Kageyama is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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A member of the Dark Guild Eisenwald.


Not much is known about Kageyama's past. It is assumed that he and his guild are rejected from the good guilds because Kageyama's guild specializes in assassinations which is against the rules.


Kageyama, who is created by Hiro Mashima, has no information on what inspires the author to create him. However, the fans speculate that Kageyama's looks and abilities are based on another character from a different series, Shikamaru Nara from Naruto.

He first appears in Fairy Tail volume 2 and episode 4. His Japanese voice actor is Anri Katsu, and his English voice actor is Chad Cox.

Story Arcs

One of the members of the Dark Guild Eisenwald, Kageyama first appeared during the Lullaby Story Arc where he was seen sent by Erigor to retrieve the Death Flute Lullaby. In the anime he was first seen punishing the members of Eisenwald that attacked Natsu and Lucy in episode 4 by using his shadow magic to bring the tree they were tied to deeper underground. After succeeding on his task he ran into Natsu who is passed out due to his motion sickness on the train and begins talking until he kicks him in the face to test his strength against a Fairy Tail member. In rage Natsu was about to attack but started feeling sick again due to his motion sickness which made Kageyama laugh. But the train stopped and Natsu was able to punch Kageyama sending him flying to the end of the car. Kageyama then started using his magic until Natsu escaped due to the train starting up again but he told Kageyama he will continue their fight another day. After handing Lullaby over to Erigor,

Kageyama's Punishment (Manga)
Kageyama's Punishment (Manga)

Kageyama told him a member of Fairy Tail saw the flute, in anger his master used his wind magic to cut both of the lobes on his ear off for his failure (in the anime Erigor just tries to cut him with his scythe but Kageyama dodges). He is next seen taking over Oshibana Station with the rest of his guild members. Once hew saw Natsu at the station he began tailing him waiting for the right moment to begin their fight. After watching Natsu run through walls of the station looking for Erigor Kageyama makes his move and they begin round 2 of their fight. Kageyama loses against Natsu and is almost slashed by Erza as she and the others arrive. Erza then tells Kageyama to dispel the wind wall placed around the Oshibana Station but as he agrees to his fellow guildmate Karacka stabs him in the back to prevent them from escaping.

I Surrender
I Surrender

After the group found a way out of the wind spell, Kageyama is brought with them so he could get some medical treatment for his wound. He protests that they should have left him but hearing words from Gray he begins to change. However after he discovers Erigor is defeated by Natsu he steals their Magic Four Wheel Vehicle and swipes the Lullaby flute as he proceeds with his Guilds mission. As he arrives at the Guild Masters meeting he runs into Makarov and decides to play the flute near him. But as he begins to play the flute he starts to feel guilty for all the things he did for his guild and hears Makarov's heartful speech he falls to his knees and surrenders. He then watches as Lullaby awakens and witnesses Natsu, Gray and Erza defeat it. As the fighting is over Kageyama is then smothered by the Blue Pegasus Guild Master Bob telling him he should be taken to a hospital so his wounds can be treated. Bob then tells him he looked just he did when was young leaving Kageyama in shock.

Kageyama at the Fantasia Parade
Kageyama at the Fantasia Parade

He is then sent to prison with the rest of Eisenwald except for Erigor. He is then later seen with Karacka watching the Fantasia Parade.


Shadow Orochi
Shadow Orochi

Kageyama is a Caste Magic User who is skilled in using Shadow Magic as he is able to bend his shadow into any form to his needs. One of his attacks is called "Shadow Orochi" which causes his shadow to turn into multiple hands. It also said he can use Dispelling Magic and unseal magical seals though both of these were never seen.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Anri Katsu
Chad Cox
General Information Edit
Name: Kageyama
Name: カゲヤマ
Romanji: Kageyama
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #2
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #4
1st anime movie:
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