Kaimei Rock Festival

Kaimei Rock Festival is an anime episode of Sket Dance that was released on 07/21/2011

Hime and Switch join different bands for the Kaimei Rock Festival causing Bossun to think he has no talent. After Hime hands Bossun a bass guitar, Seiji asks Bossun to join his band. During practice, Bossun meets Ayano Sugisaki who helped him tuned his bass guitar and act like his teacher.

Plot Summary

Sasuke and Sojiro enters the principal's office, and the principal wants them to make the Kaimei Rock Festival successful as he plays the guitar to look awesome.

Rumi watches Ayano playing the violin and asks her mom if she can learn to play the violin, too. Rumi's mother thinks she is only doing it to be on TV. Bossun comes home late, and Rumi asks him to get Ayano's autograph. Bossun realizes that today's cartoon, Transforminator, is on.

The following day, Bossun asks Hime why she wants to be a guitarist, but Hime replies that she is in a band for the Kaimei Rock Festival. Switch explains that the rock festival is a school event and that the main winner will be adored by the school. Then he talks about how the event started when the principal, Karamatsu Genzaburo, received an electric guitar from London. Hime informs Bossun that last year's event was canceled due to a low turnout in band participants.

When Bossun asks Hime about her band, Hime takes Bossun to her band who sings and plays.

Hime's Band Members (Yabasawa Books)

  • Yumi - Bass
  • Yosshi - Drums
  • Sacchin - Keyboard
  • Moe Yabasawa - Singer

Bossun asks Yumi about her boyfriend that she broke up earlier (see episode 1). Moe calls the band "Crazy Yabas." However, Bossun thinks Moe is suited for the choir as Hime compliments Moe for her vocals. At the arcade, Bossun and Hime bumps into Switch who playing drum's notes via the laptop. Hime points out that Switch has a band, too. Switch tells Bossun and Hime that he wants to play the real drums.

In the Sket Dan clubroom, Hime and Switch continue practicing until Hime notices Bossun glooming over his lack of musical talent. She hands him her guitar and after hearing him play, she hands Bossun, a bass since it is easier to manage the chords. Bossun thinks he will be scouted by bands for the Kaimei Rock Festival, but Hime thinks Bossun is over his head.

At home, Bossun continues practicing, and when Rumi calls him for hamburgers, Bossun does not seem to happy much to Rumi and his mother's surprise. Three days later, Seiji appears to ask Bossun to join his band after hearing how fast Bossun has progressed in three days. Hime thinks Bossun is a beginner, but Seiji begs Bossun to join. Then Switch reveals the list of bands, Visual Kei (Dante) and Student Council Band. Bossun agrees to join Seiji and calls his friends rivals.

Bossun, Hime, and Switch announce their band names, but Bossun and Switch have not decided on the names. In the hall, everyone stares at the Student Council's band poster. Meanwhile, Shinba states that there are 12 bands, but Sojiro and Shinba cancel the band since the only reason was to encourage more people to participate. Yet, Shinba thinks they should go with the band idea. When Sasuke and Daisy enter the room with guitars, Sojiro tells Sasuke that they will quit. Sojiro starts explains that a man never goes back on their words and even though the principal's fake history, Sasuke is still motivated. Suddenly, Sojiro receives a message from Switch who explains that the Sket Dance members are joining different bands.

Sojiro tells his group that they will stay in the Kaimei Rock Festival. In a an art room, Roman hears Bossun's voices and gets happy about it. Back to the Sket Dan clubroom, Bossun leaves Hime and Switch to practice somewhere quiet. Roman decides to join the rock festival as she chases Bossun.

In another location at school, Seiji hands Bossun, a song Pillows that the band is doing. Bossun continues to practice as Seiji rushes to his part time job. Bossun stops for a moment when the song gets tricky. He notices something’s off, but he keeps playing. Ayano tells Bossun that he needs to tune the bass guitar especially with the G string. She tunes the guitar, and after she is done, Bossun starts to play the guitar and thanks Ayano. Bossun notices the violin and realizes that she is Ayano Sugisaki. When Ayano asks how Bossun knew, Bossun replies that his sister asks him to get her autograph. Bossun compliments Ayano as a prodigy, yet Ayano responds that Bossun is amazing since he advance so quickly in three days.

Bossun asks Ayano about her trip to German, and Ayano informs him that she is nervous. She explains that she has an unrealistic feeling as the scene shifts to a bunny staring at the Earth. She calls herself an ordinary person who only get by hard work. Bossun thinks Ayano is not confident and shares that he has those feelings. He reassures her that the only person stopping her is herself.

Ayano wants Bossun to practice while she tutors him during the practice. As she claps, Bossun plays along with her beat. After practice, Bossun thanks Ayano for her help. Before Ayano leaves, she asks Bossun if he will practice here tomorrow. Bossun replies yes, and Ayano reminds him to keep practicing at home.

Points of Interests

  • Moe does a rock star persona.
  • Switch calls his style, finger drumming, when playing drum music on the laptop.
  • Breaking the 4th Wall: Switch asks if Bossun is the main character after witnessing him whining that he has no musical talent.
  • Hime's band is called Yabasawa Books.

Manga & Anime Differences

This episode covers Chapter 49: Kaimei Rock Festival of volume 6

  • Unlike the anime, Rumi does not explain who Ayano is to Bossun. It is Switch who explains to Bossun.
  • Roman does not appear in the manga chapter for this episode.


  • Japanese Name: "Kaimei Rokku Fesutibaru" (カイメイ・ロック・フェスティバル)
  • Manga Chapters: 49 and 50
  • Opening Theme: "カッコ悪い I Love You" by French Kiss
  • Ending Theme: "Comic Sonic" by The Pillows

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Keiichiro Kawaguchi Director Director for Hayate the Combat Butler and Moetan.
Kenta Shinohara Original Concept The mangaka behind Sket Dance.
Manabu Nakatake Character Artist/Designer He's the staff behind character design in Sket Dance and other things like key animation editor in other franchises.
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Shuhei Naruse Music He's the musician in Sket Dance and other franchises.


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