Just for a Little Bit...

Just for a Little Bit... is an anime episode of Robotics;Notes that was released on 01/25/2013

After a solar storm knocks out power all over Tokyo, robots throughout the city run berserk and attack! Now it's up to Kaito to shut down the robots and save the entire Tokyo metropolitan area somehow...


Plot Summary

Frau and her mother
Frau and her mother

As Frau and her mother watch a scene from Gunvarrel, Frau's mother remarks on how thrilling that scene was. Then she tells Frau that Gunvarrel's themes are love and courage. In present day, Frau wakes up and finds Kaito staring down at her. She then look at herself and realizes that she was naked when she tried to commit suicide. She blushes and covers herself.

Meanwhile, the Tokyo area is still experiencing a blackout; to add to the area's problem, robots have also begun going berserk. At Frau's house, Kaito asks if she was really planning to kill herself. Frau admits that she was going to slit her wrists, but she felt so weak from hunger that she thought that she was going to die in the bathtub anyway. Kaito changes the subject by asking her she had caused if she had caused the robots to go berserk. Frau retorts that it was not her who had hacked the robots. She explains that someone else had accessed the robots' operating system and made it look like she had caused the robots to malfunction. Then she shows Kaito the Roboratory Industry's operating system, the one that controls all of the robots. She tries accessing the system, but her efforts are blocked by a lock that will only open if someone beats the Kill-Ballad Online game. Frau sobs at the thought of people defiling her mother's creation by using Gunvarrel has the lock for the operating system. Kaito comforts her and declares that he will beat the game in order to stop all the robots.

Misa and Toshiyuki
Misa and Toshiyuki

At the headquarters of Exoskeleton Misaki reports to Toshiyuki Sawada there are fires in the Shinjuku area. Toshiyuki remains indifferent to the news that he had just heard and says that everything is happening according plan. He reminds Misaki that the point of Operation Mars was to start a robot uprising and plunge the world into chaos. He tells Misaki that this is only the practice run for the project. Then he changes the subject by asking the status of the analysis of the final Gunvarrel episode. Misaki reports that the organization still does not know who had leaked the episode, but they had found some propaganda images and the Kagome Kagome melody. Then Toshiyuki reflects on how Minami Kogori, Frau's mother, was able to seal the film after her brainwashing had come undone. He explains that since Kimijima had died in 2010 and the deaths of the Gunvarrel staff had happened in 2015, people will not make the connection that they are connected.

Kaito continues to combat the A.I., but is finding no success when the A.I. uses an overpowered attack to the game when it's health bar reaches the red zone. At 2:12 AM, Frau asks if Kaito has to go home. Kaito replies that he had told his parents that he will spending the night at a friend's house so he will not be in trouble. The Kaito asks about the situation in Tokyo. Airi informs him that some people were able to get their power back. With that in mind, Frau suggests that Kaito should finish the game quickly before the cops decide to visit. feeling the pressure Kaito decides that it is time to use his Elephant-Mouse Syndrome to increase his reaction speed so he can beat the A.I. To call upon his syndrome, Kaito puts his body through extreme stress, even as far as electrocuting himself. However, their efforts prove to be in vain as Kaito is unable to achieve a state where his syndrome kicks in. Kaito looks at Frau and asks her if she had made any progress on finding out who had hacked her account. It is then that Airi suggests that a person to Frau might have accessed her account. At the Robot Research Club's room, Akiho learns that Kaito had spent the night at Frau's house from Subaru.


Back at Frau's house, Kaito continues to have no success at defeating the A.I. Then Frau had figured out who had hacked her account. She had taken Airi's advice and had remembered that the group of friends who had helped her create Kill Ballad Online would know her account information. She then checked up on all her friends involved with Kill Ballad Online and found that all her friends except a man named Maguyan had reported that they were okay. She confronts him and Maguyan tells her that he had done the deed because his family was being held hostage. He tells the two that the robots intend to enter Tokyo's ministry building. Frau asks him if there was word on her mother. Frau contradicts him by asking reminding him that he had mentioned that he was a virgin not long ago. Maguyan starts to sweat and squirm before ending the call. Frau begins o regret trusting anyone and wished that she had become a true shut in. Kaito remind her that she is not alone. He shows her the twipo messages of the other Robot Research Club members. Frau explains why she had became a shut in. She tells Kaito that she had become a shut in to make Kill Ballad because she was afraid that her mother's memory would be forgotten once people had forgotten Kill Ballad; the game was made so that people would still remember Kill Ballad. Frau asks if Kaito likes Gunvarrel and he replies that he think that it is a well made game. Then Frau embraces Kaito and the two lie there for a while. Suddenly the police arrive at the door to take Frau in for questioning. Fortunately, the other members of the Robot Research Club arrive to distract the cops while Kaito tries to break the lock once more. This time, Kaito plays while being electrocuted. The electrocution triggers his syndrome and that gives him the edge to win the game. Once he wins, Frau is able to turn off the robots. Exhausted Kaito lies on the floor. Frau thanks him and kisses him.

News Report
News Report

After the event, the police questioned Frau, but did not take her into custody. At the high school, Frau meets the Robot Research Club in person and declares that she will do anything to make Gunvarrel "shine again."

Points of Interest

  • Roboratory Industry's robots use a cloud system, which makes all the robots vulnerable if someone were able to access the main operating system because they use a shared operating system.
  • Roboratory Industry ranks third in the domestic service robot industry.
  • Akiho and Kaito are next door neighbors.
  • Frau does not attend classes.
  • Maguyan is found dead at the end of the episode. It is not stated how he died, but it is likely that he committed suicide.


The following quotes are from the HULU subtitle script, timestamps are approximate. In HULU, timestamps are receding.

Frau: "Yashio... You pushed yourself too hard..."
Kaito: "What about... the robots?"
Frau: "I input a shutdown command."
Kaito: "That's good."
Frau: Yashio... Thank you... GJ."
— Before Frau kisses Kaito


  • Japanese Name: "Sukoshi Dake no Mama de..." (少しだけこのままで…)
  • Opening Theme: "Houkyou no Messiah" by HARUKI
  • Closing Theme: "Topology" by Kanako Itou

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Kazuya Nomura Director Kazuya Nomura is the director of the Robotic;Notes anime series.
5pb (creator) Original Concept 5pb is a company that published and created Robotic;Notes visual novel game that spawn an anime and manga adaptation.
Kanako Itou ED Theme Song: "Topology"
Haruki OP Theme Song: "Houkyou no Messiah"


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