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Welcome to the Jormungand's 2nd season thread! For those who are new, here's a synopsis.


A young woman named Koko Hekmatyar is an heir to an innocuous shipping company called H&C Logistics Incorporated. One of its businesses just happens to be transporting both legal and illegal weaponry to various parts of Europe and Africa and selling them to any person or faction willing to pony up the cash regardless of race, religion or politics. Koko has been making a killing (literally and figuratively) selling weapons around the globe and fighting off rivals and enemies who get in her way with a small team of hardened mercenaries in tow, all for her contradictory goal of "world peace."

The story begins with Koko introducing her latest recruit: a boy named Jonah who used to be a child soldier and carries with him a hatred for weapons and anyone who carries or uses them. However, he possesses incredible aptitude for combat, and Koko makes use of his abilities to the fullest by throwing him into life-or-death situations as she makes fun of his paradoxical mindset: Hating weapons but being forced to use them in order to survive.

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PVS and Trailers

I included season 1 and season 2 for those who are interested. They were originally posted as trailer blogs by my partner BigHeart711.

Please enjoy the videos.

Why Should You Watch This Show?

Originally, I was going to leave this blank for fans since I haven't watch this.

  • Taka: If you're a fan of Black Lagoon, you should definitely give this try. You will go loco for Koko.

If you guys and gals have recommendations, I'll put them here.

Thank you and all comments are welcome.

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Hey! Anyone here? I know these forums are usually dead but with this story entering the endgame you think someone would want to note how this plot has gone all James Bond but from the POV of the bad guy now. Also how Koko's team suddenly face an enemy they couldn't beat, so they just outmaneuvered them. You're not getting a third (fourth?) season of Black Lagoon for a long time, so enjoy this while it lasts.

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