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Johto is a anime/manga location
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A childhood friend of Walnut


He is one of the four Team Rocket Executives.


She is is one of the four Team Rocket Executives.

Ash Ketchum

The main protagonist of the Pokémon Anime. Ash has a dream of becoming the greatest Pokémon Master ever. To accomplish this he has set out on a journey throughout most of the regions known in the series to challenge the Gym Leaders and enter the region tournaments.

Ash's Bayleef

The second Pokemon Ash captured while in the Johto region originally as a Chikorita. Bayleef has a crush on Ash and is constantly fighting for his attention and approval.

Ash's Bulbasaur

The first of the original three starter Pokémon caught by Ash. It refuses to evolve.

Ash's Butterfree

Ash's first captured Pokémon, caught as a Caterpie, it quickly evolved into Metapod and the Butterfree in only a handful of episodes.

Ash's Charizard

One of Ash's most powerful and reliable Pokémon, Charizard brings Ash some of the most powerful offensive attacks out of all his Pokemon. Charizard has been Ash's Pokémon since the early times of Ash's adventure when Charizard was a Charmander.

Ash's Heracross

The first Pokemon Ash caught while in the Johto region.

Ash's Noctowl

A Shiny Noctowl Ash captured and trained while in the Johto Region.

Ash's Pikachu

Ash's first Pokémon, Pikachu is always with Ash on his adventures.

Ash's Squirtle

The leader of the "Squirtle Squad" and one of Ash's first Pokémon. Squirtle had many adventures with Ash and friends before rejoining the squad later in the series.


He is a High Ranking Member of Team Rocket who is partnered with Hun.


Former leader of the Pewter City Gym, Brock travels with Ash Ketchum, hitting on every attractive woman he meets.


He is the Gym Leader of the Azalea Town Gym, He uses bug type pokemon.


He is a Member of Team Rocket he seems to have some bitter Rivalry with James, even though he is a higher class officer


One of the members of the Team Rocket Team "The Three Beasts". Carr later tried to take control of Team Rocket after Giovanni disappeared Archer, Ariana, Proton, and Petrel overthrow him.


A young Pokemon trainer Ash encountered when he started his journey in Johto. Casey is a fan of baseball and her favorite team is the Electabuzz which is also her favorite Pokemon.

Casey's Meganium

Meganium is Casey's first pokemon. She received it from Professor Elm as Chikorita.


Cassidy is a member of Team Rocket, she has a rivalry with Jessie that goes back to their first day on Team Rocket.


She is one of the children kidnapped by the Masked Man and raised to be his servant.


Chuck is the leader of the Cinawood City Pokemon Gym he uses Fighting Type Pokemon.


She is the Leader of the Blackthron City Gym and uses Dragon Pokémon. She is related to Elite Four member Lance somehow.


A character from the Gold & Silver chapter of the Pokémon Adventures Manga. Crystal is known for capturing all the Pokemon from the Johto and Kanto regions.


The Elite Four champion of the Sinnoh region.


She is an elite agent of Team Rocket. She usually carries around a black tulip giving her the nickname "Black Tulip"


A young girl Ash and his friends met on their travels who likes to cosplay. She has a Ditto which she uses for her shows.


He is The Leader of the Violet City Gym. He inherited his gym from his father, he currently uses Bird Pokemon.

Gary Oak

The grandson of Professor Oak and once Ash Ketchum's rival.


He is a character from the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga.He is based on Silver from Pokémon Gold and Silver.


Gold is a Pokemon Trainer from the Pokemon Special Manga.


A high ranking member of the Team Rocket who is partnered with Atilla.

Iron-Masked Marauder

An elite officer of Team Rocket who appeared in the fourth Pokemon film as the villain. He uses a set a new type of Poke Balls called the Dark Balls which brainwash a Pokemon to the point of forgetting itself and attacking without regard.


Member of Team Rocket who is partnered with Jessie, whose determined to steal Ash's Pokemon.


She is the Leader of the Fushia City Gym, She took over after Koga went to join the Elite Four.


She is the Gym Leader of the Olivine City. She specializes in using Steel type Pokémon.


Member of Team Rocket, Jessie is always after Ash and his friends' Pokemon. With her comrades Meowth and James, she uses her Pokemon for bad intentions, and is always making clumsy mistakes to make her lose her goal or intention.


A Pokemon trainer from the The Legend of Thunder Special. He is the anime counterpart of Gold.


A member of the Johto Elite Four who specializes in Dark type Pokemon.


A pokemon trainer in Pokemon Pocket Monsters manga. He is based in the videogame character Gold


A member of the Kanto elite four who uses Dragon type Pokémon who later becomes a Pokémon League Champion.

Lance's Gyarados

The red scaled Gyarados trained by Lance


The caretaker of the Charicific Valley who allowed Ash's Charizard to stay and train with the other wild Charizard she takes care of.


A Pokémon trainer from Johto who Ash and his friends met while in Sinnoh.


Anime counterpart of Crystal. Marina is a Pokémon trainer and coordinator from Johto.

Masked Man

He becomes the leader of Team Rocket during the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter in the Pokemon Adventures manga.


May traveled with Ash in the Hoenn region and competed in Pokémon Contests.

Meowth (Team Rocket)

Pokemon that is a member of Team Rocket who is partnered with Jessie and James.

Mewtwo (anime)

Mewtwo is a powerful psychic-type Pokémon created using Mew's DNA.


First of many adventurers to travel with Ash Ketchum on his Pokémon journey. Misty specializes in water type Pokémon.

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