Johannes is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Johannes is the Chief of Food Development at IGo.


Nothing is known about Johannes' origins before his introduction.


Johannes is a supporting protagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.


Johannes has not changed his ways since his early introduction.


Johannes is fairly tall with an above average physique. He is always seen with his signature dark glasses and stern expression. Most often he wears a dark blue suit and slacks with a white collared shirt and red necktie. He has light skin with slicked back black hair.


Johannes is a strict and competent man. He takes everything he does seriously and has a strong sense of duty towards the IGO.


Johannes has a professional attitude towards everyone regardless of who they may be, junior or superior. He works in close tandem with Mansam and Rei, and occasionally Toriko and Komatsu, usually in the form of escorting or informing them.

Story Arcs

Rainbow Fruit Arc

Johannes makes his first appearance in the story quite early. He and Komatsu meet with Toriko at the World Kitchen. He then requests Toriko's services in capturing the Rainbow Fruit, warning him of the Troll Kongs that were guarding it.

Four Beast Arc

Johannes arrives at the Center of Human World to speak with the top ranked Chefs present including Komatsu. The Four Beast had poisoned the populace of Human World and 100,000,000 were affected and would perish in roughly an hour's time. Chef Sumire stated that despite their immense skill, the top Chefs present could only manage to make 50,000,000 portions in time and none of their subordinates would be of any help as the skill needed to prepare the Purple Mochi antidote was too great. Johannes made a hard decision and said that they would need to quickly choose which half of the 100,000,000 afflicted people would be given the antidote. But Chef Komatsu pleaded to be given 10 minutes, and in just that amount of time, he would simplify the preparation process to such an extent, that any Chef could prepare the antidote. He was reluctantly granted the 10 minutes and to Johannes' surprises, Komatsu was successful and they managed to save the entirety of the 100,00,000 people from death.

Cooking Festival Arc

After the mass destruction of Bishokukai Boss Midora's Meteor Spice and the traitors among their ranks wreaking more havoc, Johannes and Rei were the only 2 Bureau Chiefs left from the IGO, with Mansam being incapacitated. They did their best to maintain order and managed to revive Mansam by pouring liquor on his crippled body. Mansam's Gourmet Cells react strongly with liquor and he was revived. Upon awakening, Mansam took on the role as President of the IGO as he was the most senior member of the IGO at that point. And Johannes during the time skip was promoted to the position of Development Bureau Chief.

Powers & Abilities

Johannes has displayed no combat or hunting prowess as of yet. It is unknown if he has any noteworthy combat skills. However his fellow Bureau Chiefs Mansam, Rin and Uumen Umeda have all displayed extensive prowess. It is likely that Johannes is a skilled combatant.

General Information Edit
Name: Johannes
Name: ヨハネス
Romanji: Yohanesu
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Toriko #2
1st anime movie:
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