K-On!: The Apartment Building?

Topic started by gia on Feb. 8, 2010. Last post by gia 5 years, 1 month ago.
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A real-live K-On! apartment building isn't QUITE a reality, but only barely: Gigazine reports on the themed models of apartment buildings that were spotted at WonFes 2010, which I had not seen any mention of until now. 

Along the same lines of itasha (otaku-decorated cars), itachari (bicycles), and other such fan-decorated items, the idea is basically a standard apartment building...but with a big fat piece of K-On! art on the side, as well as on the water tower on the roof. (Well, it wouldn't HAVE to be K-On!, but the particular model being sold at WonFes was.)

In fact, it was really just a clever repackaging of a building model with a bunch of K-On! decals, if you look at it really closely-- but I bet it sold like hotcakes. And it'll soon be available online for you guys who want to start building your own otaku city. 

If it sells well, maybe before long you could have an entire K-On! branded replica of Akihabara or something. Would you WANT to own such a thing? And perhaps more interestingly: if you were going to live in an anime-branded apartment building, what anime would it be?
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That's why Japan is so much cooler than living anywere else in the world.
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A building with partially clothed preteen girls on the sides. Sounds like a trap for sex offenders. Sort of like a roach motel. "They check in, but they don't check out".
What anime building I would like? Perhaps Code Geass or Ghost in the Shell: SAC.
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I can't make up my mind as to whether a senior architect who approved a real life full-scale version of this should get a promotion or die horribly. 

Personally I can't think of any series that would make sense to have on the side of a building. I mean, maybe a few of those awesomely huge billboard poster things that Akihabara has all over the place on the sides of buildings, or maybe a giant grafitti style mech of some sort on the side, but official art kind of stuff? It just seems tacky.
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id tottaly live their
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Sure.  Because when I think of animated female high school music clubs, I the only thing that comes to mind is...APARTMENT COMPLEXES
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K-On is slowly, but surely taking over the world. We are all doomed.
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I would like Maison Ikkoku art on the side of a apartment building.
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I don't know about apartments, but I'd love to ride a Baccano! themed train complete with booze
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im in lol
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K-on! will take over Japan next to One Piece theme park and Giant Gundam.
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Resistance is futile....from now on, you will service...K-on!
*reads line*  Waitaminute, that's not in the script.   DIRECTOR!!!!
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@Oneesama: So say it was an apartment, not the PERFECT one, but a good one. Maybe just a touch more expensive than you want to pay. Would the outside art make it worthwhile?
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