Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV Lists

Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV is a anime/manga character in the Beelzebub franchise
Team Beelzebub Project's Vitae 1

OrganizationStarted on 9-27-11. The characters and below are alphabetized. This is for my team and all editors.Current partners: Annabanana and ShadowKnight508 (August 2011- Ongoing)TeamsAnna and a group of independent wiki editors (Dochaus and Piface314) worked on Beelzebub anime during Spring ...

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A Checklist of Past Community Spotlights 2011 6

I'm doing to keep track of what has been spotlighted in FoxxFireArt's community spotlights. I'll add the name and dates for each entry.Community Spotlights2011January1-7-111-14-111-21-11February2-4-112-11-112-22-112-28-11March3-7-11April4-15-11May5-02-115-20-11June6-2-116-10-116-17-116-24-11July7-15-117-29-11August8-5-118-12-118-26-11September9-2-119-16-119-23-119-30-11October10-7-1110-14-1110-20-1110-28-11November11-4-1111-11-1111-18-11December12-2-1112-9-1112-16-11OrderSince list was created on 1-12-12, I have the recent dates at the top.. The other list ...

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My Favorite Shounen Anime Characters 9

This is an as of yet incomplete list of my favorite anime characters. After watching and reading several dozens of anime and manga, these have been the characters that stood out to me the most. Stay tuned for character descriptions ...

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