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This anime is created by Go Hands and produced by Gou Nakanishi. It's directed by Shingo Suzuki and written by GoRA.


For audiences outside of Japan, Viz Media Video Site streams the anime series as a simulcast. For DVD and Blu-Ray merchandising, Viz Media has acquired rights for the series for North America while Madman Entertainment has acquired rights for Australia. Neon Alley has streamed the anime series in dub for North America audiences.


It is a story of a war between 7 kings who have their unique colors and clans. An innocent boy named Yashiro Isana is being hunted by the Homura Clan for murdering Tatara Totsuka. Isana finds out he is framed as a man who claimed to be the Colorless King in a footage.


Isana Yashiro - is our main charcter and a second year student at the Ashinaka Academy high school. he is 17 years old and 169 cm in height. Due to the main events in the story he has no knowledge of his past and no real identity, there for facts like his birthday are unknown and unimportant to him. Yashiro deals with his identity loss very well by not questioning much instead just following his heart. he is very laid back, hopeless but cooperate well with others. An positive side to his weird personality is that others easily trust him but the negative side is that he trusts his life to total strangers as well. He likes places like roofs, bridges and places where there is a nice breeze and doesn't hate anything in particular.
Yatogami Kuroh - is a vassal of the former seventh king Miwa Ichigen. he is 18 years old even though Miwa is 42 and is 178 cm in hieght even though Miwa is 177 cm in height. Kuroh is a proper gentlemen that is stubborn, serious and hot headed too. He values points like heroism, and people who values others over themselves. Faith is a unknown thing to him which he doesn't understand but he is still willing to believe i it. His ideal role model is Miwa Ichigen who he idealizes in every way possible describing him as blinding beauty and a true ideal person.
Munkata Reisi - he rules over the census deivision of Tokyo Regional Legal Affairs Bureau. He is 24 years old and 185 cm in height. Reisi is a modest, honest, organized, clever nerd that is a knight that values justice, harmony and socialibity. He also values japanease tradition and enjoys puzzles and solving problems. He hates disorder and chaos and has no real future. He is also very competitive and values his post and status.
Mikoto Suoh - is the red clan and leader of Homra. he is 185 cm and 24 years old. Mikato is the kind of leader that does everything for the ones that follow him even ruin his own reputation. Due to his violent ways and quick temper he manages to cover up all his generosity and kindness. He cares about everyone else but himself while also being competitive with others. he has no goals for the future other that being able to relax.
Fushimi Saruhiko - he is stationed in the census deivition of the Tokyo Regional Legal Affair Bureau aka Annex 4 also former member of Homra. he is 19 years old and 178 cm in height. he is extremly compeitive against Misaki and other annoying things. Saru is also clever, sneaky, depressing and smart. He has no ideal or hobbies. he despises supriority and bossy rules and people. He values his past but despises his present and future.
Misaki Yata - is a part of the Homra aka Red clan. he is 19 years old and 167 cm in height. He is sporty, sport but has a short temper and respect those around him. He hates Saru for his betrayal as his childhood friend and a member of the red clan. Misaki idolizes the red king for his justice and bonds he forms with his clan member that is much like family. He likes to act big and bossy but in reality in short and flustered easily. he enjoys solving things in a loud and violent manner.

Theme Songs

Opening Theme

"Kings" - Angela

Closing Theme

"Tsumetai Hiya, Hitori" - Mikako Komatsu

Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 13
1 - 12
Adolf K. Weismann
1 - 11
1 - 10
1 - 9
1 - 8
1 - 7
1 - 6
1 - 5
1 - 4
Knock-on effect
1 - 3
1 - 2
1 - 1

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