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Now I'm not saying it's wrong if you think dubs are better but...they sound so lifeless in the clips I've seen. Maybe this is because I've watched the Japanese version first.

In the English dub Yui sounds...average...normal...like a typical female voice
In the original Japanese dub, Yui sounds innocent/cute to an almost magical level

In the English dub...Mio...sounds okay...although still a bit lifeless
In the original Japanese dub, Mio sounds...well I remember there being more range to her voice.

In the English dub...Ritsu sounds terrible. I can't say it in any other terms. She sounds terrible.
In the Japanese, Ritsu talks differently than the others, I don't even know how to describe it, but she distinguishes herself here, while in the Bandai English dub she sounds like any other girl you'd meet in HS

In the English dub...Mugi also has the problem of having a regular voice.
Originally, she sounds much more relaxed...and carefree...it's hard to describe, but there is a huge difference.

Again, maybe it's because I watched the entire series 1st and 2nd season already.
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