Justice Part 1

Justice Part 1 is an anime episode of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders that was released on 07/05/2014

Plot Summary

At a tailor's store, Jotaro pays a woman for fixing his clothes. At the airport, Anne refuses to get on the airplane while Polnareff tries to restrain her. Joseph informs Anne that his daughter, Jotaro's mother, is in danger and that they are going on this journey to save her life. He tells her to go home because her parents would be worry. Anne looks around and boards the airplane. She is sad that she won't be to see Jotaro's face. Though, she sees Jotaro walking by the runway which cheers up her mood.

In town filled with dense fog, Jotaro's group stops at a restaurant. Joseph tries to ask the man if there is a hotel nearby. He notices some cockroaches crawling on the man's neck. Polnareff tries to talk to another man who is dead. Jotaro think it's no ordinary heart failure. A gun was shot minutes ago. Noriaki tries to ask a woman who has sores all over her face. He asks her to call the police. The woman does not seem to care about the dead man. Jotaro notices the dog looks like the corpse his group passed by on the road. Jotaro asks Joseph if this is a work of a Stand. Joseph finds a hole on the dead man's chest which has no blood coming out. Jotaro takes off the man's clothes which reveals more holes all over the body. Before Joseph can hop in the car and have everyone leave town, he somehow hops over the spikes of a fence. In the nick of time, he uses Hermit Purple's vines to pull to safety. Then, Enyaba greets Jotaro's group and invites them to her bed and breakfast hotel.

When Jotaro asks Enyaba how she knew Joseph's last name, Enyaba makes an excuse. Polnareff asks Enyaba about her left arm. Enyaba replies she burned it with hot water. Polnareff teases Enyaba a bit. The two laugh a bit. Enyaba thinks out punishing Polnareff and making him suffer for killing her son. While Joseph and Noriaki tries to use the TV, so Joseph can use Purple Hermit's powers, Polnareff stops by to ask them where the bathroom is. Meanwhile, Hol Horse arrives by the hotel to meet up with Enyaba. Enyaba runs away with tears. She asks him if he was friend of her son and whether he will avenge her son.

Suddenly, Enyaba stabs Hol Horse's right arm with a pair of scissors for abandoning her son. Hol Horse states that her son had died before he got there. Enyaba starts to conjure her Justice Stand. The fog goes into Hol Horse's wound and makes a hole. Enyaba controls Hol Horse and makes Hol Horse kill himself. However, Enyaba has Hol Horse fire himself with a gun.

Points of Interest

  • Polnareff makes a reference to Tom and Jerry in the scene where Jotaro and his group examine a corpse.
  • Enyaba mentions her hotel was used in one of the 007 films and that John Lennon of the Beatles once stayed here.
  • Eyecatch used: Joseph and
  • Justice is a Stand made of fog.

Stands and Move Used

  • Hermit Purple
  • Justice
  • Emperor

Manga & Anime Differences


  • Japanese Name: "Jasutisu Sono 1" (正義(ジャスティス) その①))
  • Manga Chapter: Ch 154-157 (Vol. 17)
  • Opening Theme: Stand Proud
  • Ending Theme: Walk Like an Egyptian

Characters & Voice Actors

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