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K-On! is an anime series in the K-On! franchise
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zyn The Love of Music, Animated.

WARNING!  This review may contain Spoilers and Bad Language!At first I didn't know what to think about this anime.  How could you make a Music anime interesting?  KyoAni managed to.As any other KyoAni anime, the characters and KyoAni's signature real-life-to-anime environments are very well drawn and animated.  The dialogue is ...

Reviewed by zyn on June 29, 2009
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highhorse Fun but not particularly great.

This series is a fun ride but not quite as fun as Lucky Star.  It has some interesting animation done by Kyoto Animation, but never really wows me.  The story line is very similar to Lucky Star in how its told with less of a story arc and more like a series ...

Reviewed by highhorse on Feb. 26, 2010
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gia Good, but I don't get the fuss.

Title: K-On!Studio: Kyoto AnimationGenre: Slice of Life / Comedy Ratings  (of 5)Story: ♥♥♥Animation: ♥♥♥♥Characters: ♥♥½OP/ED Themes: ♥♥½OVERALL: ♥♥♥   Thoughts: K-On! Is the tale of four high school girls who, for varying reasons, come together to form a pop rock band as part of a light music (“keion”) club at their ...

Reviewed by gia on April 15, 2009
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JJOR64 K-On! - Short but fun ride!

Review written on October 7, 2009 On my urge to watch anime lately, I just finished up K-On!  For those of you who might not know what K-On! is (from Wikipedia) "K-On!'s story revolves around four Japanese high school girls who join their school's light music club to try to save ...

Reviewed by JJOR64 on Dec. 18, 2009
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Kupo I can't believe I watched the whole thing

K-on is a bad show. It's characters are poorly developed, the jokes aren't funny, and the story shows no sign of an arc. That said I finished the entire show, a grueling 12 episodes and still have trouble figuring out why.I was watching the show looking for a story about ...

Reviewed by Kupo on July 12, 2009
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