Jintaro Tsuji

Jintaro Tsuji is a anime/manga character in the Higashi no Eden franchise
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Jintaro Tsuji is the uncaring Selecao Number II


The history of Jintaro Tsuji is enigmatic as some of the other members of the Selecao. However, what is for certain is that he came into contact with Saizo Ato and was deemed fit to carry out the game he had planned. Tsuji is given a Noblesse phone and the title of Selecao Number II, things that he never cared for. Even when the game was played, he spent little to none of his money as he didn't want to be a part of the game in the first place. If anything, he only made purchases so the Supporter would not eliminate. Despite keeping a low profile, Daiju Mononobe came into contact with him as he proposed an alliance. Tsuji agreed instantly as he assumed working with Mononobe would be the best way to end the game quickly, allying himself with both Mononobe and Ryo Yuki.


Jintaro Tsuji was created by Kenji Kamiyama for the series Eden of the East. Even though he is supposed to be an antagonist, his apathetic nature makes him a less than dangerous person in the series. He also plays the villainous role in the tie-in movies King of Eden and Paradise Lost. He makes his first appearance in Episode 10: Who Killed Akira Takizawa? He is voiced by Koji Yusa in the Japanese version and Todd Haberkorn in the English version.

Character Evolution

In the beginning, Tsuji is the most apathetic member of the Selecao as his annoyance with being forced to play some idiotic game made him an uncaring individual. Even with the prospect of numerous missile attacks on Japan, he did nothing to support or combat it. Things do change for Tsuji after the second missile attack is stopped by Akira Takizawa as he becomes more involved in the game than he was in the beginning, something both Yuki and Mononobe take notice of. As much as he doesn't seem to care, Tsuji shows to be an intelligent man as his plans for saving Japan are well thought out and precise. When something does gain his interest, he puts his minds and all of his efforts towards realizing his goals.

Major Story Arcs

Tsuji is first seen waiting in Juiz's server room as Mononobe and Yuki lead Akira in, explaining about how the Selecao works and their plans for Japan. Akira notices Tsuji sitting in the corner and acting in a nonchalant manner. When questioned about his relationship with the other two, Tsuji scoffs at it, saying how he doesn't really care how things play out so long as they are over. He listens in as Mononobe tells Akira the truth about Careless Monday and how he recruited 20,000 NEETs to help evacuate the areas before the missiles hit as well as the betrayal afterwards led him to erase his memories. As Akira leaves, Tsuji seems hopeful that the game is almost over but when Juiz informs the group that the game is only over when Mr. Outside says its over, they realize that they have to continue.

The three of them watch as the missiles are destroyed over Japan as Mononobe heads off in his helicopter. Yuki wonders what will happen as Tsuji leaves him, saying that he'll just go along with the whole thing as he has his own plans as to end this game.

Other Media

King of Eden

Six months after the second missile attack on Japan, Tsuji has bought a yacht where he lives off of it. It is shown that he built up the stylish "Air King" campaign starring Akira during his pose of shooting down missiles, cashing in on the success of the imagery. Mononobe is impressed with his recent devotion to Akira's image and the game as Tsuji now finds the game fun to play as he has his own plans that don't involve Mononobe as he can see past the person, going so far as to know that Taishi Naomoto was made to replace him and Yuki Tsuji also notes that Yuki has probably been eliminated by the Supporter since no one has seen him since the attacks and his number has gone dark. As Mononobe leaves, Tsuji calls Juiz to explain that his method of winning is to have Akira killed when he comes back to Japan, inciting a public riot which will help restore Japan to its former glory. Juiz seems to be impressed as she makes it so. Before his plan is followed through though, Mononobe goes with his own plan to take out the other Selecao by destroying the Number II Juiz server.

Tsuji notices how his number has gone dark as he attempts to call Juiz but to no avail. Realizing he has been taken out of the game with only half his reuqest process, he can only hope as he notices someone in his room. Tsuji is alarmed to see Yuki alive, thinking he was dead and now that he is the Supporter. Yuki denies this as he shows Tsuji he destroyed his phone to take himself out of the game, staying off the radar in order to get revenge on Akira for stopping him.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Todd Haberkorn
Koji Yusa
General Information Edit
Name: Jintaro Tsuji
Name: 辻 仁太郎
Romanji: Tsuji Jintarō
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Eden of The East #10
1st anime movie: Eden of the East: King of Eden
Aliases Seleaco Number II
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Eden of the East: King of Eden

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