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Topic started by Rokujo on Feb. 25, 2010. Last post by John_Martone 5 years, 1 month ago.
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I finished this series quite a while ago, but I just had some thoughts that I wanted to share. You can call it a review if you like, but I'd rather just do some ramblings. So here goes.
I originally decided to check out K-ON! after I saw a news post that Haruhi S2 had copied the art style. I'm a fan of Haruhi, the character and the animation. So I decided to check this one out.
The animations are quite similar, but I don't really want to go into that.
The first thing that struck me about K-ON! was that the characters were genuinely likeable, although not without clich├ęd moe moe personalities. I'd say my favourite was definitely Yui. It wasn't so much the character herself rather,  the voice acting that made me like her.
There was one scene in particular involving Yui and Ritsu  where they impersonate sumo wrestlers. It made me laugh.

It was scenes like this that made K-ON! a fun anime to watch. However, I can't really say the same for the entire series.
There were times when I was watching this that made me feel slightly uncomfortable. I'd say to myself, "Is this anime made for girls?" I soon shrugged this off, saying to myself, "I'm cool with that."
The whole series in general followed the usual events seen in high scool anime. There was even a stop at an island. Whilst I don't think this was in any way bad, each episode did seem to be based around a similar structure. I disapprove of a lack of Yui fanservice.
The music in this series is great. It's catchy and it fits well with the anime. I'd actually go as far as saying the music was the best part about this series.
Well that's about all I've got, which is why I didn't really want to call it a review. K-ON! was an entertaining anime with a few things going for it. You'll think it's amazing if you haven't seen anything similar.
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Ha, that clip was pretty hilarious! I checked out K-on early and found myself irritated by how moe/mentally handicapped some of the characters at times, but I do have to acknowledge that they genuinely had some really cute moments in it.
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