Jormungand #1 - Jormungand volume 1

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 11/17/2006

Plot Summary

Viz Media Edition Release Date: November 10, 2009

Chapter #1: Flaming Hare

Koko Hekmatyar introduces her newest recruit, the ex-child soldier Jonah, to the rest of her team. After a brief round of introductions, Koko and Jonah head out to a nearby dock, escorted by Valmet and Tojo, to reach a shipment of weapons that has been held up by the vice minister of the interior of the country they are currently stationed in. The vice minister arranges for a security force to gun them down, but the team manages to demolish their pursuers and make it to the cargo in one piece. Jonah asks why Koko is going to all this trouble, and her answer is "world peace."

Chapter #2: Gunmetal Calico Road

Koko finds herself dealing with a rival arms dealer named Kloshkin trying to muscle in on her company's turf. She and Jonah meet Kloshkin face-to-face, while secretly sending their comrades to deal with his security measures. Koko gets a head wound for her trouble, but gains the upper hand in their "negotiation" and Jonah kills him at the end.

Chapter #3: Pulsar Phase 1

Koko and her crew end up delivering weaponry in the middle of a warzone in a Russian satellite nation as the two sides are fighting over a pipeline. The Major who runs the base wants Koko to provide his men with more weaponry, but Koko makes plans to pull out as she believes that the Major will never actually pay her for those weapons. However, she runs into a rival arms dealer from an English company who traps her into promising a delivery of a radar system.

Chapter #4: Pulsar Phase 2

Koko finds herself under armed escort, compliments of the Major, who wants to make sure she won't escape. However, enemy attack choppers swoop down and force everyone to scatter. Both Koko and Currie's guards neutralize their respective escorts and escape to a nearby warehouse together. As Valmet and Wylde prepare to knife-fight each other, some of the soldiers prepare to avenge their fallen comrades.

Chapter #5: Pulsar Phase 3

Valmet manages to beat Wylde in hand-to-hand combat as the soldiers close in on both arms dealers and their combined entourage. Koko comes up with a quick plan to fight the soldiers, then turns around and surrenders to them. The soldiers let Koko and her team go, as Valmet and Tojo merely restrained their escorts while Currie's guards killed their own escorts. Then they turn their guns on the English arms dealer as Koko and her team leave the area.


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