Julius Monrey

Julius Monrey is a anime/manga character in the Alice in the Country of Hearts franchise
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He is in charge of the clock tower and allows Alice to live there. He is apathetic, but appears to have a soft spot for Alice because many characters mention how it is unlike him to give another person a place in his tower.


Julius is blunt, grumpy, and perhaps the most "sane" character in the Country of Hearts. He lives in the clock tower and is constantly seen at working or drinking coffee. He is one of the first characters to interact with Alice when she first arrives. Initially, he is cold to her, but when he realizes that she is an outsider, he has to put her in his care. It is not required of him to keep her in his tower, but as many characters have mentioned, he must care about Alice if he's willing to keep her despite his anti-social-like behavior.
Julius's "role" is to fix the clocks, which are the equivalent of hearts to the citizens of the Country of Hearts, of dead people so that they can be reborn as different people. Because of Julius's role, he is hated by many people, but Alice states that she thinks his role is important because he handles something as precious as life.
It has shown in the manga that Julius dislikes large crowds of people, Blood Dupre (probably because the man tried to shoot him and take Alice), roller coasters, and he cannot drink too much alcohol before getting wobbly. He is also shown calling Ace a "freak of nature" because the knight didn't even get drunk despite the fact that Ace had been drinking booze since they got to the ball and hasn't bothered to stop since then.
Voiced by
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Takehito Koyasu
General Information Edit
Name: Julius Monrey
Name: ユリウス モンレー
Romanji: Yuriusu Monree
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Alice in the Country of Hearts #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Clock Repairer
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