Kaleidoscope is an anime episode of K that was released on 12/06/2012

Plot Summary

Kukuri and Sumika notices the Sword of Damocles in the sky. Then, Mikoto and his gang crashes the entrance of Ashinaka High School. Once the students see Mikoto's gang, they flee, and Mikoto blasts the clock tower with his flame aura. Izumo informs the students to stay calm and cooperate via a megaphone. Mikoto tells them to search for Tatara's murderer while he goes off on his own. Izumo tells everyone to keep an eye out for Tatara's murderer after circulating pictures of the man. At the same time, members of the Homura Clan are interrogating each student. Meanwhile, Izumo receives a call from Yata, and he instructs his clan about SCEPTER4. Anna states that the man is here on this island, but she cannot pinpoint his exact location. By the bridge, Neko alters the dimension, and some figures run past Saruhiko who does not notice their presence. Inside one of the cars, Seri apologizes to Reishi, and Reishi states that Yashiro might be the Colorless King. Both Seri and Reishi acknowledges how the Colorless King is a wild card.

As it snows upon the island, Anna tries to climb up to meet up with Mikoto, and Mikoto grabs her when Anna is about to fall. Anna comments on how Mikoto's red aura is very beautiful. She lies besides Mikoto. By the stairwell, Izumo finishes talking on the phone, and he whistles to Yata. Yata states that the SCEPTER4 has the entire island surrounded, and he is prepared to take them on. Izumo tells him to stay calm. As Saruhiko recalls his past, he remembers seeing Yata enjoying himself with Mikoto. Later, he tells Yata that he has joined SCEPTER4. Yata demands why Saruhiko would betray them when he points to the Homura Insignia on his chest. Saruhiko burns the emblem and its pride much to Yata's horror. Yata reminds Saruhiko that Mikoto pick him off the streets. Then, Saruhiko asks the men if it's time to raid, and the men reply no. At Mikoto's location, Izumo meets up with him, and he remarks that he thought Mikoto was a short fused bomb, but Tatara saw something else in Mikoto. Izumo calls Anna and informs Mikoto that someone is waiting for him.

Walking up the steps, Mikoto spots Reishi, and Reishi hands Mikoto a cigarette. Mikoto lights Reishi's cigarette using his powers. Reishi asks Mikoto to let him execute the Colorless King, and when Mikoto refuses, Reishi reminds Mikoto that his Sword of Damocles is on the brink of collapsing. Reishi asks Mikoto to step down as king, and Reishi grabs Mikoto and tells him that innocent students and Mikoto's men are on this island. Reishi asks Mikoto if he is intent on doing this, and Mikoto acknowledges it. In Shiro's apartment, Shiro and Neko are shocked about the destruction. When Kuroh states that they should not come here, Neko says it's their home. When Shiro asks Kuroh to ask Mr. Ichigen, Kuroh states that they have to rescue Kukuri and the others.


  • Japanese Name: N/A
  • Opening Theme: "Kings" - Angela
  • Closing Theme: "Tsumetai Hiya, Hitori" - Mikako Komatsu

Characters & Voice Actors

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