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JOJO’S BIZZARE ADVENTURE: MOST BIZZARE ANIME OF 2012 Reviewed by katmic on Feb. 12, 2013. katmic has written 17 reviews. His/her last review was for Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. 8 out of 15 users recommend his reviews. 0 out of 3 users found this review helpful.

Let me first say that I have never heard of this series before September last year. The only other anime out there that was making an appearance on every forum, best of 2012 list, and anime news site as much as Sword Art Online was Jojo’s Bizarre adventure. That didn’t help its case, especially since I had just completed SAO and it had proven to be less than the gargantuan beast it had been made out to be.

Anyway, my complete lack of knowledge of this series deserves a worthy mention, Why? Because Jojo’s Bizarre adventure has a world record. It is the longest running manga without an anime. By that I mean Jojo’s bizarre adventure manga began serialization in the 1980s, and for more than ten years it had never been adapted into an anime, until early 2007 (or is it 2005?). Now most manga will ran for at least 5-8 years before they are adapted to anime, end or they are cancelled.

This manga was the exception in that it was wildly popular, yet for some reason no one ever made the move to adapt it.

Anyway, I watched ten episodes of the anime; can’t say if that’s all there is, but there is no denying it that this might be the strangest anime I have ever had the opportunity of watching. I couldn’t tell you if I enjoyed it, or hated. Sure I watched all 10 episodes, but that doesn’t mean much. I read all 80 something chapters of Evangelion and I hated that story.

For all I know, I might have been forcing myself to plow through the stupid show. I pay for my anime, so there are times when, If I have managed to push through five episodes of an anime, I will make the difficult decision to go all the way just so I can get my money’s worth.

Chances are If i ever find myself staring at a copy of jojo’s bizarre adventure in the near future, I will watch it, if only to satiate my curiosity at the idea that someone was handed the assignment of transferring this show to anime, and this was what they chose to go with.

THE PLOT- In Victorian England, a hooded scoundrel (the dub actually calls him that in this British leaning translation) comes upon the scene of an accident. A carriage, attempting to make an exceptionally sharp turn had just careened down a cliff, smashing into the rocks below. Thinking the inhabitants dead, the hooded man attempts to scavenge through the luggage for anything of value, eventually coming upon an ominous briefcase.

Within it is pale white mask that the scoundrel would have helped himself to if not for one of the passengers, a well dressed gentleman, coming to. The gentleman, confusing the scoundrel for his savior, thanks him, reacquires his mask and promises the hooded fellow great rewards, as a the head of the very powerful and wealthy Joestar family.

years later, the scoundrel, a common criminal, is on his death bed, after living a life of crime and hate, a life he dragged his son, Dio into.With his last breath, he sends his son to the rich man he once saved, where he hopes Dio will acquire a wealth of education and learning, to join the higher echelons of aristocracy.

But Dio is no innocent boy. His hard life has left him cold and wanting; he doesn’t merely intend to acquire whatever scraps Mr. Joestar is willing to throw down at him, he wants to take it all, the wealth ,the status, the money, even the reputation that brought Mr. Joestar so much influence.

Dio and Jojo
Dio and Jojo

Joseph ‘jojo’ joestar is a young naïve man, the son and heir of the Joestar household, who chooses to hold onto the genteel ways of the world of kindness, honesty and honor, the philosophy that guides him to fight and protect the honor of those weaker and less fortunate than him.

This makes him a target for Dio; while Jojo seeks to love and understand his new brother, Dio sees not a sibling but an enemy, one that stands in his way to power and wealth. Dio makes it his mission to completely outdo Jojo in everything, Physically and mentally, not only discrediting him but proving himself a much more worthy candidate for the position of heir,

Dio however doesn’t merely attempt to out maneuver and out do jojo, he attacks the young innocent boy, dragging his name, reputation and being through the ground, literally and figuratively.

But Jojo won’t take it laying down and with each defeat, he comes to learn more and more about the cruel world and how to engage with his enemies (and the fact that there are such things as bad people who will do bad things to good people)

And as jojo begins his counter attack, so begins a great rivalry destined to span the entirety of the British empire. As Dio encounters greater resistance from the seemingly weak jojo, he must turn to greater powers contained within the mysterious pale mask to fight for his goals. As the battle progresses Dio proves himself not only ready to do whatever it takes to defeat Jojo, more than merely acquiring wealth; but he will not think twice to give his body and soul to the supernatural forces contained within the mask, forces that will eventually proffer him to abandon his humanity, if only to possess the wealth or power contained within the beast he intends to become.

ON his part, Jojo comes to learn that more than greed, he had made himself an enemy within Dio, and that no amount of power or wealth, not even acquiring the world would satiate the lust in Dio’s blood, to destroy Jojo, and to destroy him completely, utterly and painfully. Worse though, jojo realizes that to survive, and even save the world, he will have to acquire a weapon, a power even of supernatural nature, if he wishes to contend with the beast that Dio is becoming.

Eventually a journey of rivalry compounds into one of adventure and heroism, as Jojo and his friends realize that more than Dio, the mask is the true enemy of humanity, and one with the power to destroy them all.

Review- think ‘tale of revenge between two brothers’ with vampires and supernaturally revived warriors. Story wise it is rather hard to deny the fact that a premise like that I quite mind blowing, especially when you take time to consider the potential for drama and action contained within.

The problem presents itself in the drama, however. This anime is way too melodramatic. If you want to know why I watched this anime even when I seemed to make negative statements at the start, its because this anime is funny, but not intentionally.

The characters are too…big and muscle bound, and something about their posture and physical proportions seem somewhat…off. If they don’t seem like they are a little bent in one direction, there heads and chests will seem a little too big.

The powers sometimes seem kind of silly and the fights are terrible. That might be an issue with animation studio, but really, the attacks have no impact and the musical scores are exaggerated. Even in a time of sorrow, when characters are weeping, I will find myself laughing, just because of the sound track that seems unmatched with the kind of environment the anime is attempting to create.

I applaud the clever invention in Jojo’s newly developed powers, especially their dependence on the flow of blood, because it creates amusing weaknesses that villains can attack in battle. What I hate is the characters surrounding the powers, specifically Jojo’s master’s fellow students in the art.

if I remember correctly the series introduces them in episode 8; even with the wonky animation I was able to appreciate their designs, and the cool manner with which they could manipulate their powers to generate different abilities, then they faced Dio minutes later and he tore them apart, leaving thinking ‘What the hell was the point of that?’

This is the very same reason I gave up on saint seiya merely half way through the series. You had these big guys in fancy golden armor, that we had only seen in flash backs as the upper echelons of the saint seiya organization (no idea what they were called), finally making an appearance in battle; and after displaying impressive and unique powers for the very first time in the series, they each died, one by one, and sometimes gruesomely. It was stupid; why introduce a new character with a new power just to have them murdered one episode later. Stupid, stupid, stupid…

This is undeniably silly

VERDICT- I will give this show a 2 out of five stars. And if that sounds generous for what I just described, I can explain that with two reasons. First, while I was certainly no fan of this show, I actually wanted to find out what would happen at the end, how the war between Dio and Jojo would finally be settled. I guess that’s one factor I can credit the show with. It actually did something right.

Secondly was the asinine dialogue. I don’t know if the animation company hired an actual British individual to deal with the translation, or they chose to employ some Asian guy who thought he knew what British people sounded like in Victorian times, but that dialogue was funny as hell. I couldn’t describe it here, you will just have to watch it to see what I mean.

Overall, this show is typical, even in it’s premise. But it is the kind of recycled premise that one can still enjoy, and which you might fancy watching despite the draw backs that I mentioned. Maybe some out their can overlook the silliness of the anime, or maybe it will be the silliness of the show that draws you to it. Either way, even with a 2/5 rating, I actually recommend this show, so watch it, if only to diverse your anime palate.

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