Joejoe is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Joejoe is a elderly man who worked with the Gourmet Corps as their mechanical expert, he is currently under some type of hypnosis and working for the organization NEO


Nothing is currently known about Joejoe's origins aside from his former affiliation with the Bishokukai.


Joejoe is a secondary antagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.


Joejoe has not changed since his introduction aside from his allegiance. However, this is likely due to Joa brainwashing him.


Joejoe is an extremely short man, being considerably shorter than the likes of Komatsu. He appears to be quite old with many deep wrinkles on his face. His skin is deathly pale and he has white pupil-less eyes. His mouth is sown shut for unknown reasons.


Joejoe tends to behave rather humble and respectful when dealing with superior members of the Bishokukai like Starjun. However, he doesn't extend that humbleness when addressing those not above his rank.


Joejoe doesn't seem to have any noteworthy relationships. However he has shown to be particularly respectful to Starjun and considers the latter to be quite powerful.

Story Arcs

Regal Mammoth Arc

Joejoe makes his first canon appearance near the beginning of the Regal Mammoth Arc. Starjun arrives at the 6th branch where Joejoe was residing. He inquired about the status of the Regal Mammoth mission. After Jojoe filled in Stajun, the latter ordered that his GT Robo be prepared so that he could personally partake in the capturing of the Regal Mammoth's Jewel Meat and he insisted that the pain receptors be left on.

Century Soup Arc

Joejoe was present at the Bishokukai Banquet for the Vice Head Chefs and Branch Chiefs. When Vice Head Chef Grinpatch arrived late, he asked Joejoe to fix his damaged Straw, which had been broken by Toriko during their scuffle.

Meteor Garlic Arc

Joejoe greet Niceny upon his arrival at the Bishokukai Dining Kitchen. He shows Niceny around the facility, remarking that they were making much progress with furthering the development of the GT Robo. They make their way to a room where Vice Head Chefs Starjun and Tommyrod were waiting. Niceny discusses their future goal to kidnap as many of the top chefs as possible, mentioning several big names such as Zaus, Setsuno and Livebearer. Joejoe remarked that it would be difficult trying to capture them.

Cooking Festival Arc

Joejoe is seen in at one of the Bishokukai Headquarters speaking to someone on a communication device. They reference a certain "someone" not needing to show up and that Joejoe was surprised that this person was looking someone else not named. They were likely speaking about Dark Chef Joa and Komatsu. It was revealed a short time later that Joejoe was actually a NEO spy that had infiltrated the Bishokukai and that he had been assisting in the development of their Spacecraft. Whether Joejoe was originally a Bishokukai member and had his "taste changed" by Joa later, or was a member of NEO from the beginning is not elaborated on. He is present when Joa orders that all of NEO celebrate before heading off for the Final Land.

Powers & Abilities

Genius Inventor - Jojoe has been noted as someone who has created or assisting in the development of several creations. He created Grinpatch's straw, he has assisted in developing the GT Robo, he manufactured the formidable Scum Beasts capable of learning and using Food Honor, and he had a hand in developing the NEO spacecraft for going to the Final Land.

Thus far, Joeojoe has not demonstrated any noteworthy combat abilities and it is unknown if he has any. But given his former association with the Bishokukai and his current affiliation with NEO, there is a good possibility that Joejoe has some degree of hunting and/or battle prowess.

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Name: Joejoe
Name: ジョージョー
Romanji: Jōjō
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
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1st anime movie:
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