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A 26 episode series which revolves around the debter Kaiji who gets involved in the merciless world of underground gambling.

Kaiji is a gambling and psychological-themed anime similar to Akagi in both theme and visual styles. The show loosely covers themes of class seperation and self dependence. Kaiji, the main character of the story, is fleeced into a Yakuza-run gambling world. Very quickly into the series, the focus of winning the games is for life rather than a monetary reward.

The majority of each episode focuses on how Kaiji must complete the challenge focussing on mental and sometimes physical merits. Throughout the entire series there are 3 main gambling events. The majority of episodes take place over a matter of a few hours in the show. This gives greater focus to the exploits that Kaiji must achieve to try and win.

The show also includes a seriously-toned narrator who expresses the situations and exploits of Kaiji in allegories.

Gambling games

  1. Restricted Rock Paper Scissors - each player starts with 3 stars which represent their lives. They are also given 3 pieces of Rock, Paper and Scissor cards. The aim of the game is to use a card to beat the opens choice, when the cards are used they are disposed of. You must finish the game with no more cards left and 3 or more stars. Players are free to swap cards and stars with eachother but disposing of cards without playing them is not allowed. To increase complexity in the game each player may choose to take up to 10 million YEN with them to purchase cards, favours and information from other plays.
  2. Human Derby - Players must traverse a single balancing beam suspended a considerable distance over the ground. Players are to traverse it in a line. The players who arrive last will not recieve any monetary reward and will be in even larger debt, increasing the chance that they may see the people in front of them as obsticals.
  3. E Card -
  4. Tissue Box Raffle - A game invented by Kaiji to challenge the one who is responsible for the gambling games.
Series Credits
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Fukumoto Nobuyuki

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General Information Edit
Name Kaiji
Name: 逆境無頼カイジ Ultimate Survivor
Romaji: Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor
Publisher Madhouse Studios
Start Year 2007
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Aliases Kaiji the Suffering Pariah
Kaiji the Ultimate Gambler
Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji
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