Justice is an anime episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure that was released on 10/25/2002

Episode 7 (US) - " Justice"

Polnareff runs from the room, hiding in the nearest unlocked room – which happens to be the bathroom.

Episode Summary

In the bathroom one of the zombies gets him with its extendable tongue, allowing Enya to take control of him. Before killing him, Enya decides to humiliate him by forcing him to clean a dirty toilet bowl with his tongue. She is interrupted by Jotaro, who has come looking for Polnareff. Enya tries to lure Jotaro into a trap as well (using her beautiful woman guise), but slips up and calls Jotaro by name.

She sics her zombies on him, but they are thrown off by Star Platinum. She also tips them off that the rest of the party is being attacked by her zombies as well. Elsewhere in the Hotel, Joseph and Kakyoin are forced to flee the hotel. Along the way, they see the old woman being “attacked” by Zombies. Kakyoin “rescues” her, and brings her with them, not knowing that she is, actually the person responsible for all of this.

Jotaro and company flee to the roof, where there are quickly overwhelmed by zombies, as well as a massive manifestation of the Justice Stand. However, when all seems lost, a giant, flaming ankh forms. Avdol has returned. Polnareff is dumbstruck. As they try to figure out how to defeat Justice, Jotaro produces a cigarette and has Avdol light it. He goes over to Kakyoin and the old woman, and points out that she looks considerably older than the last time, and that he realized that the old woman is Enya. He claims that whenever a Stand user inhales cigarette smoke, a vein in the nose becomes visible. At which point every member of Jotaro's company checks their nose – as does the old woman, giving herself away.

Enya leaps off the roof, and Polnareff is pulled off as well. Jotaro, on the other hand, now has an open wound in his leg from where a zombie baby is sticking its tongue through his leg. Through all this, Jotaro is incredibly stoic. He swears to destroy her stand before she takes her next breath. She then starts gasping for breath. It turns out Star Platinum is swallowing Justice. The zombies are freed, and Polnareff beats himself up over not being more cautious.

Avdol explains that the reason he's not dead is because when J. Geil stabbed him, his head jerked back, causing the bullet to have a glancing blow. Everyone knew that Avdol was still alive – except for Polnareff, as they feared he would blab about it. Enya cries out for Dio, and then a Bud of Flesh inside her head bursts out, killing her. Joseph desperately asks her what Dio's stand in. Her response - “Try asking it.” Enya then dies. The sun rises, and the intricately formed illusion of the town fades away, leaving only illusions. Hol Horse is still alive, but badly wounded and no longer a threat. The team, reunited, looks out across the desert and returns to their journey.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Takashi Kobayashi Director Takashi Kobayashi is a Japanese voice actor.
Hirohiko Araki Original Concept Creator of JoJo's Bizarre Adventures
Kouichi Arai Key Animator Key Animator for a boatload of series and films, most recently Trigun: Badass Rumble
Mitsuo Iso Key Animator
Naoyuki Konno Key Animator
Kenichi Takashima Writer
Satoru Kuwabara Art Director Art Director for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Burn Up W, among other series
Marco D'Ambrosio Music
Junichi Hayama Animation Director Key Animation and Character Design for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, among other series.


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