Jobber and Low Blow

Jobber and Low Blow is an anime episode of Kokoro Connect that was released on 07/21/2012
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As the body switching becomes more common place, the Student Cultural Society members become more adventures with each other’s body.
— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

Himeko tells Taichi that her reason for telling Fujishima to back off from Iori while in Taichi's body was to set the opportunity for Taichi to get Iori's attention, since she can see that Taichi likes Iori. also, Himeko tells him that the scenario of sticking his neck out for others sets him as a "selfless freak". she also tells him that Iori also loves him, and the two of them become more lively when they are together. but Himeko also says that Iori is also the weakest member in the club, and is most prone to breaking down, and also is the one in the most danger of the group, suffering from the adverse effects of the personality swap the worst out of the group. Himeko then snaps at Taichi at how clueless and optimistic he is in such a hopeless situation, but apologises for it.

Aoki and Taichi, swapped with Yui and Himeko, jokingly make fake confessions on the girls' phones, only to be caught by the girls returing, and Himeko threataning to run around the campus naked in Aoki's body. afterwards, Taichi innocently asks Yui if she is frightened of the boys. she denies it, but begins to break down, and leaves, with Himeko also leaving to help calm her down. Aoki then complains that he feels upset with himself that he hurt Yui, with Taichi cheering him up. as they leave school, Aoki concedes that Taichi has a better chance of making Yui fall for him, and rushes home to apologise to her, and tells Taichi he isn't going to lose to him. Iori, who was absent from the group, is seen talking to her mother in a cafe.

Taichi shows Yui the way to deal with men
Taichi shows Yui the way to deal with men

later that night, Taichi is talking with his sister while watching tv, and then switches with Yui, who was in her room crying. they get in contact with each other and meet up in the park. Yui tells him that Aoki had called and apologised, but felt that the boys would start avoiding her. She also admitted to suffer from androphobia (fear of the opposite sex), which happened from her days in middle school. Back then, Yui was almost raped, but managed to get away, even when she had practised karate regularly. She didn't ask for help about it, but eventually Taichi convinces her to let him help her, showing her the one guaranteed method to defeat any man. Taichi then kicks Yui in the groin. after showing her the method, he switches back to normal, and feels the pain from the demonstration.

Then notice someone approaching and escape. the person had turned out to be Fujishima, who was walking her dog, and saw them. Yui and Taichiget far enough away, and relax, with Yui asking Taichi why he helped. He told her that he just wanted to help, and Yui thanks him. The next morning, Fujishima asks Taichi if he was the person who was at the park, which he denied. Yui greets him in the morning in a friendly manner, and tells him that she wants to start back martial arts and pro wrestling. as she walks off, the other members of the club ask what was going on between them. Aoki and Iori go off for a "strategy meeting", leaving Taichi to answer Himeko. After telling her that he helped Yui, she concedes that the body swapping may have some good to it. At that instant, she faints, leaving Taichi to catch her, and call out her name, to which she doesn't respond.


  • Japanese Name: "Jobā to Rōburō" (ジョバーとローブロー)
  • Manga Chapter:
  • Opening Theme: "Paradigm" (パラダイム Paradaimu) by Eufonius
  • Ending Theme: "Kokoro no Kara" (ココロノカラ) by Team Nekokan feat. Junca Amaoto

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