Kagura Tennouzu

Kagura Tennouzu is a anime/manga character in the Speed Grapher franchise
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She was born as the sole daughter to Shinsen Tennozu, the leader of the Tennozu Group, a gigantic conglomerate that has enormous influence over the Japanese economy. It is said that her father was Yuichiro Ashikaga of the former Ashikaga Group, the man that was known as the Eastern Don of Japan's economic world, but this is not certain. When Kagura was three years old, he passed away. It seems like Kagura is being given the kind of education a young lady from a good famliy would get, with a completely open and free lifestyle. But for some reason her mother, Shinsen, neglects her and as she gets older, the mistreatment she receives gets worse.

When she started middle school, she began to have nightmares that grew worse. But in truth, Suitengu began controlling her around then and made her perform obscene ceremonies as the "Goddess" of the Club.

During the spring of her fiftennth year, she was awakened by a photographer named Saiga in the middle of a ceremony, and learned the truth.


She is interested in everything, and is impressed by anything, like a little child. She can play the piano on a professional level. She is good at singing as well, but she doesn't really know any popular songs. She has a habit of fiddling with her hair. She likes simple fashion.


Because her mother, Shinsen, oppressed her, she is very introverted and tends to stay in her own little world. She is usually aware of who is watching her. Since she was raised cut off from the world, Kagura is innocent and only knows how to obey other people. Also because of her "bird in a cage" lifestyle and the stifling she felt from her mother's mistreatment, she holds a strong longing for the outside world and freedom. She is unusually stubborn, and the type to run straight into something when she gets an idea into her head. Even though she takes care to mind the people around her, she definitely has her own intentions.
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Monica Rial
Kei Shindo
General Information Edit
Name: Kagura Tennouzu
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Speed Grapher #1
1st anime episode: Speed Grapher #1
1st anime movie:
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Attractive Female
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Divine Powers
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Insanely Rich
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