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A couple of things come to mind reading this chapter of Fairy Tail. Firstly, is it really that simple to become a slayer? Because I thought one needed contact with an entity steeped in a specific element to gain control over its magical form.

Like a dragon slayer training under a dragon. And why bother? For what purpose did Deliora determine to gain slayer magic, a demon so powerful as to have laid to waste several cities, now cowering against a mere ice mage.


Gray Vs. Silver officially commences with Gray immediately pushed to his limits against a superior foe.


A lot of action in this chapter and yet it felt a lot like set up for some breakthrough Gray will probably achieve in the coming week.

Not complaining, I liked this chapter, and the action was pretty well choreographed to display Gray’s full range of attacks. I appreciate Hiro’s attempt to make this battle about more than mere power levels.

Gray actually applied himself in displaying the dynamism of his magic, using ice make in various unique ways, from the Gatling guns to the giant hammer and the sword. Pretty impressive art as well.

I have always found Hiro’s art to peak when drawing Gray’s ice magic in action; as opposed to the various hazy panels that are Natsu’s dull battles. Maybe fire doesn’t translate as well on paper.

Whatever the case, I actually found myself entertained by this chapter. That isn’t to say that I am not still apprehensive about what is to come next. The fact that Deliora was so afraid of Gray as to resort to using slayer magic is nonsensical, seeing as not even Ur could match his capabilities.

More importantly, this is starting to mirror the Mardgeer situation; Deliora placed an entire village under ice with a single wave of his hand. Why is the fight against Gray still moving a this pace?

Not only should he have murdered Gray a long time ago, taking into account how helpless Gray is against him, but even if we are to believe that Deliora is more interested in causing more pain than actual killing, he spent most of this chapter standing about and letting Gray unleash a barrage of attacks against him.

As it is we have yet to see an actual fight between Silver and Gray. For pits sake Deliora froze the entire battlefield for no logical reason. Why worry about a few non ice projectiles if he could have simply placed Gray himself on ice.

+Predictions: Yes, Gray is going to master ice slayer magic; at the very least expect him to eat Deliora’s ice at some point, probably on Ur’s advice.

RATING: 6/10, yes pretty entertaining. Fairy Tail is best when it maintains an air of unpredictability, even though I am pretty sure I know how this is going to progress.

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Welcome to the Weekly Fairy Tail manga edition! I'm Taka, an Anime Vice wiki editor. You can also check out Katmic's review of the same chapter. My reviews are more neutral and wiki oriented since I promote the wiki pages. All comments are welcome here or the Fairy Tail Discussion (Manga) thread.


When Millianna stumbles upon Erza and Jellal, Ultear comes out and explains that Simon's death was on her own hands. Meanwhile, Sting joins present Rogue in the battle. Elsewhere, Gray and Lyon meet up with Juvia and Meredy. When Gray is about to tell Juvia something, he gets shot multiple times by the dragons.

Will Gray survive?



  • Kagura's scene
    Kagura's scene
    Present Rogue regains his focus when Sting joined him. I would love to see these guys fighting together.
  • While Ultear gets a huge burden off her shoulders, she still holds regrets. How does this tie with Gray's scene in this chapter? I'm guessing she might make a sacrifice to save Gray maybe to atone for her sins. It's a wild guess after all chapter is named Sin and Sacrifice.
  • Kagura's scene demonstrates that she has come to terms. It was more convincing than Millianna's scene.


  • The scene where Ultear explains to Millianna didn't feel finished. Those conflicts and hatred for Jellal cannot be forgiven that easily. I don't expect Millianna to forgive Jellal or put all her hatred on Ultear. She doesn't know Ultear well.
  • Juvia's distraction breaks the tension a bit before Gray gets shot. It didn't match up the flow of the chapter.

Overall, it's a great chapter with a surprise. Gray fans are left with a giant cliffhanger. I'm sure that Hiro Mashima won't be killing off Gray because it's not his style to kill off supporting characters. I'm familiar with his earlier works, Rave Master. I'm guessing Ultear and Meredy will have a big role with Gray in the near future. I'm hoping Gray and Ultear will have interaction.

Thank you for reading. Please support Fairy Tail legally when the manga or the anime comes out in your home country.

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I don’t know what i just read but i am not sure if this is even fairy tail. You know, i have mentioned this before, that Hiro is really good at doing this kind of thing, creating epic set ups, really making you think that what you just witnessed is epicness in the making. Some times its just one chapter, other times he will stretch it out over several chapters, each building upon the other one; and when it finally gets to driving the nail all the way in, he cops out, or rather the tidal wave that Hiro had built and which i as a fan had been riding higher and higher suddenly falls flat, and what is left isn’t disappointment. That is what you get when you are mostly mildly interested in the developing story.
When the wave finally falls and Hiro disappoints after hyping the present plot to infinite levels, that excitement turns into seething anger. And this chapter, if this is another of Hiro’s games, i am not sure if fairy tail will recover if Hiro does what i think he is going to do. I don’t know if he even knows what he has just done. I am going to will Hiro with every cell in my brain to consider carefully what he does next after this chapter.
Last time we saw Erza, she had succumbed to the effects of her fight with Minerva, with her legs eventually giving out as she contended with one of the many dragon creatures on the loose. Barely
able to fend for herself,she had to watch helplessly as Jellal came to the rescue. Milliana had arrived at the scene in time to see the man who had killed her brother and held them all prisoner for years amicably conversing with Erza.
In this chapter we wrap this scene up. Miliiana is furious and clearly ready to unleash her vengeance against the pair, when Ultear interrupts her angry rant and makes it
clear that it was her, not Jellal, who was responsible for the misery the friends had suffered. She had manipulated jellal into building the tower and enslaving his own friends in her attempts to aid Hades and she asks that Milliana aims her hate towards her, after all she had just learnt that despite all the good she had tried to do, she was still as stained and corrupted as before.
Here, especially with the dark visage she wears, it is alluded to that she had killed Rogue. This notion is however quickly dismissed and she later on admits to her self that she had frozen. She couldn’t kill Rogue; none the less she is tormented by the fact that she had harbored the thought of killing an innocent man and admits once more that she is still a dark person.
Elsewhere, gray, juvia, Leon and Meredy are engaging the small dragon creatures in battle. Gray pauses to tell Juvia something. He dismisses its importance but none the less alludes that it must be said. juvia gets so caught up in her fantasies about what gray was about to confess to her that she doesn’t see the mini dragon fire off an attack at her.
Gray pushes her out of the way and takes the attack to the chest, which rips a hole through. He barely recovers when two or three more mini dragons join the the fight and unleash a barrage of attacks that systematically perforate gray’s body.
Gray hits the floor with a stunned ‘Eh!’ on his lips, Leon, Meredy and Juvia watching in horror…
This chapter…whoa…
I am not even sure what to say.
I was slightly disappointed by what was done with the Milliana situation. Don’t get me wrong, i thought Hiro handled it better than i thought he would. I expected Erza to make some asinine speech about love and nakama and Milliana would quickly fold. But she didn’t fall for Erza’s words, that she had forgiven Jellal and that it wasn’t his fault. It was a good idea to use Ultear to redirect her anger. She seemed more confused than anything by the end and i do not think she has forgiven anyone yet, least of all Jellal, but i suspect she will not hold it against Erza for siding with Jellal.
My disappointment comes from Kagura. I expected her to play more of a role in the argument. But she just folded and let the issue drop. Truth be told i do not even remember why she hates Jellal, but i thought she was much tougher and more vindictive than that. Hiro is missing opportunities to manifest greatness here.
With Ultear, i am ambivalent about her actions. Again it do not think that the path she took was illogical or unreasonable; after spending seven years with Jellal, and i would have been surprised if she had actually killed rogue. But i kind of hoped for more than what i saw in the chapter. But it allows for more depth in the fairy tail story, that she is still conflicted about her past and present and the difficulty that an individual is faced with in ridding themselves of past habits.
Additionally, besides my disappointment with the chapter that set up the Erza, Milliana, jellal situation, i was impressed that hiro remembered to add reason and logic to the story, that even the mighty Erza couldn’t shrug off the effects of an outrageous battle in time to fight little dragons.
But all that aside, Gray, is he really dead? I am one of those people that was advocating for more darkness in the plot, even some death to show the seriousness of the event, but even i didn’t see this coming. It stunned me. As has been the case with recent fairy tail chapters, i had no idea what to expect with this chapter because Hiro is usually all over the place. But I basically thought i was ready for anything, but this was so out of the blue and so sudden.
I am not sure how to take it. On the one hand, i can’t believe Hiro actually killed an important character off, and in such a brutal manner. As far as the story goes, fairy tail just jumped up to another level. On the other hand, as a fairy tail fan, ‘Why Gray?’ is what i can’t help but ask. In such a large cast of fairy tail characters and mages, there are so many characters Hiro could have chosen to kill off, starting from Lucy, maybe Levy, or Cana, but why Gray of all people? He was one of those consistently written characters that i just liked.
I cannot believe what happened in this chapter. The pure fairy tail fan part of me is ecstatic and shocked. The other more analytical part of me is afraid. Hiro is going to mess this up, and i am not speculating. I am sure of it. For one thing, i know that Gray isn’t dead. This is Hiro after all. Any fairy tail fan will agree with me that gray obviously used an ice clone to tank the attacks; though one has to wonder why making an ice clone would be faster than Juvia simply getting out of the way. And isn’t her body made of water? Would she have even been hurt?
I do not think Gray is dead. Hiro is clever in executing this stunt and getting our anxiety levels through the roof for a week, before finally revealing the truth. Hiro cannot kill any of his favorite fairy tail characters off, which is all of them. I am praying that he can think of a way to return Gray that isn’t debilitating to fairy tail’s reputation.
Then again, Hiro is supposed to have twitted this message after the release of this chapter :( Originally Posted by Hiro Mashima -Please wait until next week. You will be surprised.) I do not know how to take that. Maybe he is speaking to those that do not want gray dead.
Oh and there was an awesome rogue and sting moment that made me dislike them less. next few chapters it looks like they will be teaming up to take down both of their dragons.
RATING: 5/5 – WOW, that is all i can say, wow… i am reading this chapter again just to be sure i wasn’t imagining things.
Here is what i know about gildartz from watching fairy tail and reading the manga. His full name is Gildartz Clive and he is also the oldest member of fairy tail besides Makarov. We know little to nothing about Gidartz’s past but then again it probably doesn’t matter. We know that some time during his life, he met and seduced one Cornelia, eventually, and unbeknownst to him, giving birth to Cana, another member of fairy tail. Cana would spend a large portion of her life trying to figure out how to tell Gildartz the truth, that he was her father; but she could never get the courage, mostly because whenever she would see him, as a child of 5 or 6, she could feel the air or importance around him, the power he radiated and the respect he received from everyone and she would shrink into none existence, defeated by her own self esteem and lacking; basically the way she saw it was that how could the daughter of the great and mighty Gildartz be so weak.
And as the years came and went, each passing with Gildartz returning to the guild once every year, receiving the praise of a champion, Cana would watch him come through the doors, intent on finally revealing the truth to him, only for her words to fail her as he would wave his hand through her head, maybe give her a hug, and move on, leaving her defeated. From then on she decided that one day she would reveal the truth to him, but only after finally passing the test and becoming an S class mage like him. But of course she failed terribly, taking and failing the S-class test 6 or 7 times where the likes of Erza and Mirajane, younger, passed immediately. Eventually she fell into drunkenness and seized to matter.
Cana aside, we learn over time just who Gildartz is. He might be the second most powerful person in the guild, but you wouldn’t know it as he is so laid back and unmotivated, willing to spend most of his time boozing and seducing the ladies rather than getting any work done. As a mage of fairy tail, Gildartz uses crash magic; a form of magic that basically decimates everything that he comes into contact with, hence the term crush.
Gildartz’s magic is so powerful that every time he comes back to Magnolia, the entire town has to be rearranged to create a single straight path from the border to the guild and that is because over the years his return has resulted in a serious amount of damage. This isn’t merely because Gildartz isn’t fully in control of his power but because of the way he uses it. Most times, when he is done with anything, rather than using the door, he will walk into the nearest wall and through it, a habit that he does unconsciously and which the town is willing to accommodate because of the love and respect they have for him.
With crash magic, Gildartz not only crushes anything he touches but he can also choose to simply break it down into smaller versions of the original, such as when he fought natsu and broke him into
a few thousand mini natsus. While Gildartz rarely fights in the presence of the other guild members, whom he lets eliminate the enemy, when he does fight, he will have everything and everyone clear the area; because, according to happy, natsu’s cat, Gildartz always fights at full power, or close to it and he simply doesn’t know how to hold back. Which is why Gildartz’s fighting style is mostly martial arts based. He will use hand to hand combat skills to beat an opponent and only use crush magic when he physically touches the opponent, focusing the power through his touch and that way, the effects of crush magic are minimal. Even then though, his touch is designed to absolutely destroy everything it touches, hence not even in sparring where Gildartz is forced to keep the level of battle at a low intensity is his opponent, enemy or friend safe. However once he has to fight an opponent he must defeat, and determines that his crush magic must be unleashed fully, the destruction is wide spread as he doesn’t limit it to his fists, necessitating all other by standers to clear the area before he can fight.
Gildartz’s crush magic has, as of the last time he fought, proved that it isn’t limited to physical objects and that he can crush and decimate magic as well.
The type and destructive nature of his crash magic explains the reason why Gildartz will rarely engage in battle if he can help it. AS a fairy tail guild member, Gildartz will fight to protect his guild members against any and all foes, and in most cases choosing to use lethal means where others might incapacitate. Not long ago, Gildartz met and fought the mighty black dragon Achnologia. This would be the first and only opponent to defeat him; and his first defeat would be his worst. Gildartz lost his left leg, left arm and an organ to Achnologia and even then he barely escaped. On his initial appearance, he was making use of a wooden replacement. Recently he acquired metallic prosthetics.
Gildartz, as the strongest mage, was recently offered the job of master of fairy tail by a retired Makarov. After being shown the great secret, Lumen Histoire, the so called darkness (or light, depending on who you ask) of fairy tail, he declined the job, instead nominated Makarov to return to his position as he went on another great quest.
Gildartz is mentioned several times along with Laxus and mystogun as the strongest mage in fairy tail, most notably during mystogun and laxus’ first fight. He finally appears during the Edolas arc, but after being sucked away to the parallel dimension like everyone else, only plays a part in the story during the S-class arc, when he is assigned the position of one of the obstacles and judges for the test. It is during his fight with Natsu that he unleashes power and for the first time teaches the young mage the true meaning of fear. He later arrives on the scene when Grimoire heart’s strongest mage, Blue note stinger, arrives and decimates the entire fairy tail team. Gildartz must then match his crush magic against the man’s debilitating gravity powers.
I love this character. Sure he isn’t the most complicated character, but he is…i don’t know the word to use…fun. Not in that typical fairy tail ‘always laughing and smiling’ way; i like the laid back way he is presented and i do not think we really need to know that much about his character to make him any more interesting to watch. For one thing, as the most powerful character on screen, you can expect some fireworks whenever he is on the filed.
It is a shame that Hiro limits his time in battle. I wish we would see more of him and his crush magic, because the little we have seen has been epic, especially his first appearance and his revelation
about the black dragon Achnologia. His fight with blue note stinger ranks high up there are one of my all time favorite fairy tail battles. It was a chance to see him let loose, and the event was only accentuated by the fact that blue note was so overwhelmingly powerful that with his abilities he was rocking the entire island. The effect of Gildartz’s power is usually such that you not as much interested in how he will defeat his opponent as much as how his opponent will survive Gildartz and with blue note it was fun to watch them shattering everything around them and lifting and juggling entire land masses in an attempt to one up each other.
Now that i think about it, Hiro has never provided a reasonable explanation for his absence, especially in the time of danger. He is always suspiciously absent and i hate that. We have seen copious amounts of Erza and laxus fights, characters we once looked upon as mysterious and unknown and Hiro has given us ample time to fully explore there abilities. With Gildartz, we are still in the dark about just how well he fights.
I still think that Hiro has handled his character well, especially with the Cana arc, not only exploring her character’s dark past but using it to reveal more of who Gildartz is on a mental and emotional level. This was one of those moments i was surprised at how dark the normally light and fluffy fairy tail got; i never really thought about Cana before; she was always irrelevant and her drinking habit seemed more of a comedic tool than anything; i was surprised that hiro would allow the issue to take a dark turn. This includes Gildartz own physical disabilities. Fairy tail isn’t the kind of show you would expect to have limb dismemberment, especially when even the most brutally attacked characters just seem to die away from a bruise or two.
Gildartz is just…interesting to watch. He adds a sense of excitement to every scene and i will admit to hating hearing him compare himself to Natsu, the way laxus did as well in the tournament. What is up with all these strong characters and looking up to weak Natsu.
I just remembered that at the time he met Achnologia, Gildartz was off undertaking a one hundred year quest, the same quest he undertakes once more when he rejects mastership of the guild. Hiro has yet to tell us what a one hundred year quest is. Clearly it can’t take one hundred years; Gildartz returned in a mere three years.
Anyway, if i was to rate Gildartz as a character on grounds of how interesting he is, i would rate him with an A out of an A-E rating.
Now i have to admit it, i have never understood or shared the notion that Gildartz was copied off of shanks from one piece. Sure they have similar red hair and their faces sort of look alike but here is the thing; this is manga. Besides one or two shows based off of a manhwa, most of these characters are are drawn using simple straight or curving lines; if you took away special markers, maybe the giant weapons they carry, eccentric clothing and what not, many anime characters would look the same.
I reject the idea that Hiro was inspired by Shanks in drawing Gildartz. I feel the need to say that because i have come across a number of comments with regards to how similar fairy tail is to one piece. I would not mind those comments if they actually elaborated on exactly how fairy tail is similar to one piece. All they do is mention how similar Gildartz is to shanks. Basically because of that one reason, fairy tail is a cheap copy of one piece.
That is not a good enough reason to compare one manga to another. I have looked and maybe i am biased; i admit that in some shots of Natsu smiling, he has reminded me of luffy (though only because of how many time i hear it) but one element of an manga doesn’t make it a copy of another. Gildartz and Shanks’ similarity is a coincidence, and unless someone else can point out any other similarity, i am inclined to conclude that many of these people either simply hate fairy tail and are intent on putting it down or they simply haven’t read it and have chosen to jump on board of the opinions of others.
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I will not lie that i have been dying to watch this movie. In all honesty i haven’t thought about it ever since i saw the trailer last year and decided it would interesting to watch. But when it was finally within my line of sight, it immediately jumped to the top of my watch list.


A girl, Eclair, a priestess, is partaking in some ritual when their village is attacked and destroyed by soldiers and mages. One old man is barely able to acquire one half of a tiny stone before forcing her to escape beyond the edges of the destruction. Having taken several arrows to the back for her, he hands her the stone, instructs her to take it to someone called kalard and then dies.

Elsewhere, Natsu, Erza, Lucy, Wendy, Carla, Happy, Gray and Juvia have been tasked to destroy a gang of thieves and capture their gang leader. While they scatter the members and reek untold havoc on the town, they fail to capture the leader, thus failing the mission and forfeiting the prize money. They head back home dejected. There Lucy runs into a fatigued and starved Éclair on the streets, barely alive. She nurses the stranger back to health and she in turn reluctantly accepts their help in escorting her to her destination.

It isn’t long before they ran into the dark guild Carbuncle, hired by Veronica Principality’s ruler Kriem to acquire both Éclair and her piece. It turns out that Kriem is in possession of the second piece and wishes reunite it with the first to summon the phoenix, a mighty immortal beast that will grant him immortality on his birthday. There is clearly a link between Éclair, the phoenix priestess, the pendant and the ritual that has to be performed by Kalard to contain the power of the phoenix within the pendant.

Natsu and team are immediately drawn into the politics and games of the greedy Kriem as he quickly proves that he will stop at nothing to obtain his prize, not even if it means going up against the infamous fairy tail. And with Carbuncle in his pocket he feels more than capable of matching strengths against the wild guild. Lucy, feeling a strong empathetic bond to the priestess will use every ounce of her magic to see her wish granted and her burden lifted, all the while hoping to get ahead of Kriem and prevent the phoenix from rising again.


I will not lie, i enjoyed this movie, but not for any of the reasons that would normally matter. This was the chance i had been waiting for ever since i picked up the manga, to see fairy tail animated and on screen. I have always wondered how the magic would look like, the fire attacks, the ice make, Erza’s awesome Knight abilities. And it all looked really awesome. Like i have said before, the fairy tail anime series is a disappointment, as in it is simply badly and lazily done. Most of the time there is no animation whatsoever and you might as well be watching a comic with voices and sound. Either they simply do not try or they don’t have the money.

This movie was what fairy tail should be on a normal day. When most anime release movies, they will take what they would normally do in the anime and multiply it several times over. With fairy tail they literally had no base to begin with, no anime style to improve or build upon, they might have as well been starting from scratch. Which is probably why i thought that it really looked good. The animation itself was far from the best, at least as far as anime movies go; but this was the fairy tail anime that i have never had the opportunity to see.

If it seems like i am ranting on extensively about how this movie looked, it is because that was all there was to see. The story was at best mediocre, not boring

but not overly unique an d exciting. Sure it made for a pretty cool final battle with a pretty mean looking monster, but none the less, i wouldn’t rate it higher than a 2/5

The characters though non canon where as fairy tail like as you could get. The entire set up looked and sounded like something that Hiro would have created. It basically felt right at home in the fairy tail world.

The actions scenes carried the movie because they weren’t merely well animated, this was my first time at seeing fairy tail battles and fairy tail magic animated, so of course i enjoyed every single one of them. The story was designed like it would be in any other movie, to have a beginning and a definitive end that doesn’t infringe upon canon fairy tail. None the less i was surprised by how it ended; so un fairy tail like, which is probably the only saving point of the story.

MY RATING:> If you are a fairy tail fan then 4/5; you will enjoy this movie from beginning to end. I know i did and if you haven’t watched it yet, i recommend that you do. If you are not a fairy tail fan, or maybe you are more of a casual reader/viewer, then this movie is a 1/5. you might as well not bother because there isn’t much for you to see.

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That big guy is me, knocked out by this chapter
That big guy is me, knocked out by this chapter

This chapter, fairy tail 322…I have no words…literally.

I have been writing my blog (initially at katmic.blogspot.com and recently on anime vice) for a little over three months, so let me elucidate a bit on the process involved in writing the twenty or so posts that I have written, in order to put this particular blog into context.

I will try to publish a new post every one to three days; as far as the subject is concerned, writing takes about 30 minutes and not more than forty on most days if I can help it. And the reason for that restricted time line is that I rarely ever sit down to write down new material from scratch. Usually I will come up with the subject for my blog at least a week before I actually get down to writing it. For instance, the last blog is posted, relating to epic anime moments, I came up with some time in early February.

However other than not actually having a concrete idea of how exactly I would write, I also kept coming across and wrapping up with some great anime which either spurred me on to do a review or brought into existence an entirely new idea that proved more interesting to me than that first idea.

Anyway, other than a few cases when something will inspire me to sit down and write on the fly, by the time I actually get down to writing a post, I will have already written the post in my head over several days to weeks, so all I am doing is copying and pasting. As such, my writing rarely needs to precede beyond 30 minutes.

Beyond the writing, there is the more irritating process of locating images, downloading them, uploading them to the blog and arranging them in a way that will correlate with the message of the post.

Add to that the 15-20 minutes of editing I do-during which I correct any and all errors, errors here including misspellings and incorrect punctuations along with any points that I may wish to explore further, cut back on or delete all together-and my total blog writing time can come up to about one and half hours.

However that estimation is probably an under exaggeration, Taking into consideration my (sort of) employment, I will mostly write during the the lulls of the day where business is scarce or slow; but even then, any five minute bit of writing that I will do will be continuously and irritatingly interrupted repeatedly for long periods of time, the end result of which is that I may, taking into account minutes to hours spent relaxing (watching anime/TV), take an entire day writing a five page blog (sometimes).

So in a way writing my blog can be exhausting, especially taking into account the point I made in an earlier blog, that I don’t like writing in phases. IN that, even if a blog post is 15-20 pages long, I will sit down and write it in one go, rather than writing it a few pages a day.

However in describing the process of writing my blog, I would refer to it as frustrating rather than difficult. Why, you might wonder? Why bother writing a blog that I don’t have to do and on a self assigned schedule I don’t have to keep? Simply put, it is fun.

Other than the writing practice is get, I enjoy sitting down and writing this blog. These words that you are reading, I am most likely having a lot of fan writing them. There are times I take a sit at the table and spend the next hour typing away at my laptop. And as my parents and siblings walk by, minding there own business, wondering why I am sweating so much, even while I seem so keen on the task occupying my time, they have no idea how exhilarating and excited I am feeling at that moment.

There are times when writing a post will produce the same excitement as watching the anime or reading the manga I am writing about. That might be because I spend more time thinking and talking in my head than actually producing words from my mouth, but the fact is I enjoying writing my blog.

Even the task of formulating and developing my articles over a week’s time isn’t as tedious as it sounds. When I am executing the different vigorous and energy consuming tasks that my (sort of) job entails, be it walking some distance to deliver certain items, or collect certain documents from some office somewhere in town, or doing some manual work around the office or at home or etc.,there are few things that will enable me to alleviate the stress involved with this kind of work (even non physical work but none the less patience degrading and excruciating tasks like recording entire volumes of data into the computer); I can listen to my music, which I will vary from hard to soft rock, to classical, to gospel depending on the need. Or I can listen to my networking or programming notes. Or I can put some time into the other writing related projects I am working on (that I might never complete with my laziness).

But in the several times when all those pass times, when even the radio (I spend a lot of time on BBC) fail to entertain me, I turn to my blog. When I am assigning so much brain power to working out the finer points of an argument I want to make, I will notice neither the blazing sun nor the irritating cold of rain.

Same thing goes for those dull, slower days; even when the idea of opening my laptop and writing a few lines of a post feels torturous to my lethargic brain, once I put a paragraph down, the excitement returns and I will not stop till I finish my task.

Now of course you might be wondering what any of this has to do with fairy tail chapter 322.

Well, to put it bluntly, this chapter was crap, in every sense of the word. I sat down for the longest time, thinking about what I could say about chapter 322, be it negative or positive, but I simply could think of anything to say.

Simply put, reading chapter 322 left me drained as far as all things fairy tail are concerned. It wasn’t merely bad, it was a total and utter disappointment, to the point where talking about it seems tedious and energy consuming.

If I wasn’t a fairy tail fan, if fairy tail wasn’t one of the first three mangas I have ever read, after Evangelion and Veritas, if I hadn’t been an ardent fan of fairy tail for the last three or so years, I would have stopped reading fairy tail right here and right now.

Honestly speaking, i actually considered making this my last fairy tail chapter. But I won’t do that, thought it was that bad. Rather than waste a whole load of time reviewing the material, I will leave it at simply explaining what happened.

Erza beat Minerva, with a random as they come attack from a random as they come weapon, after a ridiculously brief and nonsensical explanation about what the hell the Armor of Nakagami was.

And when I say Erza beat Minerva, I mean it was that brief. One or two panels of Minerva’s fall, after who knows how many chapters of Minerva stomping the craziness out of Erza. Add that to the explanation over the ridiculous amounts of magic required to fuel the armor, magic that Erza simply couldn’t possess after such a grueling battle and this battle isn’t worth mentioning.

I know this is fairy tail, but the whole ‘power of nakama’ thing doesn’t even cut it here. I know this is fiction, but even a fictional universe has fictional logic and fictional rules, that Hiro just broke.

Elsewhere Gray and Juvia beat Lyon and Chelia. That one was so silly, not merely because it only took one half of a page to do, but because I don’t even know what the hell they did.

Sting finally makes his move, then he doesn’t. Lector is alive and well and…fairy won the Daimatou Enbu and I couldn’t be more disappointed.

Natsu made some mention of how things had began to move, along with Arcadios and some other people I don’t really care for; basically it was time for eclipse and…I don’t really care, because thinking about this chapter only infuriates me further.

This is what I don’t get. Hiro gave us 35 pages for chapter 322, basically 10-15 more pages than he normally would; and I don’t really see what happened that couldn’t have happened in 15-20 pages.

And what was with that color page; of all the panels that Hiro could have colored, he chose the Juvia and Gray crap…

I can only conclude as such: Hiro was really really excited to get to what came after the tournament that he neglected the current story; he was tired of doing the Daimatout Enbu; he is secretly a lousy mangaka and an even lousier story teller or he simply hates fairy tail and wants it done with.

I made the decision to write these posts on fairy tail with the aim of converting fairy tail haters into fairy tail fans, by showing them the attractions that fairy tail has to offer.

However I wouldn’t encourage or recommend any non fairy tail fan to read this 35 page waste of space. I had so much hope for this arc and it is all Hiro’s fault. He set things up so well; fact is the last couple of chapters have been on fire, but he simply couldn’t deliver on the hopes he had created for us fans.

Rather than maul over the events of this chapter, I will choose to wait for next week’s chapter. I will hope against all hope that Hiro makes up for this. But the truth is it will take something absolutely explosive, absolutely bombastic, to make up for the mess that was chapter 322. And with all I have seen, I am pretty sure a feat like that is beyond Hiro’s abilities.

As a fan of one piece, naruto and bleach, I have noticed each of these three giants make some disastrous mistakes over the years, Bleach worst of all, and naruto mostly in the last year, during the initial events of the fourth great shinobi war (when you choose to replace fists and jutsus with soothing words, any plot will undeniably lose its fire), but nothing like the way fairy tail will builds itself up, only to knock its own self back down.

Suddenly it makes so much sense why fairy tail isn’t one of and might never become a member of the big three.

AS one reviewer I watch pointed out, there is one good thing about this chapter; we are finally done with the tournament, and now we can move on to the next chapter of fairy tail’s story; again that is me hoping that there is more to Hiro’s story than I am giving him credit for. Then again maybe it wasn’t a good idea to write this review immediately after reading it; maybe if I had given it a day, and then given the chapter a fresh look, my perspective might have changed.

Either way, I give it a 0/5 (okay 0.5/5)

Like I said, I won’t bother talking about this chapter much further, rather the two links I have posted below will better explain it all, I don’t have the strength.



| |


Welcome to Anime Vice's Advanced Guide to Fairy Tail. This is a tribute to the wiki editors, the fans, and the success of Fairy Tail and l! In this guide, we will explore what is a guild, the types of magic, and the characters. Be prepare for a nice action packed and dramatic, tragic stories of Fairy Tail's characters!

We'll be covering up to Phantom Arc. After the Lullaby arc, the Galuna Island arc takes place before the Phantom Arc. For the Galuna Island Arc, it covers volumes 4-6 and in the anime, episodes 11-18. In the manga, the Phantom arc covers volumes 7-9 whereas, in the anime, it is episodes 21-30.


Since a Beginner's Guide on Fairy Tail by JasonBog covered the background of Fairy Tail and its characters, we will discuss briefly the first few episodes before diving into the major story arcs.

After Natsu and Happy befriended Lucy and take her to their guild for the first time, her first impressions of Fairy Tail is a bit wild. Even though her guild members are rough and rowdy, the atmosphere is warm and friendly.

Galuna Arc

To show that they have the skills, Happy steals an S - class mission flyer, and Natsu takes Lucy and Happy with him as they head off to Galuna Island. Over there, they learn about the curse of the moon that causes the locals to become demons. When Gray appears, he and his group meet his old friend, Lyon, who wants to revive Deliora and defeat him to prove that he has surpassed their teacher, Ur. Will Gray and his friends stop Lyon's plans?

Phantom Guild Arc

After foiling Lyon's plan and solve the mystery of Galuna Island, Natsu and his group find their guild home impaled by iron pillars. As Fairy Tail guild discover that their group, Shadow Gear, has been pierced and hanged on the tree, Makarov declares an all out war with Phantom Guild. Unbeknownst to Fairy Tail guild, Jose Porla, the head of Phantom Guild has different objectives. Find out to see if Fairy Tail can defeat Phantom Guild.

New Characters

Makarov Dreyar
Makarov Dreyar
Voiced by: Shinichi Kotani R. Bruce Elliot
Makarov is the guild master of Fairy Tail and Laxus Dreyar's grandfather. He is like a father to his guild as he gives them advice and protects his guild from enemies.
Mirajane Strauss
Mirajane Strauss
Voiced by: Ryoko Ono Monica Rial
Mirajane is the poster mage of Fairy Tail due to her beauty and cheerful personality. She poses for the Weekly Sorcerer magazine. She helps her guild by providing advice on jobs, and she mans the bar.
Lyon Bastia
Lyon Bastia
Voiced by: Yuki Kaji Jerry Jewell (adult)
Lyon Bastia is an ice mage from Lamia Scale and a student of Ur, Gray's teacher. He blames Gray for ruining his dream to surpass his teacher. Unlike Gray, Lyon's ice attacks are in the form of living creatures.
Sherry Blendi
Sherry Blendi
Voiced by: Yuka Iguchi Trina Nishimura
Sherry is Lyon's follower from Lamia Scale, and she puts love as her highest priority. Her magic allows her to controls inanimate objects. Plus, she has a huge pet rat named Angelica.
Gajeel Redfox
Gajeel Redfox
Voiced by: Wataru Hatano David Wald
Gajeel is an Iron Dragon Slayer of Phantom Guild who enjoys fighting. He attacks Shadow Gear and pins them to the trees. He is a vicious beast who gorges on iron to refill his magic. Like Natsu, Gajeel possesses a keen sense of smell and super strength.
Juvia Loxar
Juvia Loxar
Voiced by: Mai Nakahara Brina Palencia
Juvia is one of Phantom's Guild, Element Four. As a water mage, Juvia can change her body to water and form various attacks. She usually talks in third person and carries a teru teru bōzu.


In the world of Fairy Tail, there are concepts that you must know by now.

  • Guild - A union between a group of people to reach a common goal. The benefits of creating a guild are the protection, promise of jobs and money, and a place in society.
  • Dragon Slayers - Originally, these mages use their dragon based magic to slay dragons. Now, there are two mages, who were taught by a dragon, use their magic for their missions.
  • Celestial Wizards and Spirits - A Celestial Wizard uses the power of Celestial Spirits who are beings from another world. By making a contract, they can summon their partners by using a gate key to open a portal. As of now, the types of gate keys are silver and gold. Silver is regular while gold is for the 12 Zodiac spirits who are the top beings of the Celestial World.


Fairy Tail's two arcs show the tenacity and the perseverance of these young mages who will not stop fighting to save their friends and their guild. To abandon their friend is taboo. There are a lot of action and major battles in the Phantom Guild such as a huge showdown between Element Four and Fairy Tail's finest mages. Also, you get to see some of Fairy Tail's mages' past history such as Happy's origin, Gray's past, and much more.

You can watch Fairy Tail legally at Crunchyroll, Funimation, or HULU.

| |

Hello everyone! We have another episode of Fairy Tail this week as Fairy Tail continues unraveling the mystery in its Key of the Starry Sky arc. This filler arc is long, but it's worth it since the manga needs to get a bit farther away from the anime.


Episode 134: Labyrinth Rhapsody

Lucy's gang and Gray's company search the ruins for the key. While Lucy and her gang keep getting into traps, Gray's group encounter Sugarboy and the key. Can Gray and his team secure the key and beat Sugarboy?

Please check out this episode's image gallery!



Sugarboy's heart goes pitter patter when Gray strips
Sugarboy's heart goes pitter patter when Gray strips
  • Lucy and Natsu get their team into trouble a lot while Romeo's good luck saves them. I find that interesting.
  • For some reason, Gray seems to be attracting a lot of guys. Remember the bandits who wanted to jump Gray's body? I love the scene where Sugarboy confesses to Gray that he loves him.
  • Speaking of love, Lyon and Juvia have some nice comedic scenes. I enjoy that one scene where Juvia is a bit smitten by Lyon's coolness.


  • Gray's group had the best part of the episode while Natsu's group's part is a bit weak in the comedic part.


What is that thing?
What is that thing?
  • I noticed that the folks at Crunchyroll find some strange things in the episode. Around 15:50, you will see a strange green thing in the row of statues after Natsu explains that he smashed the golden statue's face because it reminded him of Gray.

Overall, the episode is good and better than last week's episode. I noticed that this filler arc's episodes seem to swing like a pendulum between hilarious and boring. Episode 133, 131, and 129 are bit boring while episode 134, 132, and 130 had lots of humorous moments.


Thanks everyone for reading my team's weekly report. If you guys love Fairy Tail or any series, please feel free to contribute by doing blogs, dropping comments, or doing wiki edits.

Wiki Progress: Please check out the Fairy Tail Wiki project blog and list to get to know the wiki editors. This week is bit busy for my team who worked on other wiki pages. I'll update the Legion's members' story arcs later.

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Team W.I.K.I. Nation

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Welcome to the weekly Fairy Tail report! Today was a hectic in Anime Vice and the other wikia communities. Yeah, things are bustling in Fairy Tail Wikia. Did you know they have a Fairy Tail Consensus where members talk about their age, country, and how long they have been working in the community? I wonder if Anime Vice would have that. I freaked out when one of the wiki editors, Glass Heart, is 13 years old. That's pretty young.

Sorry for being off tangent. Let go over this new episode.


Back to square one and after getting the butts kick by Dan Straight and Samuel, Lucy and her guild focus on piecing the clues from the book. They have to split up into five groups to find the 5 keys to prevent the chaos that the prophecy foretold. Being the only rational, smart girl, Lucy figured out the locations which are the ruins and the church.

Hooray for Love Triangle!
Hooray for Love Triangle!

Can Fairy Tail get to their destinations in time before Legion?



Happy mocking Romeo
Happy mocking Romeo
  • There are some funny moments that are the highlights of the story: Juvia's Love Triangle and her fantasy family with Gray.
  • Happy has some guts to call Romeo weak and saying that he is the strongest.
  • Bizarre: Lyon came out of nowhere. Is he stalking poor Juvia? I didn't understand it. Fairy Tail is pretty random now.
  • Gajeel is training under a waterfall while getting shocked by lightning.


You can see their smiles are bit blurry
You can see their smiles are bit blurry
  • This episode is sadly a bit boring. Not much action occurred or comedic moments either. Basically, Juvia's scenes are the best.
  • Too convenient: Lucy's group run into archaeologists who knew Jude and undo Dan's spell on Natsu.
  • Animation: I don't talk about much about animation since anime has different styles. For this episode, my screenshots that were 720P were pretty blurry even if the characters are standing still. The Tenrou Island arc's images look great, but so far, the filler arc has its images a bit watered down.

Overall, this episode is not as great as the last one, but it's better than episode 131 where it had action, but didn't go anywhere.


Please enjoy our image gallery.

Juvia and Gray's little girl
Juvia and Gray's little girl


Thank you guys for reading my teammates' weekly report.

Wiki Progress:

For more information on our wiki editing team, please view our project blog and wiki list. Thank you.

If you guys and gals love an anime or manga, please feel free to drop a comment, review, blog, or do some wiki edits. The more people getting involved, the better Anime Vice gets.

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Team W.I.K.I. Nation

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First video of a Pokemon battle in Black and White.

Comment & Win: One Piece Vol. 52, 53

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Beginner's Guide to FLCL

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How Has Anime Fandom REALLY Changed Since the 90's?

We asked the question, and you gave us a lot of great answers. Listen as we read through them, and question if once again boils down to... SUB vs. DUB?

BLEACH Ch. 616 Review

But does the right hand know what the left hand is doing?

ONE PIECE Ch. 777 Review

Roronoa Zoro is a man with several plans.

Anime Caption Contest! -- 3/2/15

It's Anime Crossover madness!

DRAGON BALL Z -- The Live Action Web Series?

Ever think you'd see "History of Trunks" like this?


The original anime chibi...?

Anime Vice RPG Spotlight -- 3/2/15

What adventures has our RPG community been getting into lately?

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