Kahoko Hino

Kahoko Hino is a anime/manga character in the La Corda d'Oro franchise
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She is the protagonist of La Corda D' Passo. With the help of the fairy Lili, she is able to play the violin despite having no skill. The catch is that she has to put effort into playing.


  • First Name: Kahoko
  • Last Name: Hino
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: N/A
  • Height: 162 cm (5 feet, 3 inches)
  • Instrument: Violin
  • Current Family: Parents, 1 older sister, 1 older brother
  • School Year: 2nd Year, Regular Department, Class 2 (2-2)
  • First Appearance: episode 1 (anime), chapter 1 (manga)


Hino is an overall considerate girl, polite and honest. Because of this, she had always felt guilty for the fact that she used the magic violin bestowed upon her by the magic fairy Lili. The violin allowed her to play at an intermediate level, depending on how she "felt" the music, even though she had never played before. She took up violin lessons to mend this with herself later on.
Hino is very hardworking and honest when it comes to the way she expresses her music, which caught the attention of all the other top music students. They say her music has a soft effect, despite not being technically polished. Though she suffers from feelings of inferiority and often needs others to cheer her up Hino tries her best to keep up with the music students and gains their respect, and a bit more feelings at that.
Hino does not tend to concern herself with romantic thoughts, and is completely oblivious to the guys' affections for her. This is not because she is airheaded or naive, but simply unfocused on that aspect. By personality, she is more passive than not, and generally calm and down to earth, though she gets flustered when some particular guys tease her.


Lili: Lili was the one who has bestowed the magic violin to Hino, and she constantly relied on his help and advice early in the music contest. At first, she disliked the idea of being the only one able to see him but their bond deepened and Hino came to appreciate everything he's given her.

Len Tsukimori: Tsukimori is also a 2nd year like Hino, except he's a student in the music department. He is a child prodigy on the violin. Hino's first encounter with him was not quite friendly, later on it shows he has feelings for her. She found him quiet and stoic.

Ryōtarō Tsuchiura: Hino met Tsuchiura when she was sent to deliver materials for the music department of the school. Tsuchiura had bumped into her and she almost fell down a set of staircases until he caught her. Ever since then Tsuchiura has always helped her and they have become good friends but as the anime progresses, his feelings for her deepens.

Kazuki Hihara: Hihara has, perhaps, the most comforting presence to Hino. Though he has feelings for her, Hino's oblivious personality blinds her to it all and she continues to treat him as she would her other friends. But what she doesn't know is that Hihara actually likes her.

Azuma Yunoki: Hino's first glance at him was of a nice person. Later on, Yunoki started to show himself more to her like showing his "darker" side. He likes to tease her and when he's in his other side, he calls her by her first name (which, in Japan, shows intimacy).

Keiichi Shimizu: Keiichi is a 1st year in the music department. Hino met Keiichi when he was sleeping on the ground. Hino taught Keiichi to use his heart for his sheet music. He enjoys listening to Hino play the violin. He also sleeps a lot in the show.

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Name: Kahoko Hino
Gender: Female
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