Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV

Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV is a anime/manga character in the Beelzebub franchise
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The Demon King's son sent to earth in order to be raised by a human and destroy humanity. He is strongly attached to Oga, constantly clinging onto his back or sitting on his head.


As the Great Demon King's son, Beezlebub (nicknamed Beel) was sent to earth to destroy mankind with the aid of his wet nurse, Hilda and her assistant, Alaindelon. He came to the human world through Alaindelon and instantly became drawn to the first person he saw, Oga. From that moment on, Beel has remained strongly attached to the teen, constantly clinging to his back and crying every time the two got separated. But when he gets agitated, he'll usually throw a tantrum that will spontaneously electrocute anyone within the vicinity.


Beelzebub, created by Ryuhei Tamura, is a demon baby and a demon prince. In religious literature, Beezlebub appears as a demon and the name as one of the seven princes of Hell. He is also associated and sometimes identified with Satan, "the prince of demons". But because his name means "Lord of the Flies" or "Lord of the (heavenly) dwelling" there have been myths involving his physical form which depict him as a fly with skulls and crossbones on his wings. Tamura has adopted this appearance to Baby Beel's demonic form in recent chapters.

Character Evolution


Baby Beel is ready for the beach!
Baby Beel is ready for the beach!

Beel, characterized as having green hair and eyes, has rarely changed in appearance throughout the series. He still remains buck naked, even in public, and continually sucks on a yellow pacifier. But there have been exceptions such as when he grew into a giant sized baby in the demon world or when he was dressed in a swimsuit on the beach by Hilda.


Beel likes strong people.
Beel likes strong people.

Being a mere baby, Beel gets easily impressed especially by strong individuals that him and Oga have come across such as Kunieda or Toujo since he himself is weak, losing to other babies such as Kouta and even cats. But this does vary. For example, Beel displayed immediate disgust and possibly fear towards Miki, a former classmate of Oga's from middle school, despite his strength and advanced skills in martial arts. Besides this, Beel isn't particularly smart but he nonetheless tries his best to solve even the most basic problems. He also seems to be fond of things that are violent and would scare other infants, such as muscle tissue of an anatomy model, demonic toys, and so forth. Furthermore, with Oga as his adoptive father, Beel tends to mimic his gestures, feelings, and facial expressions.


Beel has developed strong bonds with Hilda, but more so with Oga. Although him and Oga started off on the wrong foot, they both have developed a strong connection quite rapidly much to Hilda's surprise. Beel has even listened to Oga's lessons, such as how to be a man, when not crying and recalls them clearly. On the other end, Oga has also picked up Beel's speech patterns and behaviours, allowing him to get much better at taking care of him. And although he initially wanted to get rid of the demon baby as soon as possible, as they grew closer, it seems that Oga's has search has implied to be more for Beel's well-being: finding a parent that would be strong and bring out Beel's full demonic potential.

Story Arcs

Touhoushinki Arc

Beel stops crying
Beel stops crying

Beel is first introduced to Oga when Oga rescues Alaindelon from the river and splits him open. Beel becomes attached to Oga when Oga's demonic smile captivated and captured the baby's heart. After Oga explains how he met Beelzebub to Furuichi, Hilda appears in front of them. Hilda tries to call out to Beelzebub and hold him, but Beel will not let go of Oga. As she pulls on Beelzebub's legs, Beel cries and shock everyone. Hilda explains that Oga must raise Beel to destroy humanity one day. When Oga declines, Hilda prepares to execute Oga which has Oga and Furuichi running to the river. At the river, Beel cries once Hilda makes Oga bleed; a drop of blood splatters on Beelzebub's cheeks. The tower starts to collapse on Beelzebub due to the voltage shock that Beel released. In the nick of time, Oga rescues Beelzebub by using a Zebul Blast that disintegrated the tower. Oga pats Beel and tells him that real men do not cry. Later that day, Hilda tells Oga that she and Beel will live with him much to Oga's disapproval.

Beel and Kouta playing.
Beel and Kouta playing.

Throughout the days at Oga's house and Ishiyama high school, Oga learns more about Beelzebub such staying within 15 meters of the baby at all times. When the burden of raising Beel gets to Oga, Oga tries to pass on Beelzebub to stronger people.Yet, Beelzebub does not find any of them amusing except for Aoi Kunieda and Toujou. In Beel's first park debut, Oga brings Beel to the park due to a tradition that his family has done. When Oga meets Aoi (in her disguise) for the first time, Beel meets Kota for the first time as well. Beel and Kota wrestle with each other that resulted in Beel's loss. According to Alaindelon, Beel's weak when he is not attached to Oga. Beel and Kota crawl to the sandbox to play with each other until Oga and Aoi finds them. Beel's day at the park ends when a police officer shows up to harass Aoi and to arrest Oga. Once Oga kicks the police under the belt, Oga runs home with Beelzebub. At school, Oga and Beel bumps into Aoi, but Oga does not know that Aoi was the same girl from the park. During Oga's battle, Beel gets excited and likes Aoi due to her fierce moves. Oga presents Beel to Aoi who seems to misunderstand Oga's words.

Toujou: If you want the baby, fight me
Toujou: If you want the baby, fight me

For the Toujou part, Beelzebub has a high fever; Oga, Hilda, and Oga's family try to help Beelzebub. During an argument between Oga and Hilda, Hilda kicks out Oga for being a inconsiderate father to Beelzebub. After Oga comes home, he find Hilda gone and Beelzebub sleeping without anyone to watch him. Oga grabs a wet towel and takes of Beel until he fall asleep. Later that night, Beel sleep crawls outside; he bumps into Toujou. As Toujou attempts to get Beel to come here like a dog, the confused baby thinks Toujo is Oga. Days later, Oga finds Toujou with Beelzebub on Toujou's back at the river. Beelzebub does not respond much as Toujou defeats Oga in their fight. At Ishiyama high school, Toujou prepares to light up fireworks to cheer up Beelzebub until Oga arrives for a rematch. When Oga calls out to Beelzebub, Beelzebub wakes up and climbs onto Oga. However, Oga sets the baby down as he fights Toujou. When Oga has difficulty, Beelzebub tries to help by giving him his demon power. Oga tells Beelzebub that he does need his help. In the end, he defeats Toujou with the high school crumbling in the aftermath.

Demon World Arc

Lamia believes in Beel to be the future king
Lamia believes in Beel to be the future king

When Lamia and Forkas have to go home to the demon world via Alaindelon's portal, Beel will not let go of Lamia's leg. Oga and Furuichi try to pull Beel off of Lamia, but in the process, Beel, Furuichi, Oga, and Lamia land in the demon world. After Alaindelon passes out, Beel and the gang move out to look for Alaindelon's daughter, Angelica. On the way, Beel's powers seem to come out stronger when a large demonic bird attacks Beel's friends. Beel shocks the bird away. Upon reaching Angelica's home, Beel and the group find out that a gang of thieves kidnap her, and after Oga beats up a pair of thieves, they arrive to a town due to the beaten thieves' help. When they find Angelica, Furuichi tries to help her; Angelica warns them about the guardian of Vlad's Hunt who comes down to punish the thieves for hurting the wildlife here. The guardian of Vlad's Hunt arrives, and Beel suddenly transform into a giant baby who battles the monster. With Oga on his head, Oga instructs Beel some moves to take down the guardian. Even though Beel has defeated the monster, Beel loses control over himself as he does a victory dance. Miraculously, Oga stops Beel by calling out dinner. Later, Alaindelon appears okay; he transports Oga, Beel, and Furuichi back to Earth.

St. Ishiyama Arc

Aoi and Beel watch Oga's fight
Aoi and Beel watch Oga's fight

After an adventure in the demon world, Oga takes Beel to a new school, St. Ishiyama. Oga is still looking for a strong and smart parent for Beel; he meets the Holy Six Knights, Ichiro and Mitsuteru. As Oga quiz Ichiro while Ichiro attacks him, Oga gets knock to the ground. He gives Beel to Aoi, so he can dodge better. When Ichiro finally answers Oga's question, Oga calls out to Beel who is sleeping soundly in Aoi's arms. Outside of school, Oga asks Aoi why she cannot be Beel's mother much to Aoi's embarrassment. As the days gone by with some skirmishes between the Ishiyama delinquents and the Six Holy Knights, Oga finds Miki who knock out Kanzaki. Oga asks Beel if he likes Miki. However, Beel growls at Miki which Oga learns that Beel dislikes Miki. Miki asks Oga to meet him on the rooftop. At the end of school, Oga and his group fight the Six Holy Knights; Oga gives Beel to Aoi. As Oga fights Miki and gets trumped by Miki, Beel cries and cheers for Oga a bit. When Kaname appears and stops the fight, Oga and his gang learn that they have to defeat the Six Holy Knights in the next month or face expulsion if they lose on the following day.

Demon Invasion Arc

Powers & Abilities

When Beel starts to cry, for various reasons (i.e. Oga in danger), he unleashes a wave of electricity and increases in intensity when his cries get louder. Initially, if Oga distances himself 15 meters or more from Beel, the electric shock can become fatal but with their new-found trust, this distance increased by a mere 8 centimeters.
Once a year, Beel releases blessed urine that contains holy demon powers. But diapers and other means are not enough to stop it, since he would be able to flood an entire town. Oga manages to prevent such a catastrophe from occurring by letting Beel pee in the ocean.

In the demon world, Beel was able to turn into a giant and defeat the monster that had attacked him and Oga.
Hidden Powers
During his and Oga's training with Saotome, a radio was used to create Beel's shadow that is said to embody the potential of its subjects. It was able to knock Oga against a boulder and crush it with ease which implies that Beel has exceptional fighting potential.

Other Media

Beel has appeared on the cover of numerous soundtracks, with a notable solo appearance on Beelzebub ED3 Single - Nanairo Namida, released by Tomato n Pines on August 17, 2011.

Beelzebub ED2 

  1. つよがり
  2. 星屑ロマンス
  3. Dangerous wild,you are!
  4. つよがり (TV Edit)
  5. つよがり -Instrumental-
  6. 星屑ロマンス -Instrumental-
  7. Dangerous wild,you are! -Instrumental-
  8. つよがり (TV Edit) -Instrumental-

Tomato n Pine CD Cover
Tomato n Pine CD Cover

Beelzebub ED3 Single - Nanairo Namida Tracks

  1. なないろ☆ナミダ
  2. 渚にまつわるエトセトラ
  3. FAB (Free As a Bird)
  4. 旅立ちトランスファー -Supersonic Hydro Guitar Remix-
  5. なないろ☆ナミダ -Instrumental-
  6. 渚にまつわるエトセトラ -Instrumental-
  7. FAB (Free As a Bird) -Instrumental-

Beelzebub ED4 Single - Sasaki Nozomi Tracks:    

  1. Papepipu ♪Papipepu♪Papepipupo♪ 
  2. Papepipu ♪Papipepu♪Papepipupo♪ (Piano Rock ver.)  
  3. Papepipu ♪Papipepu♪Papepipupo♪ (tofubeats “SHAKE” remix)  
  4. Papepipu ♪Papipepu♪Papepipupo♪ (Instrumental)

Anime and Manga Differences

Oga's Blood on Beel's cheek

When Hilda cuts Oga's cheek, Oga's blood drips onto Beelzebub's cheek. In the anime, it looks like a red light to censor the blood.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Miyuki Sawashiro
General Information Edit
Name: Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV
Name: カイゼル・デ・エンペラーナ・ベルゼバブ4世
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Beelzebub #1
1st anime episode: Beelzebub #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Beelzebub
Baby Beel
Baby Be'el
Master (by Hilda)
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