Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo Concepts

Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 2 manga series
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Big Boobs

What is anime without the over-sexualization of women's breasts?

Crazy Anime Hair

Huge spikes, multiple colors, gravity-defying ponytails... and it's probably all natural somehow too.


Eyecatches are short scenes or illustrations used to begin and end a commercial break in anime.

Gainax Bounce

The "Gainax Bounce" refers to breasts bouncing around gratuitously in anime, often in ways that seem to defy physics.


Mushibugyo is a group of warriors that protect Edo from killer insects.


Mushikari is a group of warriors that control insects. Their goal is to kill the Insect Magistrate.

Revealing Attire

A concept where characters wear revealing or risque clothing.


Samurais were warriors of feudal japan

Simultaneous Release

When anime or manga is broadcast or published -- usually on the internet -- in countries outside of Japan around the same time as it airs/releases in Japan, usually within one week or even 24 hours.

Ten Crucifix Insects

Ten Crucifix Insects are a group of Insect men who follows Sanada's orders.

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