Jomy Marquis Shin

Jomy Marquis Shin is a anime/manga character in the Toward the Terra franchise
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The main protagonist of the Toward the Terra series. Jomy inherits the title Soldier and leads the Mu to Terra in order to find peace for the Mu


Jomy was raised as a student in the education city of Ataraxia. Upon his 14 birthday Jomy must leave his home behind and take the adult examination in order to be accepted into the world of adults. On the day of this test Soldier Blue appears before him and rescues Jomy from having his memories erased. Jomy is told that he is a Mu, a person with tremendous psychic powers and is their greatest hope for the race's survival. After denying that he is one of these monsters he comes to terms with the fact and agrees to take on the role of Soldier and lead the Mu to Terra and peace with mankind.

Story Arc

A New Home

The Mu have been searching for Terra for 12 years since Jomy became Soldier, they have come across many planets but none with the same qualities of Terra. During the search the younger generation of Mu grow impatient and start to question why they must find Terra and not create a new place to call home. Jomy seeks guidance from Physis and asks if he should continue or abandon the search for Terra. Physis tells Jomy of a barren red planet which could give the Mu happiness but Jomy still cannot come to a decision.

When talking to Carina and the Younger Mu Jomy finds that the Mu can live a normal future by having children naturally, which hasn't been done for hundreds of years since man first left earth. Jomy decides that the Mu should settle the planet and should naturally conceive their own children so the Mu can finally feel happiness and a place they can call home. Over several years they turn the once barren and abandoned planet, Silversteen Seven, into a habitable home and rename it Nazca.

After years of peace on Nazca Jomy is having doubts about if he should have settled Nazca and given up the search for Terra. One day the Mu detect a ship near the planet and capture it, Jomy finds out that Sam Houston was the pilot. Jomy goes to see Sam but when they meet Sam suddenly Stabs Jomy, when Sam goes for the killing blow Jomy is forced to use his powers on his best friend and causes an explosion in the Mu ship. Jomy goes into shock and is unconscious, when he is awaken he is told that Mother implanted a thought program into Sam and sent him to the Planet to kill him. Jomy decides to wipe Sam's memory and sends him home.

A Foul Omen

Physis tells Jomy she senses an foul omen coming and suddenly wishes to see Naska, Jomy takes here there immediately. While on the planet Jomy senses a strong will entering the planet and goes to stop him from landing by disabling the controls on the intruders ship. Jomy crashes the ship but finds that the intruder is still alive, he reads his mind as he regains consciousness and finds out he is Keith Anyan and was sent by Mother to find the Mu. The intruder then puts up a mental barrier and attacks Jomy but Jomy is able to apprehend him. He takes him to Shangri La and decides to mentally probe him for knowledge about Terra. After searching for hours without finding out any information Jomy stops the probing for fear of Keith's mental health, so he sends him to a prison on the ship.

Jomy brings Tony and Camina to Ketih and tells him that he was born from her womb, a feat not done for hundreds of years. Jomy tells him they just wnat to live on Nazca in peace and if they are required to never leave he can agree to that. Keith tells him that as long as the Mu posses such powers they can never coexsist.

They sense a new spacecraft entering the planets orbit but realize that the traps dont work on him because he is a Mu. Solider dives down to the planet to intercept the ship. While on the surface he is told that there was a giant explosion on the ship and Karina has lost control of her emotions and power. Jomy sends a mental projection to calm down Karina but she exhausts her power and falls lifeless on the floor. After seeing her die before his eye he has a new resolve to never again hesitate to protect the Mu. When back in his body he finds that the new intruder is a Mu but he came to save Keith, he orders the other Mu to shoot it down but it is now out of range. Now Jomy is told that Physis has been taken hostage by Keith, Jomy doesn't hesitate and goes after Keith. Before Keith's escape ship self destructs he shields Physis but by doing so he lets Keith escape.

After Keith escapes Jomy decides that they must leave Nazca before Mother sends forces to kill them but the younger Mu rebel and want to stay on this planet they worked so hard to make home. While trying to persuade the younger generation to leave he senses a strong blast approaching the planet and with the help of Soldier Blue and the children born on Nazca they barley deflect the blunt of the attack but some of it hits the planet. Although the blast didn't directly destroy the planet as intended the core becomes unstable . Soldier Blue orders Jomy to take the exhausted children back to the ship and to help the others evacuate the planet. Jomy helps as many Mu as he can escape the planet he must flee leaving trapped Mu behind.

Return to Artemesia

After trying to live apart from the humans but being denied by the old systems set in place to guide mankind Jomy has a new resolve to destroy those systems and question the humans on how they live. He aims to head back to the Education Planet of Artemesia, the educational center supporting the SD system which gave birth to him and destroy the Mu. After preparing for the offensive Jomy uses the now grown Nazca children to destroy anyone who stands in their way. After a fleet surrenders and the lifeboats are retreating Jomy orders Tony to kill any survivors. Jomy knows that this will lead the others question him and fear the Nazca children but know that this is what must be done for the survival of the Mu. Near the planet Jomy sends a message to surrender or be destroyed with no mercy shown to civilians. His terms of surrender is that they must destroy the SD system controlling them and this condition is nonnegotiable. Artemesia surrenders and when Jomy lands he is greeted by Swena Dalton, his childhood friend. During their conversation she ask if he was the cause of the mental attack on Educational Station E-1077 years ago and states that the all the students were disposed of by Parthenon due to the metal contamination. Jomy asks if she knows Keith Anyan and she states that he was a classmate of hers on the station and was Sam Houston's best friend. Swena ask Jomy to see her child but denies as he must destroy Terra's Number 5 (part of the SD system), but unbeknownst to him Swena was trying to show Jomy his parents. Jomy goes to the amusement park that was the place of his adult examination to destroy Terra's Number 5 computer. Number 5 blocks the path with a mirage of Soldier Blue but Jomy is not phased by this and continues to the computer. Jomy destroys the computer and the Mu are able to find the coordinates to Terra with Terra's Number 5 no longer blocking the information.

General Information Edit
Name: Jomy Marquis Shin
Name: ジョミーマーキス・シン
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Toward the Terra #1
1st anime movie: Toward the Terra
Aliases Soldier Jomy
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