Jormungand is a franchise comprised of 2 anime series, 1 manga series
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The story of a young, ruthless arms dealer and her new guard, an estranged child soldier.


A young woman named Koko Hekmatyar is an heir to an innocuous shipping company called H&C Logistics Incorporated. One of its businesses just happens to be transporting both legal and illegal weaponry to various parts of Europe and Africa and selling them to any person or faction willing to pony up the cash regardless of race, religion or politics. Koko has been making a killing (literally and figuratively) selling weapons around the globe and fighting off rivals and enemies who get in her way with a small team of hardened mercenaries in tow, all for her contradictory goal of "world peace."

The story begins with Koko introducing her latest recruit: a boy named Jonah who used to be a child soldier and carries with him a hatred for weapons and anyone who carries or uses them. However, he possesses incredible aptitude for combat, and Koko makes use of his abilities to the fullest by throwing him into life-or-death situations as she makes fun of his paradoxical mindset: Hating weapons but being forced to use them in order to survive.

Main Characters

Koko HekmatyarThe leader of the Europe and Africa Weapons Transport Division for H&C Logistics Incorporated. Strangely optimistic and happy at almost all times, whether she's conducting a business deal or dodging bullets from crazy gunmen.
Jonah (Johnathan Mar)A former child soldier who killed the staff of his entire army base when they used his friends to walk through a minefield. Later captured by Koko's brother and put to work as a bodyguard for Koko. Hates weapons, but has incredible skills using them, putting his life on the line for Koko.
LehmA veteran mercenary, ex-Delta Force and veteran of the Gulf War. Capable of sniping from far away or fighting up close. The oldest of Koko's crew and often the voice of reason on the team.
ValmetAn eyepatched female commando, formerly from the FRDF and a UN Peacekeeper until her entire unit was slaughtered by a Chinese mercenary. Valmet is skilled with close-quarters combat, and she has a crush on Koko.
MaoFormer artillery officer from an unnamed far-eastern country (possibly China or Malaysia), has a wife and kids back home.
RVeteran of the Italian Bersaglieri, skilled at collecting intelligence.
UgoFormer Mafia wheelman who joined Koko after the rest of his crew was wiped out trying to pay for guns with drugs.
LutzThe team's sniper with experience from an unnamed police counter-terrorism unit (possibly SWAT/GSG-9/GIGN), though he's a bit younger and more reckless than half of Koko's team.
WileyGulf War veteran who is an expert with explosives and engineering. Capable of quickly disarming bombs and then re-arming them on their initial user.
TojoJapanese intelligence agent who joined Kaspar, and later Koko's crew.
Kaspar HekmatyarKoko's brother and another arms dealer. He sold the weapons that killed Jonah's parents, and also captured Jonah after finding him in a recently-cleared army base. After locking Jonah in a cargo crate for five days, he delivered him to Koko as a gesture of goodwill, but Jonah still tries to kill him on occasion.
ChiquitaKaspar's bodyguard and Lehm's ex-wife. Prefers using knives in combat.
ScarecrowAn overeager CIA field operative who constantly tries to bust up the illegal arms trade, including that of Koko's deals. However, he keeps failing to find concrete evidence to put Koko behind bars.
BookmanA CIA agent with many nicknames, an intelligent man who spends more time at Langley than in the field, a skilled manipulator trying to flip Koko for his own goals.


The manga is written and drawn by KeitarĊ Takahashi. It was serialized in Shokugan's Monthly Sunday Gene-X magazine from 2006, and has reached its 11th volume in January 2012. The manga has also been licensed by VIZ Media for distribution in North America. In the 10th volume, it was announced that Jormungand would be adapted into an anime by studio WHITE FOX with its first episode scheduled to premiere in April 2012.

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