Kaitora is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Kaitora is a member of Bishokukai.


Kaitora's origins before his introduction are unknown. He appears to have known Saiseiya Yosaku for some time before they met in the story. He also at some point most likely encountered Joei before the events in the Cooking Festival Arc as he was a defector to NEO.


Kaitora is a secondary antagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series, Toriko.


Kaitora has had no evolving character traits of note due to his limited time in the series.


Kaitora has quite an unusual appearance. He is rather tall with a a very stout physique. He is muscular, particularly in the arms and chest but does have a belly that spills over his pant line. The more unusual features would be his storm blue skin, six arms, three on each side, yellow eyes, no apparent mouth (although he is capable of eating and speech by unknown means) and large tattoos ornamenting his arms, shoulders and face. He also wears a small apron or bandanna around his neck and a White Chef hat with matching designs to his tattoos. His pants are purple with light blue spots ornamenting them.


Thus far, Kaitora seems to have a calm persona. He barely reacted even when his allegedly unbreakable technique was humiliatingly ineffective against the much stronger Ichiryuu and he did not shown any apparent emotion in his fight against Yosaku.


Kaitora has had no noteworthy relationships as of yet. He was both a member of Bishokukai and later NEO so he would likely be familiar with the members of both organisations. Additionally he seemed to know fellow Saiseiya and rival Yosaku. To what extent is unclear.

Story Arcs

Meteor Garlic Arc

Kaitora awaiting Ichiryuu's arrival
Kaitora awaiting Ichiryuu's arrival

Kaitora is among the numerous Bishokukai members that assembled upon President Ichiryuu of IGO arriving. In fact, Kaitora was one of the only two who attempted to apprehend the powerful man along with Kairu with a joint attack, Kaitora using his Tablecloth technique, although the attack ended in complete failure as Ichiryuu practically ignored them. Aid to the Executive Chef Niceny prepared to join in the assault, but they were all halted by the arrival of their Boss Midora who ordered them to stand down as they would be completely outclassed by the man before them. Ichiryuu gave them all a stern warning saying he would not go easy on them next time and he exerted his aura unbalancing everyone present except Midora.

Cooking Festival Arc

Kaitora was among the Bishokukai that faced off against the IGO in Gourmet World over Acacia's dishes. He faced fellow Saiseiya Yosaku in combat. The two seemed evenly matched, neither getting the better of the other. But at a point, Kaitora revealed to Yosaku that he was not actually a member of the Bishokukai anymore, rather he had defected to NEO, which was likely due to Joei's brainwashing. He then revealed that Yosaku's own star pupil, Teppei had also joined their ranks. This startled Yosaku but rather than continuing to battle him, Kaitora turned around to leave. The confused Yosaku told him to wait, wanting to inquire more on what had just been said but at that moment, Yosaku was impaled through the back by what was indicated to be a mighty Blue Nitro.

Later, Kaitora is seen among the numerous NEO members when they went off in celebration over their victories over both the Bishokukai and theIGO.

Powers & Abilities

Master Saiseiya

Kaitora held the position of Exclusive Saiseiya withing the Bishokukai and was later recruited as a part of NEO. Additionally, he could fight on par with IGO's top Saiseiya Yosaku. It can be assumed that Kaitora's skill as a Saiseiya is rivaled only by the likes of National Treasure Mohyan Shaishai.



Kaitora produces a substance from his hand in rapid fashion. It spreads out into a large sheet and is intended to land on and adhere to the intended victim. He claimed it was impossible to escape from, however someone of Ichiryuu's caliber was able to easily remove it.

Root of Thorns

A spiked Root used as a whip. Kaitora could rip off Yosaku's arm easily with it.

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Name: Kaitora
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Toriko #95
1st anime movie:
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