Johto is a anime/manga location
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Johto is where "Pokemon Johto Journey's" takes off.

Johto is where Professer Elm lives, this land is where Suicune, Raikou and Entei roam free.

  1. New Bark Town- this is the town Professor Elm lives in. Ethan and Lyra also live here.
  2. Cherrygrove City- Nothing really important other than Mr. Pokemon.
  3. Violet City- is home to the Sprout Tower and a Gym that uses Flying type Pokemon.
  4. Azalea Town- is home to the Slowpoke Well and the Ilex Forest and a gym that uses Bug type Pokemon.
  5. Goldenrod City is home to a gym that uses Normal Type Pokemon, it is the largest city in the Pokemon franchise.
  6. Ecruteak City is the home of the Tin Tower, and a Gym that uses Ghost type Pokemon.
  7. Olivine City is home to a lighthouse and a Gym that uses Steel type Pokemon.
  8. Cianwood City is home to the Whirl Islands and a Gym that uses Fighting type Pokemon.
  9. Mahogany Town is home to the Lake of Rage, and a gym that uses Ice type Pokemon.
  10. Blackthorn City is Lance's of the Elite four's home town, and is home to the Dragon Shrine, the leader uses Dragon type Pokemon.

Other Places

Mt. Silver

Lake of Rage

The Whirl islands

Tin Tower

Radio Station

National Park

Ilex Forest

Ruins of Alph

Dark Cave

Union Cave

Mt. Motar

SS. Aqua

Train Station


Safari Zone

Battle Frontier


Route 29

Route 30

Route 31

Route 32

Route 33

Route 34

Route 35

Route 36

Route 37

Route 38

Route 39

Route 40

Route 41

Route 42

Route 43

Route 44

Route 45

Route 46

General Information Edit
Location Name Johto
Japanese Name: ジョウト地方
Romaji Name: Jōto-chihō
1st manga book: Pokémon Adventures #8
1st anime episode: Pokémon #117
1st anime movie: Pokémon 3: The Movie
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