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Welcome to this crazy idea for a blog series! This blog was inspired by a man who was searching for the most sexiest fan service scene in the new anime series on a weekly basis. Maybe, Weekly Thirst is a weird title. If you have a better name, please tell me. Now then, this blog is a run over of spring 2013 shows I watched weekly for wiki editing and leisure from summer school and work. I still comment on the discussion threads that are set up in Anime Vice, #Anime Vice Discussion Threads., and Tom Pinchuk's W & L articles for Attack on Titan and Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet. All I'm doing is to promote the discussion of current anime series in the community and promote the wiki pages.

Beware of spoilers especially for shows you haven't watched on this list. All shows below here are legally available on official anime streaming sites. I omitted Attack on Titan and Gargantia on this blog since the discussion threads are active while Tom Pinchuk's W & L articles are serving another audience, folks who only comment on the front page.


Mushibugyo! Ep. 10 - Jinbei's Power Awakens!

Cornered by Sougan, the strongest of the Insect Hunters, attacks the Insect Magistrate but seconds before death an unfamiliar Jinbei awakens.

Via Crunchyroll

In this latest episode, Jinbei just transformed. His transformation reminded me of a mix of Ichigo's Hollow form and Gaara's one tailed form without the giant gourd, hole in the chest, and skull. It's crazy to see how his hair became like Gaara's sand hand and grab everyone. It also formed into a mace that fired multiple needles. Unlike Fairy Tail, the episode is pretty bloody. Though, some parts are watered down to avoid dismemberment to make sure the scenes are too graphic for kids.

Besides Jinbei, Mugai's past is revealed a bit. The ending is interesting. It's surprising to see how Kotori Matsunohara defeated the big enemy. My first impression of Kotori is that he is a regular office worker with a sword. Looks like I misjudged him. Also, I'm relieved that show is still continuing. I thought this episode would be the last episode. Before I forget, it's insane that Jinbei's transformation could be caused when he had Insect Magistrate's hair in his mouth.

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Devil Survivor 2 the Animation Ep. 12 - Sunday of Realization - I

The battle against the Septentriones is complete, and the final battle line has been drawn. The Void continues to expand, devouring all of existence, and Alcor and Yamato finally resolve their long-brewing conflict. In the end, only Hibiki will remain, determined to stop Yamato in his attempt to remake the world -- but will the strength of his convictions be enough?

Via Crunchyroll

Since I don't play the game, I get lost in the terminology and story a bit at the middle part of the series. The whole anime is about humanity surviving under the demons until they get a chance to meet Polaris - who will choose one person to change the world. The series reminds me of Shin Sekai Yori and Samurai Seven when most of cast is killed off. However, I believed that the end of the series that most folks come back alive if Polaris has that power. That's my prediction since this series is not that dark or brutal like Shin Sekai Yori and Samurai Seven. I didn't really care much for Daichi or Io. Even though I seen the stereotype of female subordinates sacrificing themselves for their superior out of love, I find Makoto's death scene touching.

I'm looking forward to Hibiki and Yamato's final battle.

Check out the Devil Survivor 2: The Animation Discussion.


Karneval's Ep. 12 - The Niji Promise

Nai is determined to go to the Misty Mansion, a Kafka facility, in order to rescue Karoku. And Circus decides to use this as an excuse to raid the facility.


Karneval is a fun series that I watched because it was colorful yet dark at the same time. Finally, the plot is winding down and revealing the truth behind Karoku and Nai. I was surprised that Karoku had another body or clone on the bed. The episode had a great fight scene between Iva & Tsukumo and Uro.

Devil is a Part Timer! Episode 12 - The Devil Carries Out His Duties

The archangel Sariel is willing to torture people to get what he wants, and he's confident that no one can stop him- but he didn't realize quite how seriously Maou takes his responsibilities.


The series is pretty light hearted. Suzuno had a brutal past where she is hired to assassinate enemies of her Church while Emi had learned her village was burned down by the demon army. The battle is short lived, but the scenes are very entertaining.

  • Sadao pretty fought in his boxers during the whole battle.
  • Ashiya's lame excuse of getting his cowl is still funny.
  • The sexual harassment scene by Sariel is amusing.

It's because of these type of scenes, I look forward to watching a new episode every week. The show is like Binbogami-ga. I can't take it seriously while the show doesn't do anything disturbing to ruin the fun.

Check out the The Devil is a Part Timer! Discussion!

Valvrave the Liberator's Episode 11 - The 54th Military Tribunal

Module 77 is headed to the Moon while the students are appointed as cabinet ministers. Akira finally speaks to Shoko and it is revealed that she is Satomi's sister. Module 77 is attacked by the Dorssians and Shoko's father is held hostage by Wartenberg.

— Hulu

Valvrave the Liberator always seem to pack the most surprises this season. I never excepted this plot twist at the end of this episode. I felt bad for Shoko who lost her father. At the same time, I was shocked at Haruto asking Saki's hand in marriage. I believed he did it out of guilt since he raped Saki last episode. Still, Saki rubs me the wrong way. She expresses jealously of Haruto and Shoko and hid Shoko's call from Haruto. This series will not have a happy ending. I feared that Shoko might end up dead since Saki was shown alive in a future scene in one of the episodes. Besides those elements, I enjoyed that we get to see Akira's past. Though, it felt out of place given the plot in this episode. One more thing before I end this, the scene where L-elf pulls his gun out was bugging me. I didn't want to believe that he was planning to kill Shoko. I don't know L-elf's motives and what he would gain from killing an innocent girl like Shoko.

Check out the Valvrave the Liberator Discussion!


Severing Crime Edge's Episode 12 - The Forbidden Game

The episode is the most tense one I seen so far. Kiri becomes a beast after seeing Grayland for the first time. The table has turn on Emily. Now, Emily is the one being hunted. For a minute, I thought Emily's arm was dismembered. I was relieved it wasn't. The show does get gross, but it doesn't get too gruesome like Deadman Wonderland.

Oreimo 2

Kirino and the gals throw Kyousuke a celebration party for living independently. Kirino requests Ayase to help take care of Kyousuke as a house wife. Then, Ayase does a love confession.

Oreimo just became a harem. The show was a borderline harem since season 2. Still, Ayase's love confession feels too rushed and out of the blue since Ayase wanted to be Kirino's little sister. It seems that Ayase's love for Kyousuke is just a reflection of Kirino's love for Kyousuke.

Henneko's Ep. 11 - Inside the Tsutsukakushi's House

Despite I hated the show, I grew up to like it. It was amusing to see how Tsukiko's mother is not caring and loving mother she remembered. She reminds me of Mizore with the lollipop in her mouth. Tsukiko's mother and Yokodera have a weird relationship. Tsukiko's mother does love her daughters and kept Yokodera around because she is a bit lonely.


UtaPri Marathon

My little sister got me into the anime. I was watching the first season as a two episode per day marathon last week. It's one of the best reverse harem series I watched and one of the first anime shows that revolves around idols. It feels like a Disney show since a song occurs every episode. What the show does better than most reverse harem shows is that it spend time on each of the love interest. As for the main heroine, I like her. She's not a flat character.

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I need to catch up on all these shows. Nice work Taka:)
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Thanks! I just forgot one more show, Henneko.

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