why did Hirohiko Arami replace Hamon with Stands?

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in Jojo? after part 2

unless there was a storyline reason... i don't remember

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We have a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Discussion where a lot of our folks take part in. You can ask your question there, too.

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@Glabal500 said:

in Jojo? after part 2

unless there was a storyline reason... i don't remember

Because.... he felt like Stands were a much better concept to work with than Hamon?

Hamon was pretty fleshed out mid-way through Part 2. There wasn't much to expand on without making the ability boring and too forced.

Stands on the other hand is literally a concept with infinite versatility. He can assign whatever power he wants with each Stand, and work out higher-scale tactical battles with them. It also allows Araki to exercise his artistic work that he is so famous for, something he obviously couldn't do with the Hamon which cannot be seen.

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I only got into Jojo last month. It was strange transitioning from Hamon to Stands. Stands came out due to Dio's curse. I don't recall a reason directly from the author. Think of this way, Digimon changes their power mechanics each season to make things interesting and entertaining.

Ask he's the Jojo expert in our community.

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I've seen a lot of discussion on this, and some people agree that in the late 80's manga scene, psychic powers were pretty "cool". And Araki just kinda twisted them into ghostly beings tied to the user. A lot of the early Stands in Part 3 have basic psychic abilities, like Telekinesis (Jotaro), Pyrokinesis (Avdol), and Clairvoyance (Joseph), to name a few. Later Part 3 and onward they become really surreal and bizarre, in good ways and bad.

There's not a lot you can do with the Ripple without keeping Vampires and Pillar Men relevant. DIO is still a vampire, but a Ripple user without a Stand wouldn't stand a chance in Part 3 and beyond.

Storyline wise, I'll spoiler this as it relates to to stuff in and after Part 4 Diamond Is Unbreakable:

Araki adds the Stand Arrow, and ancient artifact that imbues people with a Stand if it pierces them and they survive. Someone gives it to DIO, who uses it on himself, triggering the Joestar bloodline's Stands as well.

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Stand arrow was also in Part 5 and stands are basically a manifestation of the user's soul and physic

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