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A lot of anime may feel like watching somebody play a video game (some more explicitly than others), but this episode seemed to be specifically of the NES or SNES-generation vintage in a lot of parts. I’m sure this is another case of ‘reverse inspiration’ (to pull a term out of my butt), like when I watched CASSHERN SINS after playing MEGA MAN games for years. I wouldn’t be shocked in the slightest if it turned out that many games of that era were actually paying homage to the manga...

Either way, the whole set-up of the heroes getting lured into a graveyard by a little NPC, then attacked by the most random assortment of zombies, was used in too many Capcom beat-em-up’s to count. Likewise, this whole part where Jojo’s brawling underwater and he has to unearth a little pocket of air to regain his health is a very platformer-y conceit.

The show continues to impress me with its absolutely breakneck pacing. If we’re charting steps through the Hero’s Journey, then we pretty much skipped straight from Jojo gaining a mentor to him losing that mentor at the hands of his arch nemesis. Oh, you think this ripple stuff is going to make you totally invincible against Dio? Well, get ready for him to drain all the heat out of your blood and all the air out of your lungs.

I wasn’t expecting Dio to reappear so soon after seemingly perishing in the flames. Episode #3 felt like a season finale. Of course, he wasn’t dead, but... to come back this quickly? I just had to fast forward through HXH to get through all the padding/filler. This show’s already on fast-forward!

Watch "The Dark Knights" and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode.

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Phantom Blood is the shortest story arc in JoJo and the anime barely cuts -anything- from it (just some scenes from when JoJo is a kid). It's pretty non-stop action the whole way. I'd say the anime for Part 1 is funner to watch than the manga is to read, even with the obvious low budget the anime got for animation.

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Jojo definitely benefits from not trying to rely on melodramatic characters too much. Mostly just Jojo, Dio, and a bunch of aggression.

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Yeah...the fighting underwater and finding pockets of air seems to be reverse inspiring some of my most hated levels in Sonic the Hedgehog... the water I hated those levels....

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The OP theme song's visuals remind me of a video game.

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Ok so Mary was called like the blood queen or something wasn't she? She was supposed to have like killed tons of people and that was where the whole idea of bloody Mary came from right? Never thought I would see a show where Mary queen of scotts was the good guy....what do they teach in Japanese history courses?

But man this show....seriously odd (bizarre even) but seriously entertaining...

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And some people at Capcom, SNK and Konami are big JoJo fans, because Street Fighter, King Of Fighters and Castlevania have a number of references and characters who are visually inspired by JoJo characters. References to JJBA are pretty pervasive in Japanese video games, manga and anime.

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