Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl Characters

Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl is a franchise comprised of 2 anime series
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Ayunosuke Odago

The child of Koinosuke who has taken on her fathers task of giving the lovely eyepatch to the successor of Yagyu Jubei. She regularly attempts to g

Bantaro Sanbonmatsu

The leader of a gang at Hontsuru Jr. High which only has three members. He has a crush on Jiyu Nanohana.

Freesia Yagyu

A young girl with the Spade Eye patch that claims to be the True Yagyu Jubei the second.

Hajime Ryujoji

The head of the Ryujoji school and twin brother of Shiro.

Jiyuu Nanohana

A fourteen year old middle school girl. With her Heart-shaped Eyepatch, she changes into the incarnation of the legendary Japanese swordsmen Yagyu Jubei.

Kita Furo

A member of the Siberian Yagyu. He seeks revenge on Jubei for the exile of the Siberian Yagyu.

Koinosuke Odago

A servant of Yagyu Jubei who swore to deliver the Lovely Eyepatch to Jubei's rightful successor.

Mikage Tsumura

A follower of the Ryujoji School who attempts to steal the Lovely Eyepatch for herself. After her defeat she changes her ways and allies herself with Jiyuu.

Sai Nanohana

The father of Jiyu Nanohana.

Shiro Ryujoji

Jiyu's main love interest and a skilled swordsman.

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