Joyous Fighting

Joyous Fighting is an anime episode of Tsuritama that was released on 05/31/2012

Joyous Fighting

Natsuki is able to find Sakura and they make up. Natsuki comes to terms with his family. Yuki is grateful to Kate for being like a parent to him, and is thankful that he now has friends he can count on. They boys have a chance to fish together again, and talk about how nice it would be for everything to stay the same. Coco and Haru explain to Akira that they came to Earth to catch one of their kind who traveled to Earth a long time ago and wreaks mischief on the sea.

Plot Summary

Everyone is out at night searching for Sakura, who seems to have run away somewhere. Heihachi believes she has been spirited away by the dragon gods, since it was prophesied that their first victim would be a young girl. Yuki apologizes to Natsuki for yelling at him earlier, but Yuki still thinks that Sakura was really sad after what happened. Natsuki refuses to believe that Sakura decided to disappear. Even so, Yuki tells Natsuki that even though he doesn't know much about families, parents, or siblings, since his parents left him at a very young age, Yuki does not want Natsuki to think he is alone. Natsuki eventually figures out where Sakura is. She went to an old snack bar where she, and her mom used to come to have ice cream. When Natsuki finds her, Sakura hugs him and starts crying.

Haru, Coco and Akira
Haru, Coco and Akira

After things settle down, Akira confronts Haru and Coco. Akira reveals that he is part of an alien investigation and apprehension group, Duck. Akira wants to know the truth from Haru, why he is here and what he is trying to do. Haru and Coco explain that they have come to Earth to catch 'him', the thing underneath the bait ball at Akemi. 'He' is one of Haru's kind that came to Earth ages ago. He travels the oceans causing mischief for sailors. Coco explains that their kind usually communicate through water, but when they try to communicate with humans using water they end up controlling them. Coco and Haru explain that they wanted Yuki's help because they are planning on subduing 'his' powers while Yuki catches 'him'. They explain that it is important to catch 'him' before 'his' powers extend to the moisture in the air, at which point it would be possible to control all humanity. Akira tells Coco and Haru to stop what they are doing, and let Duck handle it.

Back at home, Natsuki has a small chat with his father. His father tells Natsuki that he will support him as long as he keeps moving forward and trying. Yuki has trouble sleeping, and has a talk with his grandmother Kate. Talking to Natsuki made Yuki realize that he was jealous of Natsuki having a family. It also made Yuki realize that all this time he was lonely but unable to say anything about it. However, now he realizes that he has people to talk to and is thankful to Kate for loving him as a parent.

Haru is starting to feel less sad, and the next day he joins Yuki, Natsuki and Akira to go fishing. They have a friendly fishing competition, and the person to catch the smallest fish has punishment. Natsuki catches the smallest fish, and the guys decide to cut his hair short. Haru comes home late that night, and Kate tells him to be sure to say goodbye when he leaves.

Uh oh everyone is under mind control!
Uh oh everyone is under mind control!

Akira reports to his Duck superiors that JF1 (the codename given to Haru) is not dangerous and does not need to be captured. However, his Duck superiors link the numerous Bermuda Syndrome incidents around Enoshima to JF1, conclude that JF1 is dangerous and thus seek his apprehension. Furthermore, Duck apprehends Akira for not conducting himself like an agent and befriending JF1.

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