Juvia Lockser

Juvia Lockser is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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Original a member of the Phantom Lord Guild group Element 4. She later joined the Fairy Tail guild due to developing a crush on Gray Fullbuster.


Juvia is currently one of the strongest mages of the Fairy Tail guild. She was previously a member of the opposition guild, Phantom Lord, and was also part of the guild's elite force, Element 4. As the name suggests, the mages used the elements as their power, with Juvia using water as her magic.

Fairy Tail Stamp Location: She has a light blue stamp on the front side of her left thigh.


Juvia Lockser is created by Hiro Mashima as a supporting character. The reason that Hiro Mashima had chosen her name is that he likes the name. (Source: Volume 27's About the Naming of the Characters 2)

Character Evolution


Juvia feels like an outcast
Juvia feels like an outcast

When she was younger, Juvia was often shunned by most of the people around her because of the rain that followed her wherever she went. Even the numerous boys she dated rejected her for those very same reasons. As a result, she was often stoic, depressed, and unhappy. But after her battle with Gray, whom she misunderstood and subsequently fell in love with, she joined Fairy Tail and became more engaging and less reserved.


Juvia and Lucy become friends
Juvia and Lucy become friends

During her fight against Gray, she became upset and started to hate Lucy after she misunderstood him, believing that he referred to Lucy as his girlfriend. Thereafter, she began to refer to Lucy as her "rival in love" and was constantly trying to compete with her over Gray's affection, even though Lucy had no interest in the man. But the two eventually became friends following their battle with Vidaldus where both of them worked together to defeat him. Ever since their victory, Juvia has forgotten her grudge against the Celestial Mage. She has also developed a good relationship with the other female members of Fairy Tail, and has become more inviting and warm to them.


Meet the "new" Juvia
Meet the "new" Juvia

When Juvia was first introduced, she often wore a long navy blue coat with a Russian Cossack hat and had her hair curled on the outside. But after she joined Fairy Tail, she cut her hair and wore more revealing and stylish outfits. However, following the Edolas Arc, she reverted to wearing her former attire after she had heard that Gray's Edolas counterpart was in love with her Edolas counterpart and believed that the clothing had something to do with it.

Major Story Arcs

Phantom Lord Arc

Love at first sight
Love at first sight

After Phantom Lord attacked Fairy Tail, Juvia, along with Sol, was sent to capture Lucy and bring her to Master Jose. Once she accomplished this task, she was confronted by Gray following a second attack on the guild. She immediately feels an attraction to him and decides to take him for herself by using her "Water Lock" from which he escapes using his "Ice Make". Upon witnessing his magic, she instantly believes that the connection of love is true since she uses water and he uses ice.

Gray saves Juvia
Gray saves Juvia

She then warns him to leave while he still can, but Gray refuses to do so and declares that he's willing to risk his life to save his comrade Lucy. Juvia misinterprets this and suddenly believes that she is her rival for Gray's love. Enraged over this thought, she starts to attack Gray with boiling water. He counters this using his ice magic, but he accidentally grabs her breast in the process. After freaking out about it, Gray releases her and defeats her in the end. But right when she was about to fall off the edge, Gray saves her. The rain, that continually accompanied her and was the source of her problems with boys, then stops and reveals a clear sky.

Juvia's homemade character lunch for Gray
Juvia's homemade character lunch for Gray

As Gray helps his fellow guild members rebuild Fairy Tail, Juvia spys on him and even leaves him somewhat edible lunches to help.

Tower of Heaven Arc

After their fight, Juvia, still infatuated with Gray, continues to follow him wherever he went, even at a resort where he, Natsu, Erza, Lucy and Happy were enjoying their mini vacation. While at the casino, she approaches Gray and explains that she wishes to join Fairy Tail but their conversation is cut short when Simon shows up and attacks them. Juvia manages to protect Gray by hiding him in her body (water form) and agrees to accompany Team Natsu to rescue Erza.

Juvia under Vidaldus' control
Juvia under Vidaldus' control

While at the Tower of Heaven, everyone splits up, with Juvia and Lucy teaming up to help stop Jellal. En route to the top, they are confronted by Vidaldus of Trinity Raven who enslaves Juvia against her will, using his Rock of Succubus magic, and forces her to attack Lucy. But Juvia's consciousness manages to reach Lucy and she tells her that she doesn't want to hurt her. Lucy stands up for her and the two cast Union Raid, an extremely rare magic, defeating their opponent. In the end, Juvia is invited to the guild and becomes an official member.

Fighting Festival Arc

The Miss Fairy Tail Pageant

Juvia in The Miss Fairy Tail Pageant
Juvia in The Miss Fairy Tail Pageant

Once the tower was destroyed and everyone returned to a newly built guild, Juvia reveals her brand new look as Makarov announces her membership to Fairy Tail. She then mentions that she asked Gajeel to join as well because she thought that he looked lonely and that he would enjoy it here. Later that week, Juvia participated in the Miss Fairy Tail Pageant but was turned to stone, along with the other contestants, by Evergreen in order to persuade the entire guild to participate in Laxus' fighting contest. She was eventually released from the stone gaze thanks to Erza.

The Battle for Fairy Tail

Juvia sacrifices herself for Cana's sake
Juvia sacrifices herself for Cana's sake

Upon being released from Evergreen's spell, her and Cana run off to find Laxus but on their way they become trapped by Fried's runes. Their only means of escape is to have one of them rendered unable to fight. Not wanting to fight or harm Cana, Juvia decides to strike the thunder Lacrima which causes her to get struck by lightning and ultimately releases them both from the enchantment. Shocked that Juvia did such a thing to save her and be accepted as a member, Cana cries stating that she was always a mage of Fairy Tail, leaving Juvia glad as she loses consciousness. She was later carried back to the guild by Elfman.

The Fantasia Parade

Juvia and Gray in the Fantasia Parade
Juvia and Gray in the Fantasia Parade

During the Fantasia Parade, Juvia was on the same float as Gray, both acting as king and queen as they used their magic to create a palace of ice and water.

Oracion Seis Arc

Juvia flooding the guild with her tears
Juvia flooding the guild with her tears

Following the fighting festival, Juvia is awarded third place in the Miss Fairy Tail Pageant. Soon after, Makarov shows up and explains that Oracion Seis, a dark guild, has been very active as of late. Juvia comments that while she was a member of Phantom Lord, her and Gajeel took down many of the smaller divisions of Oracion Seis. She was not part of the designated team because her and Gajeel were on a mission. After Natsu and the others returned from their mission, Juvia literally cries a river, yelling that she was very worried about Gray and how she missed him terribly.

Powers & Abilities

Water Magic

Juvia's Magic Seal
Juvia's Magic Seal

Juvia specializes in water magic which enables her to liquefy her body and reform it after taking damage. Her magic is also amplified when she is in an emotional state (i.e. extreme sadness or anger).

Water Magic TechniquesDescription
Water Bubbles
Juvia can create water bubbles filled with oxygen to allow a person to breathe underwater.
Water Cane
Juvia can create a cane made of water to strike her opponent.
Water Dome
Juvia created a water dome used to camouflage Team Natsu en route to the Tower of Heaven (Anime only).
Water Lock
Juvia can create a large ball of water to attack or trap her opponent causing them to drown.
Water Slicer
Juvia can release blades of water from her body to slash her opponents. This attack is known to slice even through rock.
Water Jigsaw
Juvia can transform parts of her body into a swirling mass of Water Slicers that can slice her opponents like a saw.
Water Nebula
Juvia creates a double helix column of water that strikes her opponents and knocks him or her upwards.
In a state of rage, Juvia's water begins to boil which she uses to attack and burn her opponents. It can become so hot that not even Gray could freeze it at first.
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Mai Nakahara
Brina Palencia
General Information Edit
Name: Juvia Lockser
Name: ジュビア・ロクサー
Romanji: Jubia Rokusā
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #6
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #21
1st anime movie:
Aliases Juvia of the Great Sea
Juvia Loxar
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