Julio Chesaré

Julio Chesaré is a anime/manga character in the The Familiar of Zero franchise
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Julio Chesaré is a Shinto Priest of the Holy Romalia Empire who transfers to the Tristan Magic Academy. Though not a mage, he is an expert swordsman.

Julio Chesaré is a Shinto priest from the Holy Empire of Romalia sent as transfer student to Tristain Magic Academy. He has the Moon Eyes, as his eyesare heterochromic—one red,  one blue, like the two moons of Halkeginia. Julio is sent by Romalia's Pope as his support for Henrietta's expedition to Albion, now in political strife after the fall of the royal family followed by the death of Reconquista's leader, Cromwell.  

 Although not a mage, Julio is a dragon knight and expert swordsman. During his duel with Saito to win Louise's kiss, Julio could easily have won against Saito, who could not use Gandalfr's skill, but he let Saito win to tease him. He has beautiful looks and a personality that grants him popularity among girls. He can be considered a replacement for Guiche during his depart to the military service because he is similar to Guiche in looks. However, Julio is worldly, as opposed to the vain, foolish Guiche, and hardly had to exert effort to charm most of the female students in the academy. 

It has been confirmed in the light novels that Julio is Windalfr, the right hand of god, who has the ability to control magical creatures in the same way that Saito can wield weapons. Example includes single handedly taking on nine dragon knights of Albion and winning. He is treated with some distain by others because he's a priest. In the later novels, it is revealed that he is the familiar of the Pope of Romalia.

In the novels he is also portrayed as rather manipulative. He seduced Tabitha's twin sister that was separated at birth since she's the next Successor to the power of Void after Gallia's one (Joseph) died, solely for the purpose to controlling enough power to take back the Holy Land. Tabitha's twin sister even acknowledges the only reason Julio is with her is because of that, but regardless she wants to be with him either way.

Although it turns out he fell in love with her even though she is only supposed to be a pawn, and the fact even if he declares his love it would not be wholly seen as heartfelt by her hurts him. He is jealous of Saito over this as Saito is able to openly declare his loyalty and love without it being coloured by other reasons, and after settling their differences over a fistfight Saito and Julio manages to reconcile with one another, even after everything that has happened between them before.

Julio treats Saito, a fellow Void Familiar, as his brother serving the greater good, though this sentiment is not returned by Saito. This attitude of closeness is not extended to Sheffild. Eventually Saito set aside their differences and is willing to call Julio a ally, if not a friend.

Julio sees duty to retake the Holy Land as the most important thing, just like his master Vittorio, and is willing to do almost anything for this cause. When Louise offered herself to the service of the Church to send Saito back to his home world, Saito decided to stay since Louise is in trouble fighting the Jormungandrs. Only after he decided he found Julio had a gun from Saito's home world pointed at him and that if Saito had decided to go home Saito would have been shot dead in order for the Gandalfr power to go to the next host. This is all for the purpose of retaking the Holy Land and prevent humans' extinction.

Voiced by
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Daisuke Hirakawa
General Information Edit
Name: Julio Chesaré
Name: ジュリオ・チェザーレ
Romanji: Jurio Chezāre
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Windalfr;
Giulio Cesare
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