a time while they shared tea before he realized he was being diverted from his original goal. Though Kalifa is a formidable fighter, she was bested on several occassions by Sanji's skill. She would overcome him easily after he would hold back from ever striking her. His refusal to ever hit a woman made her victory an easy one, and he was the very first victim of her newly aquired Devil Fruit powers.

The CP-9's Independent Report

This story arc is a miniseries from the manga and tells what happened to the CP9 after the Buster Call in Enies Lobby. In this arc we could see a little bit of the "good side" of the CP9 members, specially when (in the island of Santa Popura) they started collecting money in order to pay a doctor for Lucci, who was seriously injuried after his battle against Luffy, Kalifa helped the roof cleaners with the power of her Devil Fruit. With the collected money Lucci was admitted in a hospital, meanwhile Kalifa and Kumadori decided to pass the time by going shopping and bought some new clothes, food, cigarettes, etc.  In the arc we also see Kalifa making some damage when she was bowling with her comrades to celebrate that Lucci was discharged in the hospital. After the battle with the Candy Pirates that attacked Santa Popura, a little girl gave Kalifa a flower to thank her and the other CP9 members for saving the town.


Kalifa is a Devil Fruit user. She possesses the power of the Bubble Bubble Fruit (awa-awa no mi). This allows her to create bubbles from her body that weaken her opponents. She is also a trained fighter of the World Government's most elite secret agency, the Cipher Pol. 9. As such, she is trained in the special technique called the Six Powers.

Six Powers

Kalifa is a user of the Six Powers ( 六式, rokushiki) much like the other members of CP9. She also uses a similar fighting style as Sanji, merely using kicks. In the Water 7 arc she is also seen using a spiked whip.
The Six Powers are ranked by a users Doriki Level. She is ranked at 630.

Bubble-Bubble Fruit Techniques

  • Golden Hour: Kalifa uses this technique against both Sanji and Nami both by touching and rubbing their skin with bubbles, making their skin smooth and clean.
  • Bubble Master: A technique Kalifa uses to manipulate bubbles at her will.
  • Soap Sheep: By using this technique, Kalifa is able to turn into a sheep looking figure made completely out of bubbles.
  • Hitsuji Gumo Relax Hour: After reverting to her normal state after using her Soap Sheep technique, Kalifa uses the "Relax Hour" to shoot bubbles at her enemy once upon contact, cause them to become instantly frozen on the spot. A highly impossible-to-dodge move seeing as how she shoots out a very high amount of bubbles at the same time.
  • Hitsuji Gumo Tidal Wave: Kalifa uses this technique to unleash a massive tidal wave consisting of bubbles.
Voiced by
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Shelley Calene-Black
Naomi Shindo
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Name: Kalifa
Name: Karifa
Romanji: カリファ
Gender: Female
Birthday: 04/25/1984
1st manga book: One Piece #34
1st anime episode: One Piece #230
1st anime movie:
Aliases Carifa
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