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No question: this has been the series most requested for this column. Why’s it taken so long for me to get around to watchin’ and learnin’ from it then? Well, I don’t think the honorable George Joestar would’ve approved of me seeing the show by… * AHEM *… collecting Dragon Balls, so I’ve patiently abstained until an official release arrived.

[Much thanks to Takashichea for alerting me about this steam, by the way].

Even with more than a year of anticipation behind me, I really wasn’t prepared for this. The show makes good on what’s promised in its title - - for damn sure - - delivering nothing but a bizarre adventure here.

Surrealism comes in every stripe, texture and flavor, to be sure. After seeing all the JOJO games, I was prepared for the weirdness of fabulous strongmen and their colorful assortment of giant avatars (or whatever they were). I was not prepared for what seems to be a Dickensian melodrama jacked the f*** up with shonen kickass. Color me blindsided. A period piece that could’ve very well have been written by Upton Sinclair, and then recast with the FIST OF THE NORTH STAR ensemble players, was the absolute last thing I expected.

It’s absolutely compelling to watch - - if only just for the fact that I’ve never seen any anime quite like this.

Of course, what elevates all this above a gimmick, and weird for weirdness’ sake (as I’ve been bring up a lot lately), is that the conflict between Jonathan and Dio is rooted in the human condition. Even at its most overwrought, this story’s about characters with true frailties - - envy, jealousy, insecurity, alienation, loneliness. The fact that it cycles through all those foibles so quickly in just one episode was... kind-of exhilarating to watch.

I’d guess what’s coming in episode two, but I suspect I would be proven wrong. Woefully wrong. Only one way to find out...

Watch "Dio the Invader" and decide for yourself.

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I've been holding off on watching JoJo, but with the new series being released I am definitely interested again. Checked out the first episode and it managed to hold my interest so I'll be continuing. I wish the villain had a better motive though.

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Dio's one of the most legendary and influential villains in anime and manga, all because he's an unrelenting asshole.

And Tom, the Stands that you usually see associated with JoJo don't show up until the third arc, the one that just started airing (Stardust Crusaders). Phantom Blood (eps 1-9) and Battle Tendency (10-26, coming to CR next friday), doesn't feature them yet. Araki, the original creator, always manages to keep the series interconnected between story arcs, but each arc really feels like it's own thing, like with Part 4 being a small town hunt for a serial killer, and Part 7 featuring a horse race across the USA.

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A dickens plot with shonen kick ass....hmm...yeah...bizarre..and not sure if it would be good or not. May have to check this out...

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Dio is one of the best villains in all of fiction.

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It was mostly @rubberluffy: help since he's the biggest Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fan. I was basically the middle man and wiki editor to pass the message. With a new anime and a simulcast for both seasons, there was a big renewed interest in the franchise for Anime Vice community. Will watch that show soon. Trying to get some time.

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Finally got to watch the first episode. It was a strange pilot. The manga sound effect scenes for making things dramatic really stands out. They really made Dio such a jerk who did more hurtful things to the protagonist in the first episode alone than any other bad guys.

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I have waited for this day! I have gone through Phantom Blood, and now I am a few episodes into Battle Tendency. MAN, AM I HOOKED! It's only been a couple days! I can't wait to play the game. I have been waiting for JoJo's to come back since I played the Dreamcast fighting game.

I wished that they could've kept the first OP theme, but that obviously couldn't stick around. The design of the OP animation was phenomenal, as well. I miss it, now that I'm onto the next story.

This level of excitement is how I've felt the first time I saw DBZ or One Piece. These are good times!

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Wow...watched the first episode and ...just wow....I am honestly not sure I liked it but yeah...Dickens with fist fights and....odd hints of Gothic horror...I mean even if I hadn't read the later episode recaps the mask...activated by blood...yeah there was something odd there. And yeah...dio MY GOD. Talk about making you hate the villain in the first episode god...I mean shit....taking the first kiss....the dog...JESUS MOTHER FUCKER KILL THIS DUDE!!!

I mean one of the things I like about anime is the shades of grey...but yeah when they want to do black can they fucking do total total black...I can't see ANYWAY to redeem this ass whole....

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This show is insane. The odd coloring during the opening part gave me a hint, but when dude knee'd the the hell out of that dog, I knew I was in for something special. I like Dio. He's so inexplicably bad for no real reason that it's entertaining. This show is pretty fun so far. I'm up to episode 4 but I'm liking it enough.

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