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Apparently K-On! has continued to rock the charts of Japan, with Yui and fan-fave Mio's image song CDs taking over the top 10 daily sales ranking. On the CDs' debut day, the 16th, Mio's song “HeartGoesBoom!” took second place, while Yui's tune, which I don't feel confident about transliterating ("ギー太に首ったけ" could be “Gii Futo ni Kubittake na,” and I'm still not sure how to translate that?), took third.

Meanwhile, back across the pond, ICv2 reports that Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete Collection was the US's #2 Blu-Ray release last week, beat out by Daniel Craig's film Defiance.

Think about that for a second: Final Fantasy, relatively mainstream popularity in the US. Granted, it's not like it was a major week for releases (I'm told Defiance is a pretty good film, but it doesn't sound like grand-slam best-seller fodder), but that's still a really impressive take for a Japanese film of any kind.

Keep on keepin' on, otaku buyers!
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I'm not surprised. Almost nothing of note was released in the US on BD. And k-on is for moefappers.
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