Ka-pe! Kenji!

Ka-pe! Kenji! is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 07/28/2012

JAXA continues sending green card instructions to see how each person deals with the stress created by problems or mistakes of other teammates. While Team A seems to be getting along well, Team B is noticeably stressed as problems continue to pop up and Kenji is accused by Yamato again. Now that there are only 2 days left in the exam, Kenji beings to blame himself for being unable to bring the team together. Just as Kenji is about to give up, he remembers something his daughter, Fuuka, said to him, "ka-pe!"

Plot Summary

Teshima compliments Kenji's puzzle solving
Teshima compliments Kenji's puzzle solving

Although Mutta was able to figure out that JAXA has been sending green cards, he wonders how Kenji is handling the stress over in Team B. Teshima notices that Kenji has made progress on the all-white puzzle. Kenji likes puzzle-solving. Kenji recounts a story of when two women came to his door and tried recruiting him into group which promised space power by praying to a special stone necklace made from a meteorite. It's actually a scam, and the women are flustered when Kenji asks them about the details of the meteorite. Kenji says he wants to know as much about space as possible, but he also realizes there are things he has to find out for himself. Like what it feels like to complete an all-white puzzle, or what it feels like to go to space. Teshima is impressed by Kenji's story, but Yamato is not.

Mutta and Furuya play rock-paper-scissors
Mutta and Furuya play rock-paper-scissors

Over in Team A, since everyone is now aware of the food shortage problem, they start playing rock-paper-scissors to see who will sit out on certain meals. Also, a number of green card incidents have occurred. First the toilet was flooded, then the rice bag was torn open. Mutta finally gets a green card of his own. The instructions tell him to shout and startle his team members twice a day, and not respond if asked about his behavior. Mutta wonders why his instructions are so different from the others. For all the other tasks, they were done secretly. On his first day he decides to first do a Michael Jackson impression and then a Bruce Lee impression during their typing test. Mutta gets embarrassed and worries that others will think he's weird.

Things get tense with Team B
Things get tense with Team B

Over in Team B, Kenji notices that whenever they report new problems to mission control, they are told to solve them internally, which suggests that JAXA is directing the incidents. Team B's latest problem is that all the data that kept track of each team member's scores has been erased. Kenji also notices that when they were told at the beginning of the exam to choose 2 members of each team, they were not told that the two chosen would become astronauts. Kenji concludes that JAXA is probably more interested in seeing how they decide on the two members, not who they choose. Teshima supports Kenji by adding that he always thought that JAXA told them that to keep them under constant pressure. Yamato is not convinced, but then asks them, since they're so confident that their choices won't matter, that they should have no problem withdrawing from the selection discussions at the end of the exam. Hoshika, who is watching from mission control is impressed by how tense Team B is, but says that Kenji has the right idea.

Fuuka gets potty trained, and learns a new word
Fuuka gets potty trained, and learns a new word

Over in Team A it's free time and Hoshika hopes that he can gain some insight into their characters by observing what they do in their free time. During that day's running math, Kenji continues running even after the problems are done. Kenji has his mind full about Yamato's suggestion and also his daughter, Fuuka. Kenji also realizes that in two days the exam will be over, and Kenji has not been able to pull together their team. Everyone has been silently working on their tasks, improving their scores. Kenji wonders if this is what it really mean to be an astronaut. When taking a shower, Kenji thinks he might as well drop out from the decision process. Kenji thinks about his daughter, and wonders what her daughter means by "ka-pe". After some thought, Kenji remembers that her wife was trying to potty train Fuuka, and was cheering her on by saying "ganbare", eventually Fuuka tries copying her by saying "ka-pe". (See Note 1) Kenji finally realizes that all this time, his daughter has been cheering him on. This cheers Kenji up, as it turns out his daughter knew what she was saying after all.

Points of Interest

  • Shogi is a 2-player japanese board game which is similar to western chess. Players move different types of pieces to take out opponents pieces and beat their opponent.
  • When Hoshika observes Team A during their free time: Fukuda and Yasushi are playing a game of air shogi together, Nitta is meditating, Serika is reading a book on learning Russian (since the ISS usually has Russian astronauts aboard) and Mutta is reading an American joke book.


The following notes are referenced in the summary

1. Ganbare is a Japanese interjection which roughly translates to, do your best or good luck.

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Koji Yabuno Character Artist/Designer
Ayumu Watanabe Director
Chuuya Koyama Original Concept Creator of the manga Uchuu Kyoudai.
Hiroshi Kato Art Director
Makoto Uezu Writer
Toshiyuki Watanabe Music
Yoshihiro Oka Storyboard


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